Don’t Lose Your Joy!

Overview of this message:

Sound file: 20050609.mp3 Time: 48:09

Scripture:  Deuteronomy 28:47

At minute 41 and about 45 seconds a powerful word from Heaven is poured through Brother Freedom’s lips.  But, please listen to the entire message if you want to grow in your spiritual life.  Brother Clint was greatly helped by this whole sermon.

In this message, following the opening prayer, Brother Freedom asks if any present had heard anything about President Bush pressuring Israel to give up Gaza to the Palestinians.  This was George W. Bush (the second Bush).  This sermon was preached June 9, 2005.  August 15, 2009 was the deadline for all Jews to leave Gaza.  Many Jewish settlers refused to leave.  They did not want to give up land for peace.  By September 12, 2005 Israeli soldiers had forcefully removed all remaining Jews.  By September 22, 2005 the soldiers had totally finished and soon thereafter the Palestinians took over Gaza.  This was a terribly sad incident and totally against what the Bible teaches.

It was not long after that event that missiles began to be fired from Gaza into Israel.   And also Ariel Sharon, the then prime minister of Israel, soon had a terrible stroke and became totally comatose.   Sharon was a major supporter of giving up Gaza.

It is interesting that Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on August 29, 2005.   Brother Freedom and Brother Clint believe that Katrina was the result of the USA going against the will of God Almighty.

Brother Freedom quotes Deuteronomy 28:47.  God’s people need to be joyful.  In the Exodus God’s people got grumpy with God.  They lost their “joyfulness.”  This lose of joy indicated that they were drawing away from the Lord their God.

In this message Brother Freedom speaks about how his wife, Betty, had basically died four or five times.  She would run out of oxygen when her portable tank gave out and Freedom would have to call for the emergency medics.  She would be blue and hardly breathing.  But when they resuscitated her she would miraculously come back without any memory damage.  Brother Freedom would pray as he waited for help.  In one of these near death incidents Betty was blue and lifeless for 13 minutes, but she came back praying as oxygen was administered by the paramedics.

Also in this message Freedom speaks about how God sent him to a grocery store with instructions to give a word by the Holy Spirit to someone that God would direct Freedom to.  There in the store he met a young lady who was possibly homeless.  She was very unkempt and very un-washed.  The Holy Ghost came upon Freedom and a message from Heaven to the young lady poured forth.

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