To Win You Must Lose

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Today Brother Freedom proclaimed a very short and direct message.  In the midst of that message the Holy Spirit took over for a few moments and spoke from the Throne Room to your heart.  Things are very serious in this era of a fallen nation.  God is about to bring great shaking.   Please take heed to this very short message poured through Brother Freedom.

America is NOT Fruitful

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Scripture:  Colossians 1:10

“That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being FRUITFUL in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God…” [Colossians 1:10]

America is no longer fruitful in God’s sight.  It has become spiritually unfruitful.  The fruit it has is evil in God’s view.  In this message Brother Freedom reveals the seriousness of the situation.  Within the next two months awful things are ahead for the USA.  [You will hear Brother Clint’s 19 month old granddaughter as she moves about the room babbling.  It is very difficult for 19 month old youngsters to sit still.  They are on the move.  But it doesn’t interfere with the message and will bring a smile.]

Ready to Get Out of HERE!

Brother Freedom has been praying for a dear sister in Africa who emailed him concerning her great need for a miracle in her family and in her body.  As he was praying the Lord gave Freedom a word.  But this word is not only for this lady, but is for all believers.

Get Ready To Get Out of HERE!!

Yes, the Spirit of God is sending warning to all believers that the escape of pure and holy believers is at the very door.  The “twinkling of an eye” is imminent.  This escape is more important than anything else.  It is more important than getting your healing.  It is more important than finances!  You must be ready!  The lamp of the Holy Spirit flame must be burning bright upon your heart.  Seek God and make sure all is on the altar and all is as God wants it to be in your life.  Seek for more of the Holy Spirit.  Don’t give in to temptation.  The twinkling of an eye will be a great deliverance for some who are in dire situations.

Perilous Times Are Here

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Scripture: 2nd Timothy 3

Brother Freedom warns his listeners that perilous times are here and believers need to take heed, pay great attention to the things of God so as not to be tricked in these last days.  Satan is an extremely experienced and well practiced enemy.  Satan has been destroying and tricking people for 6,000 years.  We on the other hand have had very little experience compared to the enemy.  We must have the help of the Spirit of God.  We must pay great attention to the Word of God.  We must hide ourselves deep in the Lord Jesus to be protected.  We must pray much!

End Time Warning and Encouragement

The Holy Spirit came upon Brother Freedom on Sunday morning June 14, 2015 with an important word of encouragement, direction and warning.  The world is quickly approaching terrible times ahead due to the many sins and mistakes of mankind.  True, holy and dedicated followers of Jesus Christ will make it through this time only by trusting fully in the Lord God.  There is much hope.  God loses nothing.  We must not fear, but only believe, no matter what seems to appear ahead.  But if we doubt and fear we cancel God’s mighty hands from intervening on our behalf.  This is a time to be pure, to seek the Lord God, to look away from the terrible works of the evil one.  This is a time not to deeply investigate the sordid details of evil reported in the media!  Please read the words that poured from Brother Freedom’s lips below:

“For I the Lord thy God have chosen thee this day.  Be not afraid of this hour for I say thou shall be comforted by MY Spirit.  Trust in ME and be fed.  Trust the world and go to Hell. I say that is what it is.  And I say ninety-nine, way up in the high percentage, MY people, are trusting the world system.  They are trusting the world system on everything they do, just because someone did it.  Churches follow another church.  There is no seeking God!  There is no seeking ME, saith the Spirit of God.  They seek the way of man.  And that way of man will take them down, but I the Lord shall go before thee, MY people.  Be not afraid.  Be not scared where you are at, because I will deliver thee.  But, thy trust must be in ME, and none other!  I AM the way, the Truth and the Life.  I say no one comes unto the Father but by ME, saith Jesus!  I AM that ONE that bear that cross, that thou would be saved, that thou should be forgiven, that your sins would be put in the sea of forgetfulness.  And when you come as MY bride, saith the Spirit of God, I will help thee.  You become MY child and I AM your deliverer.  I AM your healer.  I AM also your husband.  I will take care of thee this last hour.  For I have chosen thee in a time when it is much difficulty, when you see much decay, much wickedness.  But I say, HE don’t look at it, MY people.  Stay away from those things.  Don’t even be curious!  I say, stay away from all things that lead that other direction!!  And if you do that I will keep thee.  Be not afraid of this day for I will give thee power.  Didn’t my Word say in that day I shall put power in MY people??  Well, that is for those that love ME, those that watch for ME.  I AM going to give them a supernatural power.  But those that imitate ME will lose out.  And many are imitating ME in their own selfish ways.  For I AM calling for a peculiar people, a holy people, a dedicated people toward ME.  And with those I will, coming back saith the Spirit of God.”

