God is There to RE-ESTABLISH us

Overview of this message:

Sound file: 20050602.mp3 Time: 37:58

This wonderful message is actually being uploaded many years later, on February 19, 2016!  This is one of many formerly unpublished messages.  Brother Freedom preached three long sermons per week in the mid-2000s.  He was a prolific man of God, by the Spirit of God.  As a result we will have messages to edit and upload for perhaps years to come.  What a blessing.  This is Brother Clint (Bro. Freedom’s assistant) at the keyboard and I’m so blessed to listen to this message again.  This is an extremely anointed sermon!

Exactly 21 minutes into the message the Holy Spirit takes over Brother Freedom’s tongue and lips for about four or five minutes of direct words from the Throne Room.  Brother Freedom had such a deep and full infilling of the Holy Ghost that he heard directly from Heaven almost every day following his baptism in and by the Holy Spirit.

I must tell you that at one point in the message (at 26:27 and following) Brother Freedom speaks about a great fallacy that is in the churches.  He refers to a church that he visited down the road from his city where he saw a manifestation of that fallacy.  But he does not go into detail about exactly what was going on in that church.  I was with him and so I would like to fill in what we saw.

Back in 2005 some churches locally were into a new form of worship and praise.  They would make themselves flags, very beautifully designed.  These flags were perhaps two feet tall and three feet long.  They attached the flags to four foot wooden dowels.  During worship and praise time they would wave and swing and twirl the flags.  The church we visited acted as though this was getting them into an even higher worship experience.

This flag waving reminded me of something I saw on a travel video.  In parts of Tibet worshipers operate “prayer wheels.”   These prayer wheels are spun by the worshipers hands at high speed.  The wheel has a prayer written and affixed to it.  The worshipers believed this somehow helps send the prayer on up to their pagan god.

Brother Freedom was very concerned that the new fad he witnessed was a trick of the enemy causing believers to somehow put their faith in some mechanical means.  At another time in 2002 or so some churches were blowing a Jewish Shofar or ram’s horn in their services.  They felt that drew the Spirit of God.  Brother Freedom was a strong believer and teacher that God’s people should only do what God specifically directs them to do by the Spirit of God.  Believers should not invent ways and means.  Believers need to let God be the inventor and “thinker-upper” of all things.

This message has so much more to it than what I’ve discribed here.  The flag waving segment is just a tiny little side trip.  Please listen to the whole message and be blessed.  You will be enriched by the powerful anointing that falls upon Freedom as he preaches.

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