We Really Need To Have The Comforter

Overview of this message:

Sound file: 20050616.mp3 Time: 54:09

Scripture:  Luke 15:11-32  Story of the Prodigal Son

Two Prophetic Words:  one at 32:41 and a second at 46:39

Brother Freedom preaches something new that God has shown him by revelation concerning the parable of the prodigal son who demands his inheritance and goes off to live a wild lifestyle.  Many sermons have been preached by many good preachers through the years on this parable.  This is not to in anyway diminish what has been said by others.  Nevertheless, Brother Freedom has been given a new revelation concerning this parable, another important aspect of what the parable means to us, especially in this modern day.

God has shown Brother Freedom that the young son asking for his inheritance and going away from the father is really also a picture of how the modern church has moved in these last days.  The modern church is moving away from the Heavenly Father instead of toward Father God!   The modern church wants all the Heavenly Father’s benefits.  They desire what God can do for them.  But, they also want to do their own thing.  The modern church does not want to come out and away from the world.  Instead, the modern church wants to dive deeper into the modern world.  The modern or “mechanical church” [as opposed to the Holy Spirit led church] does not desire to come out from the world and become separate from the world.  They want instead to be in the world.  They want to be of the world.  They want to be more “relevant.”

[As Bro. Clint prepared this audio message for publication he saw that Bro. Freedom was inspired very correctly.  Bro. Clint could see immediately that what Bro. Freedom said revealed that the modern church is telling itself that it must dive deeper into the world, thinking that it will reach the world for Christ by being more “relevant” or of the world.  But that is not how God works!]

Like the prodigal son the church has gone into the world and taken on many of the aspects of the world’s lifestyle.  The sad result is that instead of the church drawing the world toward Christ, the world has gotten into the church and the modern church has been stained with the offenses of the world.  God is offended by worldliness!

Brother Freedom also brought out that pastors and important church officials and leaders have a very enjoyable lifestyle.  In today’s modern church it isn’t uncommon for pastors and leaders to have good pay, enjoyable benefits.  However, that may not always be God’s best will.  God may need leaders to struggle so that they will lean more on God Almighty through the power of the Holy Ghost.  A good lifestyle and fine benefits can be a stumbling block and problem causing leaders to fall backwards.

The ultimate safety is being full of the Holy Ghost!  The over flowing presence of the Spirit of God in a baptism of fire and purity has got to be a great answer to the many problems that believers face.  The Holy Spirit in HIS fullness brings correction, direction, warning, answers.  Believers who only have a “born again” level of experience in Christ are often limited.  They do not have the powerful open channel to Heaven.  It is harder for novice believers to hear the Lord God speaking to them through the Spirit of God.  They lack the clear and open channel to the throne room of God.  Every believer needs to know God’s perfect will and guidance so that they can avoid the many pitfalls and tricks of the enemy.  It takes the Holy Spirit for a believer to even correctly understand the Bible.

Keeping our spirit in tune with the living God, such that we only hear from Heaven:  this is the greatest desire a believer can have!

We need to judge ourselves, check ourselves and examine ourselves on a daily basis.  Brother Freedom speaks about how aircraft pilots have a check list before they take off.  Even small private plane pilots must check and double-check a check list to make sure the aircraft will take them safely to and from their destination.

Brother Freedom speaks about a pilot he knew personally who took off without doing a complete check list and ended up running out of gas and losing his life.

Brother Freedom makes a very important statement:  A church that is led by a mixture of some folks who are Holy Spirit baptized and other folks who are only born again is a big problem.  There will be division and disagreement in that kind of church.  Novices, new believers and believers who have never had a Pentecost [baptism in the Holy Ghost] should NEVER be in leadership!   Non-Spirit-filled believers will make more big mistakes than Holy Spirit Baptized believers!

Brother Freedom prophesies that a time is coming when it will not be safe to walk the streets.   Also there are two special prophetic words given at minutes 32:41 to 32:56 and then a longer prophetic word at 46:39 to 53:34.  These special words from Heaven are extremely edifying!

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