How Brother Freedom is Used

Bro. Freedom MinisteringBro. Freedom & Komatsu 155    Bro. Freedom, Korea 1950s

Brother Freedom is a wonderful Christian gentleman born in 1932. Up until the middle of 2004 he still worked as a Caterpillar diesel mechanic and also took jobs operating heavy equipment. These days he devotes his time to seeking God and drinking in the Word  of God.  He wears out Bibles.

He first began running a “Cat” [Caterpillar bull dozer] in 1942!  World War II was on and there was a shortage of workers in agriculture.  As a ten-year-old he mastered the basics of being a “cat skinner.” Some years later he began repairing heavy earth-moving equipment as well.  He was known as “the praying mechanic.”  It was not unusual for God to speak to him and tell him exactly what was wrong with a piece of equipment before he even took a wrench to it. Freedom is the first to tell you that without God he would be a total failure as a mechanic and everything else. He makes NO claims to fame. But, as he puts it, “God knows everything!”  He received his help from above.

Brother Freedom is the man through whom the Lord has poured the many prophetic words and sermons you will discover on this site. He does not desire to be named or lifted up. He knows the words are not his words and that he is used by God from time to time in ways beyond himself. He wants you to know that in himself he has such great difficulty even composing a short business letter. In the natural he struggles for words. The prophetic words are not his and he has not composed them. The sermons and teachings are a blend of the Holy Spirit working through Brother Freedom. But when the supernatural anointing gets very strong Freedom has less and less to do with what is said.

Freedom has respectfully asked that his birth name not be advertised. Spreading his name around would distract you from THE ONE who is the true source of all these wonderful truths: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

For those who cannot see the Lord’s wisdom in this directive of the Holy Spirit, I would remind you of the writer who penned the New Testament Book of Hebrews. To this day we do not know who he is, for certain. Or the Gospel of Mark where John-Mark keeps his identity out of the text and only tradition names him. Or think of John the Baptist who gave the Pharisees vague help when they asked who he was. Later Jesus tells us who John the Baptist is for certain. But, John was not so free in what he told those Pharisees. John desired to become less and less that Christ might be more and more. And for such a spirit Jesus declared the Baptist to be “much more than a prophet.”


From time to time. the presence of the Lord comes upon Brother Freedom and he will not be himself. If he is in a church where they do not receive such ministry he remains quiet and just listens to whatever the Lord is saying to him. But if we are in the living room of the small house church, or in some area where there will be no offence, then Freedom will (if the Spirit directs) speak what he is hearing. Sometimes the Spirit is speaking things that are not for general distribution. Freedom is very, very sensitive to the directives of the Spirit of God.

One young lady in a distant city, greatly touched by this web site, and not having any name by which to refer to “the diesel mechanic” lovingly named him, “Brother Freedom”. That name has stuck and others refer to him as Brother Freedom. And, therefore, throughout this web site he is referred to in that manner. But he did NOT give himself that title. Nor did he choose to spread that title around.

Freedom doesn’t even own a personal computer, let alone get on the Internet! But he has been amazed as the Lord has allowed the young lady’s title to become an alias that comes in emails that are read to him. But, there is only ONE name of importance to Brother Freedom and that is the Name that is above all names, JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth, the Son of the Most High God. God has sent the precious Holy Ghost as our Comforter. Brother Freedom is a “cheer leader” for the Holy Ghost.

Brother Freedom makes few claims for himself. I have often heard him say, “I am nothing, but God is EVERYTHING!” But some wondered as to what Freedom’s calling is. In the Summer of 2004 God spoke to Freedom and told him that when people ask this question he may tell them that he is “a man of God.” Freedom does not claim to be a prophet or an apostle. His calling is unique. He is a messenger of some kind. In fact I’ve heard Freedom say that he is “a messenger boy for God;” And I’ve heard him say that he is a “cheerleader for the Holy Ghost.”

Freedom definitely hears a great deal from the Lord. In the late 1970s and early 1980s Freedom started hearing short, terse phrases from the Lord, like, “When I say stop, you STOP!” Or, “Before this day is over you will be wide awake!” As Freedom kept seeking God this channel to Heaven began to open wider and broader. Today Freedom is hearing things off and on all through the day. How glorious God is that HE not only shares with the big named preachers, but God shares with this little diesel mechanic/cat skinner who is sold-out to the Almighty ONE!

My name is Clint. I’m the one privileged to assist, record, type and digitize these words. I believe that Brother Freedom is like Jahaziel, a man who is relatively unknown, whom the Spirit of God came upon as recorded in Second Chronicles 20:14. Nevertheless the words are extremely important! Through the working of the Holy Ghost Brother Freedom is used in unique ways in the Body of Christ. And I might add that my life has been forever changed by these prophetic words and sermons. The Lord has directed me to assist in maintaining this portal for believers who are seeking the deeper life.

Freedom’s normal personality is very quiet, retiring and shy. When he is preaching the Holy Spirit will suddenly increase upon him and at times the sermon will fade out and a prophetic message from Heaven will fade in. When Freedom is preaching you can tell when the anointing level is rising because Freedom’s public speaking ability increases. Freedom is not a silver-tongued orator. He often struggles for words when he is speaking with his own mind and hasn’t quite become airborne by the Spirit of God. He will then often stop and pray a few words in the Heavenly language. And then God comes and lifts and helps him go on. But when the anointing of the Holy Ghost reaches a specific, critical level Brother Freedom becomes airborne in that anointing of the Spirit of God.

Whereas he was struggling for words, suddenly a faster, more constant flow of words will pour from his lips. His focus will move from the room where he is into the glory world.   For a time he seems to only be partially conscious of those of us who are present.

Those sensitive to the Holy Spirit begin to feel the increase in the anointing in the room. People either back off to get away from the strong presence, or they become more quiet and blessed.

When I first met Brother Freedom, I would ask the others, who were there, what we heard. No one seemed to be able to contain more than snatches of the message. Even Brother Freedom could tell me little of what was said. In fact the heavier the anointing the less that Freedom could recall of what was spoken! It was then that I asked him for permission to record and transcribe the messages.

Because Freedom’s gift only functions when the Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit) comes mightily upon him he cannot minister at all without that anointing. In fact he cannot preach without the anointing. He has to literally stop if the anointing lifts. Other preachers will fall back on their natural ability and push on. But Freedom cannot do that because he has almost no gifting in the natural to speak. And so there is greater safety for him. He doesn’t have to worry about what he speaks. He knows that God is the inspiration behind the message.

To me Brother Freedom is like an old radio speaker nailed to the wall inside an ancient garage. This old radio speaker was once connected to some primitive vacuum tube radio of the past. But now the old speaker is no longer connected to the old radio. It is connected to Heaven. And the old speaker really has zero control over what goes on in Heaven. But it faithfully reproduces what comes from the Throne Room on HIGH.

That’s how Freedom works. People mistakenly think that Freedom is something. But Freedom is only obedient. Freedom only knows what the Spirit of God tells him. And he simply relays what he hears from glory. In this way God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost receive top billing. Freedom is just the old speaker on the wall. But, I love to hang around in that old garage and wait for God to speak. That’s why I love to assist Brother Freedom. I am privileged to witness many miracles.

God has given Freedom great faith and many that he has prayed for are touched by God. In meetings people come forward seeking for Freedom to pray for them. God does awesome things when Freedom prays. I guess Freedom has prayed so much through the years that he has prayed the price. God listens very closely to Freedom’s prayers. And Freedom often points out that God is no respecter of persons. We just need to spend the time with God, developing an intimate relationship with the Almighty. And it has taken years of spending time with God for Freedom to be where he is in Christ.