Warning: More Opportunities To Fail

Brother Freedom had an important message and a prophetic word from Heaven, poured forth, in the middle of this message today.  He has just returned from a hospital stay.  He has had some problems with his lungs.  Freedom has the gift of healing, but God’s gifts are not used on yourself.  They are to give away to others.  Freedom has prayed for many and they were healed.  The Lord heard our prayers for him and Freedom is now home and doing much better.  Praise God!!  -brother clint

There is a little bit too much on my mind that is not about the things of this world.  It is about some other things the Lord has got.  I believe HE is coming soon.  We need to be READY.  Brother Clint, I’m just [going to] say a few words this morning.  I don’t feel like it, but I’m going to anyway.
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We Need To Be Ready!

Today Brother Freedom came under the power of God and the following words came forth in a short, but important message to all true believers and those seeking the Lord God.

Through it all the Lord is coming back!  That is what is right!  That’s right!  Just like that.  HE is coming back whether we are ready or not.  HE is coming back.  That is why people are not going to see HIM.  HE is coming through the clouds of glory, and if you are not reserved for HIM ONLY  [you won’t see HIM or go with HIM].   And that is what HE has revealed in the last couple of days, reinforced it.  HE is only coming for those that are ready!  And the message I have been preaching all these years is true.  HE is coming back for those that are ready.  
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Harvest Is Coming

Harvest Is Coming

April 19, 2015

The Lord, I know, has really been letting me know that HE is not really in agreement [with] what is going on in the church. I would like to tell just a little bit what the Lord is telling me (tongues comes forth).

[Suddenly the Holy Spirit begins to speak]

Yea, I the Lord thy God am here this day! Remember I AM HE that giveth, taketh away. All things are Mine, says the Spirit of God. But I say the world this day is not, they don’t think anything about the things that are toward the Lord their God. It is all about themselves. That even the church world, it is all about themselves, how they can have crowds; how they can have memberships; how it is all about self. But I am looking for a people who will come beyond that! Because a day is coming soon when harvest is coming. And that is what I wish you to speak upon today: Harvest Is Coming.
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God Has A Mountain Of Blessings

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Main Scripture Today:  Isaiah 26:3

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

Brother Freedom wants you to know he is “still kicking.”  He’s been through a lot of physical difficulties over the last few months, but he is still ministering.  Today he preached a powerful, but short message of just under nine minutes.  Nevertheless the truth proclaimed is fresh manna from Heaven.  16 month old little Molly is wandering around the living room as Brother Freedom is preaching.  He indirectly refers to her in the message.  You will also hear him mention Vivi.  Brother Freedom’s first wife, Betty, passed away in 2006.  Recently God brought Vivi into Freedom’s life.  They discovered they both were of the same mind and heart and Brother Freedom asked her to marry him.  They are very much in love.  Vivi is a person who loves to make things and work with plants.  In the message Brother Freedom mentions how she works with her plants.  This message is just for you, whether you are a new believer in Christ or a seasoned disciple of the Lord.

A Day of Men

Scripture Reading: Revelation 3:10-22

Brother Freedom begins to pray in a heavenly language following the reading of the Scripture.

Then he begins to speak in English:

You know, we are living in a day when it is all what men think. I have been on men’s boards and all the districts would come up there and be there and just what men: making rules. It is men’s rules. It is not God’s rules. It is not what God says in the individual church and that. It is what their rules [are and not God’s rules]. But men make rules. And pastors sometimes get squeezed into going one way or they are squeezed as the brothers to go another way too. It is not even God’s way. But God uses it because there is no other form for HIM to even get to men. But, that is not saying it is the right way. Just because God that has laid this side down for a period of time. What is going to happen when a day of judgment [comes]. This person right here [speaking of himself] is going to be there as a witness. I have witnessed these things. I have witnessed how the Spirit of God has been mis-treated. And God says:
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