The Trouble Is “We Think We Are OK”

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Scripture Reading:  Psalm 103; Isaiah 2:11-22

In this message Brother Freedom shares what God has revealed to him about the condition of the visible church today.  He talks about the importance of the “Joy Of The Lord.”  If we have small joy we are in very serious trouble.  It means we are losing ground and sliding backwards in the faith.  But if we have exceeding joy in the Lord, that means we have power to do the work of God and to succeed in the will of God.

That truly overwhelming joy comes to those who have the fullness of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, a personal Pentecost.  Only Spirit baptized believers have real power.  Those who don’t have the fullness yet are like a lawn mower engine powering a big truck.  Basically the non-Spirit-filled believers have little power to do exploits that God wants done.

Brother Freedom recalls several stories in his life.  He re-tells the story of how God saved him from being run over by a hit-and-run driver, how the Spirit of God suddenly commanded him to jump as high as he could jump and then a speeding car came out of nowhere and hit him in mid-air.  Because he jumped high up off the ground his life was saved and he was only bruised.

He tells about how he was ordered in Korea to drive a bull dozer through a mine field to open the way for soldiers and how they told him that he probably wouldn’t make it, but he must go anyway.  But God spoke to him and assured him that he would make it through the mind field.  As he guided the dozer through the mind field he heard trip wires breaking, but there was not one single explosion!  This Korea miracle story appears in greater detail in other messages.

Brother Freedom shares a great truth that is in 1st John 2:27.  God has not planned for men to do the important teaching of a believer.  God wants to do the important teaching HIMSELF!  Soon after we get saved we need to seek for the deeper life and to get filled with the Holy Ghost and then God wants us to be weaned from the teaching of pastors and Sunday School teachers to God HIMSELF, by HIS Spirit.  This does NOT mean we ignore preachers and teachers.  But it does mean that preachers and teachers have primarily been sent to help those who are unsaved and/or newly saved.  Preachers and teachers give us the basics and are to lead us to the Holy Spirit and into the fullness of the Holy Spirit baptism (a personal Pentecost).  Then God HIMSELF wants to take over our spiritual education as we seek HIS face.

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