A Day of Men

Scripture Reading: Revelation 3:10-22

Brother Freedom begins to pray in a heavenly language following the reading of the Scripture.

Then he begins to speak in English:

You know, we are living in a day when it is all what men think. I have been on men’s boards and all the districts would come up there and be there and just what men: making rules. It is men’s rules. It is not God’s rules. It is not what God says in the individual church and that. It is what their rules [are and not God’s rules]. But men make rules. And pastors sometimes get squeezed into going one way or they are squeezed as the brothers to go another way too. It is not even God’s way. But God uses it because there is no other form for HIM to even get to men. But, that is not saying it is the right way. Just because God that has laid this side down for a period of time. What is going to happen when a day of judgment [comes]. This person right here [speaking of himself] is going to be there as a witness. I have witnessed these things. I have witnessed how the Spirit of God has been mis-treated. And God says:

“I gave you room.” [But they reply,] “Well, we had the biggest church in town!” [God replies,] “Yeah, I know you did. It is your church. It wasn’t MY church! You had no workers of salvation, but they were not even salvation! You got people there. But they do not know ME! They know OF ME. And that don’t get it! They got to KNOW ME! Don’t you get it fellows?? Don’t you get it? You got to know ME, not just know OF ME.”

[Brother Freedom begins speaking for himself again] I know OF the President of the United States. I just know OF him, but I sure don’t KNOW HIM and I’m sure glad I don’t know him. I’ll be truthful. But God is real! He is ever faithful and He has had the church in the last hour: the church be led by the Spirit, what the Spirit saith unto the church.

Well, I will guarantee you that I have seen very few churches that even permit the Holy Spirit to move in their sanctuaries, very few. And they said, “We don’t need it!”  [They believe they don’t need the move of God’s Holy Spirit in their sanctuaries.]  And what [how] would you think that God sees that in Heaven?? “They don’t need the tools I’ve given them? They want to go MY way???? They want to go their way! And they are more concerned about how many people come. Especially how much offering they get. God is a God of [love]. HE loves us! HE loves the world. But HE gives us a plan, if we would listen to it. It is an easy way. But Israel was 40 years [in the wilderness]. It was pretty easy on Israel. Their shoes didn’t even wear out. But, God was with them.

HE [God] is not with us! Stay out [of] there churches. [God is not with churches who ban the move of the Holy Spirit in the congregation.]  God is NOT with you! You can put me up on the rack and do what you want with me, but HE [God] is not with you [referring to the modern mechanical churches]! You cannot be part of what HE is and just know OF it and be with HIM. You have got to be partakers. If you take HIM [Jesus] as partakers with Jesus, you would have been there on the cross. None of us have been partakers. Jesus died on that cross at that time, many years back, that we could have THIS day. The power of God could be real, manifested in the churches, that people would be prayed for and they would recover. I have been listening to some old Oral Roberts [videos from the 1950s tent ministry]. It [the move of God’s Spirit] should be alive now, but we are losing it. When Oral Roberts prayed for those [people with] bad spirits, they [the prayers] succeeded. But last night, myself, when my right leg quit and I knew then it [the attack] was from Satan. And I attacked him, by the power of God. I said, “You get out of here you beast!” And immediately witnesses [I have witnesses], he was gone.

Whole beings change because God is God. We are in a world that is more anti-God than for God. You want to be popular now, just say some smart remarks about the churches, because most of us are guilty of what they are saying. God wanted us to set out like a shining light, that we would shine with the glory. We would shine with the power, the anointing. Where is the anointing?? It is here to repair, to include. God is going to include you for everlasting life, that is never going to die; a life that is victorious [for those who trust and obey].

I know this kind of ministry hurts. And, people can’t take it. But, the thing about it, when you stand in judgment and you go to Hell, this is the way to not let that happen. It is just like going down to a doctor’s office and the doctor says, “It will only hurt for a little bit.” Well, yes, hopefully. But with God it doesn’t even hurt for a little bit. HE touches us, makes over us, loves us, forgives us, takes our sins and puts them in the sea of forgetfulness, never to be remembered no more. What a thing!! Can you imagine that?? God puts all the rottenness that I have done, puts it over here, and don’t even remember it. Well, I remember too much! I can remember way back when someone did something wrong about me. And I sure didn’t like it! God forgets that. God loves you that much.

See, I spent my whole life, basically, getting to know about God. It has been worth it all. I have not went very far with man, but with God HE is the limits. There is no limits with HIM! HE is the limits. HE is the ONE that can limit you. That is why I said, “HE is the limits.” Because HE can limit what you have with HIM. HE is the great God. HE is the everlasting God and HE wants to be your partner through life, while you walk here. Oh, that my steps may be ordered [of God].

The enemy comes there to harass you, to knock you off your block and do a lot of things, serious things to you, but God says, “I’m still with you!” After I did that this afternoon the Lord said, “Yeah, I’ve been by your side all the time!” [Brother Freedom laughs with joy] That is what tickles my heart so much. Here I’ve been in about blues city yesterday afternoon. Satan has got power to make us discouraged, make us unhappy. But the joy of the Lord is our strength. [See Nehemiah 8:10b] And we can only get it through serving HIM. “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him…” [2nd Chronicles 16:9a]  So when our heart gets right with God, God is going to make sure you have a good day!

God bless you on that theme. God can give you a good day. God bless you all. Hope to see you in Heaven. I pray that we will see each other because it is going to be a bad day if you are not in Heaven. It is going to be a wonderful day there [in Heaven]. The day is coming. God bless you all. Hope all of you have a wonderful day in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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