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Friday The 28th!

Several years ago Brother Freedom heard a word from the Lord and shared it with those of us who work with him.  I really don’t recall if this ever got into any of the recorded messages.  But it is important to mention this word now.

God the Holy Ghost spoke to Brother Freedom and told him that on Friday the 28th New York, Chicago and Dallas would have some kind of very big, negative event happen.  God did not tell him what year or what month, only that this event would be on a Friday, the 28th.

We are coming up on another Friday the 28th this June.  We have passed several of these special Fridays in the last few years.  Having a Friday on the 28th day of a month does not happen very often.  We only see one or two occurances of this per year.

I wanted to get this word onto the site in advance of the coming 28th so that when something major does happen on a Friday the 28th it will be recorded here that Brother Freedom heard this word some years ago.

Tough Times Ahead

Take a look at this message that Brother Freedom preached in October. There are deep truths, a powerful anointing and a startling prophetic “tidbit.”  You can find that prophetic item starting at 10 minutes and 38 seconds into the message.  The whole message is only about 20 minutes in length, so hear it all!  Here’s a link:


A Message You Need to Hear

Click the link below to listen to an important message given down by the River.  It is only about 12 minutes in length, but so very important.  In that message Freedom is led to say that SLAYERS are coming.  That message was given back in 2011.  Truly we are living in perilous times.  Also the message mentions problems coming in the distribution of electricity.  There are many things packed into that recording.  Click the link below to get to that message.


Fantastic Sermon!

I just listened to this timeless message.  It was preached about seven years ago, but moved me mightily as I listened to it again today.  Please click this link and travel back in the archives to be enriched in your whole being.

A Message Even For Today!

God has used Brother Freedom for so many years, speaking directly from Heaven.   The true message God gives Freedom is shocking to say the least.  Imagine going to your doctor to hear your diagnosis, but the doctor is afraid to give you the truth because the truth is so shocking.  So instead the doctor tells you that you need a vacation because you have been working too hard.  But the modern church is worse than that.  They don’t even know your true condition, but they say they know and nothing is seriously wrong.  They say you are okay, just come and fill the offering plate.

In July of 2003 Brother Freedom was given a powerful message that is more true today than even then.  If you want to hear exactly what God thinks about what is going on, read the message poured through Brother Freedom at the link below.  Are you tough enough to hear the truth??  It’s a matter of life and death.

To The Whole Body of Christ


A Classic Message

I was just re-reading a message poured through Brother Freedom at a local Rescue Mission back in 2003.  In those days God would pour Scriptures out of Brother Freedom’s lips so fast that if there was anyone in the audience who was full of evil powers something would happen.

I remember in that meeting that there was a woman, near the front, full of evil powers and as the palm-palm gun, the Gatling gun of God’s WORD shot mighty bullets of truth the power of God became too much for the powers of evil.   Suddenly that woman began to gag and jumped up and ran from the meeting.  She had been mumbling all manner of evil things all through the sermon up to that point.  But, Brother Freedom was so full of the Spirit of God that he hardly noticed.  The message from Heaven just poured through him like a flash flood of light!

I know you will be blessed if you read this message.   In those days we transcribed messages into written format.  You can find treasures like this by clicking the ARCHIVES tab above.  Click the link in orange print (just below) to get directly to the message I just read.  Here’s the link:

Fantastic Rescue Mission Message

A Watershed Message

Recently I ran across a message God poured through Brother Freedom some years ago.  I noticed immediately that the sound level was low.  In those early days we didn’t have the recording equipment we have today.  I went back and found the raw original recording and re-processed it using our new technology.

To my great pleasure I discovered that the message was exceedingly important to us today.  In it are two prophecies that have now been fulfilled partially.  Also this message tells you what is happening today in the mechanical churches.  The prophetic word from Heaven is very anointed as well.  This special word comes within the message itself.  You can read more and listen to the message by going to this link:

Please listen to the message and be blessed!


Welcome to the New Web Site!

Thank you for coming by to see the new site!  We are very pleased that now the treasures poured through Brother Freedom are more accessible and searchable.  The light green title portion of each post can be clicked on to expand the post so you can see 100 percent.   Check out all the tabs above and notice that to the right a snippet of an anointed prophetic word appears each time you refresh this blog page.  Blessings from Brother Clint, Brother Freedom’s assistant.

The Lord Adds to Brother Freedom’s Title

Back about 2004 or so Brother Freedom was asking the Lord what he should say when asked what his calling was.  The Lord told him he could say that he was “a man of God.”  Brother Freedom has never called himself a prophet or a pastor or even a teacher or an evangelist.  I’ve heard him say that he is “a cheer leader for the Holy Ghost.”  Most often I’ve heard him say, “I’m nothing, but God is EVERYTHING!”  Last week, however, God Almighty added to the “man of God” title.  He is “a spiritual father.”  And truly he has been a spiritual father to me and to my family.