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Powerful Message From the Past

Greetings!  I just finished posting a message never heard before, poured through Brother Freedom.  It was given more than a decade ago.  We still have many unpublished audio messages.  From time to time I upload one.  These messages touch my heart and God uses them to do a work in me.  Maybe they will touch others.  I hope so.  Click on the link below to be taken to the page with this message.  May God touch you through this.

My People Are In Trouble This Hour

Never Published Message June 16, 2005

I just uploaded a message never heard before.  As always these messages are ageless and something you need to hear.  There are two prophetic words in the post and it tells you where they are.  But the whole sermon is so very anointed.  Here’s Brother Freedom preaching as God used him so very often!  Just click the link below.

We Really Need To Have the Comforter

The Holy Ghost Spoke True!

Dear Friends:

Way back in 2004 Brother Freedom spoke under the anointing of the Holy Spirit (The Holy Ghost) a true word.  Of course the Holy Spirit NEVER speaks anything but pure truth.  Those words have been coming true beginning in 2008 and now in 2016 it is coming even more true.  Please click the link below and read for yourself.  I know Brother Freedom often spoke back in the past of the things we are facing today.  But because Brother Freedom’s messages are so numerous I only recently ran across one of those messages.  If you find other messages of Freedom’s about the financial fall of the United States, let me know. Please click the link below to get to that important prophetic word that is being fulfilled right now.

Click here for A Currently Fulfilling Prophecy

I have Another Jewel

I just finished uploaded a message that is absolutely timeless.  I found it and several other lost messages of Brother Freedom on an old CD.  This message is so anointed.  You are going to learn so many things and hear timeless prophetic words from the Throne Room of the Almighty.  Here is the link:

Many Deep Things

Listen to All Men Fail

Dear friends,

I just uploaded a message that so touched me.  I’ve been praying about being ready for the Rapture.  As I’ve prayed I have seen my weaknesses and my failures.  I was starting to feel like I was the only Christian who is struggling with sometimes forgetting to pray, having a bad thought, failing an important spiritual test.  But I ran across this past message.

Brother Freedom is such a prolific preacher because he preaches what the Spirit is saying to him rather than something he thinks up.  Because so many sermons pour through him I am behind in doing the technical work to get the sermons all transcribed and perfectly digitized.  But this message you must listen to in it’s entirety.  It is only 34 minutes and a few seconds in length.  This is a life and death message that will help you get ready for the soon coming Rapture of pure believers.

Click on the title of the message, just below, to get to the actual message I uploaded.


Sail Plane Glider Parable

Glider in flight

In service today an unusual parable poured from the lips of Brother Freedom related to the sport of sail planes and gliding.

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Brother Freedom was speaking about the correct way in which the church of Jesus Christ is supposed to work.  Suddenly Freedom started talking about gliders, a subject in which he has seldom ever mentioned.  The Holy Spirit was upon him and later he was surprised to hear details of what he had said.

He said something to the effect of…,
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Just uploaded a Message from June

Be sure and listen to this message I just uploaded.  Brother Freedom is a prolific messenger from the Lord.  We have many, many more messages that God has poured through him. Here is the link:

We Think We Are OK

Have a great day!  –brother clint


A Special Message

Today I just finished converting a powerful message that has been lost in the OGG audio format.  Years ago the MP3 audio format was not totally free.  The Holy Ghost Calling site has been around since 1998.  Back then we used the totally free OGG format, but most people didn’t have a player for that.  We had to help them download an OGG audio player.  It was not a very practical way to deliver Brother Freedom’s messages.

Today I just reworked one of those messages from a RAW audio copy.  The message is so very important.  Below is a link back to that timeless message that every believer needs to hear.

The Enemy’s Trick Frontage Road


Another Fantastic Message

I ran across another super fantastic message that was poured through Brother Freedom some time back.  It really touched me mightily.  About 30 minutes into that message there is a powerful word from the Holy Spirit of God Almighty.  The message that I have linked to below could change your life.  It is like being let into a treasure house of gold bars.  All of these truths Brother Freedom reveals are in God’s Word, but so many folks have missed these things.  Listen to the whole message and let Brother Freedom point you to all these spiritual riches and truths.  Here’s the link:

PROBLEM: We Have To Know


Do You Want To Be Blessed??

If you want to be blessed then you need to read the powerful message I just transcribed.  On that occasion the power of God came upon Brother Freedom so marvelously.  The congregation of about a 100 was touched and many came forward for prayer afterwards.  You will see for yourself what I call “the Palm-Palm gun effect.”   Click the URL link below the Palm-Palm gun.