Listen to All Men Fail

Dear friends,

I just uploaded a message that so touched me.  I’ve been praying about being ready for the Rapture.  As I’ve prayed I have seen my weaknesses and my failures.  I was starting to feel like I was the only Christian who is struggling with sometimes forgetting to pray, having a bad thought, failing an important spiritual test.  But I ran across this past message.

Brother Freedom is such a prolific preacher because he preaches what the Spirit is saying to him rather than something he thinks up.  Because so many sermons pour through him I am behind in doing the technical work to get the sermons all transcribed and perfectly digitized.  But this message you must listen to in it’s entirety.  It is only 34 minutes and a few seconds in length.  This is a life and death message that will help you get ready for the soon coming Rapture of pure believers.

Click on the title of the message, just below, to get to the actual message I uploaded.


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