Word From the Holy Spirit, June 10, 2004

[Dear ones, this is Brother Clint adding an important note.  Today is February 11, 2016, but the prophetic word just below was given on June 10, 2004.  Way back then God spoke through Brother Freedom telling us many things.  But near the end of this word God foretold of the times we would face.  It is all coming true, just as God spoke it through Brother Freedom, by the Holy Spirit!  Please read this very, very carefully!   If you are in a hurry to get to the section I’m speaking of, scroll down and you will see a mark in this color of type where that section begins.   -brother clint]

For I would say to thee MY people, many, many, many of MY people who have known ME, and I have blessed them, and I have given them many, wonderful gifts. I have graced them with wonderful homes. I have blessed them with wonderful jobs, and all the things that I have given them in this Land.

But I say many, many, many are absent this night! They have forgotten that I AM their Way-maker. They have forgotten that I AM the ONE that loves them! And they have gotten very important in themselves. They have went out after things. They have went out after opportunities. And they have went out with things of this World. And I say, love not the World, neither the things of the World. For any man that loveth the world, the love of the Father is NOT in him. The lust of the flesh, the pride of life is upon the WORLD!

For I AM here to STRENGTHEN those ones that come close, those that will seek MY face. But I say, continually, MY people are faced with an opposition from the enemy. And let them not be deceived! For God is not mocked. For I shall give thee STRENGTH, that thou would be able to take POWER and commission thyself, oh one, that thou would be able to deliver thee from the power of the enemy, that would come thy way.

I say, MY people have grown weak. They have grown anemic in their own selves. And MY people need to be strong in the power of the Lord, and the power of might, that they might reason within their minds what is taking place in this last hours. MY people need to be FULL of MY Spirit! They need to have a LOVE. They need the JOY.  And I say [when] MY people lose that joy, they need to seek ME at that time, and NOT wait a day; until that remains back in them! MY people need to remove the hardness that comes upon them! The enemy sprinkles his darkness upon MY people. MY people need to arise, with victory, and say, “I LOVE the LORD! And I WANT HIS SPIRIT! I want what HE has!”

And with that I will DELIVER them. And I will set them free! MY people need to continually say, that they need to confess this to the enemy constantly, because the enemy will constantly harass MY people in this last hour! He will make them to wish that they don’t want to be in MY presence!

And I say this night many, many, many of MY people will not be here because of [their] relationship with ME this hour. They do not want to come and FEEL MY presence. But I say, they need to take care of it now, because I say later on, if time lingers on, and they miss out, they will not make it with ME in Heaven!

I wish for MY people! I LOVE MY people! I wish for MY people that they would have a sound relationship with the Lord their God, that they might walk in VICTORY! That they would not be walking in denial. They would walk in MY fullness! And MY hands and MY BLESSINGS would be upon them, forevermore! And MY eyes would be upon them. And MY eye would search for them! And I would HEAR their cry. And MY people need to realize that I want MY people. But MY people must desire for ME, to come to ME.

And MY people that is here this night, that thou that can pray, thou must need to pray for the unbelief. And thou must pray for those who have been bound by the habits of darkness. MY people need to PRAY for those round about you this night. You need to PRAY, MY people, for those that need a special touch. For if thou shall pray, and caste all your cares [upon ME] and seek MY face, yea the prayers of MY saints will CHANGE these ones. And cause them to come, and to know ME once again, as a personal Saviour, that they would have a new walk, a new talk, a new hope.

I say, MY people need to be re-inspired for this hour, because I say the day is very short! I say the heat of the battle is very continuous. It is coming in like a flood! And I the Lord thy God shall raise up a standard upon MY people. And I shall give them a VICTORY. And MY people will not want, for I shall overtake them!!! And I shall BLESS them. And I shall move upon them!

But I say IT IS UP TO MY PEOPLE, saith the Spirit of God!! I will NOT go against the human spirit, saith the Spirit of God! Many of My people are bound. Their own selves stops them from having ME!

I say, if they will ask ME, I can come against the powers of darkness that has them bound! But I say, within themselves, I will not force MY people! They must acknowledge ME, and lovingly want ME, and desire ME. And if they will LOVE ME, and DESIRE ME, I shall open the windows of Heaven to ALL those that will call upon ME, until that DAY, that appointed time. Until that time takes place, I the Lord thy God will choose to BLESS those ones, if they will call upon ME.

Even though they have failed ME, I shall forgive them and give them a new hope. And I shall forgive them, and that will never be remembered, NO MORE. And I shall put those problems in the Sea of Forgetfulness, never to be THOUGHT OF, no longer!!! And they shall have a new slate, a new HEART, a new STRENGTH.

[****Here is the section, just below that prophecies of today’s happenings.  -bro. clint]

But, MY people need to realize that MY Coming is SOON, and VERY SOON. I say the stage is being set for the powers to be. I say there is troublesome times across this United States! There is problems that this Country is facing!

I say there is a time of Job’s Troubles that is coming to this Land. I say, very shortly, the monetary value will balance out, World-wide! I say, very soon, that this Nation will NOT BE a lot better off than those other nations! Because I say, doesn’t it stand to reason, saith the Spirit of God, you are living in the time of the-Anti-Christ-is-going-to-come-forth. And he is going to be to ALL the World!

So I say, ALL the World is going to come to a natural state in the crisis of dollars, of finances, saith the Spirit of God! And I say when that takes place, this Nation has lived so HIGHLY, HIGHLY!! IT WILL BE BROUGHT DOWN to the levels of those round about them!

And I say, oh one, this day, MY people need to be prepared. MY people need to seek MY face. MY people need to keep all they can keep, and walk in MY love. For I AM able to SHELTER MY ones from the awful things coming this way. But, I AM able!! And I say if time goes on there shall be, even, other calamities that are going to come to this Land!

I say there is going to be PROBLEMS this Land is going to face!! There is going to be pestilence (disease). And there is going to be storms! There is going to be hissings from the enemy that is going to come. And I say there is going to be PROBLEMS! There is going to be epidemics. There is going to be HEARTACHES, CRISIS, that this World has NEVER seen!

But I say, do not let that offend thee or bother thee MY ones! Thy strength and thy shield is within ME! It is MY delight, when all these problems come, that I shall SHIELD thee MY ones. And I shall give thee STRENGTH for the powers that thou art faced with! And I shall give thee a DESIRE with loving ME, that I will, the Lord thy God, shall put a TRUST within thee. And I will TRUST thee MY ones. And I KNOW that thou shall go forth. And MY blessings shall be upon thee!

Hold out, MY ones! STAY TRUE MY ones! STAND FAST MY ones! STAND FAST, for I AM here this night to send MY angels round about thee! Even though there is few here, I AM here with thee, saith the Spirit of God!

And remember, I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU! And I WILL NOT FORSAKE THEE, even though the whole World forsake thee. I AM here this night with thee!

Take confidence in ME, the Lord thy God! For I AM here to STRENGTHEN thee! I AM here to bring VICTORY to thee, saith the Spirit of God!

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