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Powerful Message From the Past

Greetings!  I just finished posting a message never heard before, poured through Brother Freedom.  It was given more than a decade ago.  We still have many unpublished audio messages.  From time to time I upload one.  These messages touch my heart and God uses them to do a work in me.  Maybe they will touch others.  I hope so.  Click on the link below to be taken to the page with this message.  May God touch you through this.

My People Are In Trouble This Hour

Never Published Message June 16, 2005

I just uploaded a message never heard before.  As always these messages are ageless and something you need to hear.  There are two prophetic words in the post and it tells you where they are.  But the whole sermon is so very anointed.  Here’s Brother Freedom preaching as God used him so very often!  Just click the link below.

We Really Need To Have the Comforter

I’ve Just uploaded A New Message

This message is “new” in that it has not been heard by anyone here on the Internet.  Brother Freedom preached this message on June 9, 2005.  As I was editing this  message for publication my heart was deeply touched by what I heard.  The anointing was upon this message!!  So few ministers that I hear today on radio or TV function under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Instead they preach totally to my mind.  These preachers would make great lecturers at a Bible school, but their message rarely touches my spirit.  Brother Freedom, on the other hand, functions in the anointing of the Spirit of God.   Soon I’m not hearing a man speak, but the Holy Spirit is sending the words coming forth into my spirit.  This message contains a powerful word from the Throne Room of God at minute 41 and 45 seconds.  Here is the link to that wonderful, timeless, anointed message:

Don’t Lose Your Joy!

Formerly Unpublished Message 20050206

Dear Friends:

I just uploaded another unpublished audio message of Brother Freedom’s.  We will have many more of these because Brother Freedom was such a prolific preacher.  What an anointing is on that message!  I was fed just listening as I prepared it for uploading!  Please click the link below and be blessed!

God Is Here To RE-ESTABLISH us

The Holy Ghost Spoke True!

Dear Friends:

Way back in 2004 Brother Freedom spoke under the anointing of the Holy Spirit (The Holy Ghost) a true word.  Of course the Holy Spirit NEVER speaks anything but pure truth.  Those words have been coming true beginning in 2008 and now in 2016 it is coming even more true.  Please click the link below and read for yourself.  I know Brother Freedom often spoke back in the past of the things we are facing today.  But because Brother Freedom’s messages are so numerous I only recently ran across one of those messages.  If you find other messages of Freedom’s about the financial fall of the United States, let me know. Please click the link below to get to that important prophetic word that is being fulfilled right now.

Click here for A Currently Fulfilling Prophecy

Important Message Link

I just posted a fantastic message, never published before.  This message is so timeless and will help you greatly.  In it Brother Freedom shares great secrets that will help your life in God.  Here’s the link.  Just click on the link below to get to this important message:

Relationship Over Religiosity


Brother Freedom Is Home Now

Brother Freedom went to be with the Lord on December 14, 2015.  He was 83 years of age.  Truly his life has been an example to many, a life lived in the power and direction of the Holy Ghost.

I have Another Jewel

I just finished uploaded a message that is absolutely timeless.  I found it and several other lost messages of Brother Freedom on an old CD.  This message is so anointed.  You are going to learn so many things and hear timeless prophetic words from the Throne Room of the Almighty.  Here is the link:

Many Deep Things

A Timeless Message

Recently I listened to a message that was poured through Brother Freedom back in 2005.  That message so touched me that I want to call it to your attention.  It is timeless, powerful and prophetic.  Please don’t fail to click the link below and listen for yourself.  Yes, it is 46 minutes in length, but it is pure gold.  Would you walk 46 minutes to find a huge ingot of pure gold??  Sure you would.  This message has greater value, eternal value.  Click the link.  I implore you to listen.

Relax In The Lord

A super 2006 Post You Haven’t Heard

Yes I just put up a recording that sat in the old OGG audio format for many years.  In the early years before MP3 was a free format we were forced to put up our recordings in the free OGG format.  But, most computers did not have a player for OGG, so we had to supply that too as a download.  But thank God MP3 format became not as restricted and we found we could use it under certain conditions.  This wonderful sermon is now converted to MP3 and it can touch your life.  Here is a link to that message.  Don’t miss it!

Become A Temple of God