Prophetic Word

Ready to Get Out of HERE!

Brother Freedom has been praying for a dear sister in Africa who emailed him concerning her great need for a miracle in her family and in her body.  As he was praying the Lord gave Freedom a word.  But this word is not only for this lady, but is for all believers.

Get Ready To Get Out of HERE!!

Yes, the Spirit of God is sending warning to all believers that the escape of pure and holy believers is at the very door.  The “twinkling of an eye” is imminent.  This escape is more important than anything else.  It is more important than getting your healing.  It is more important than finances!  You must be ready!  The lamp of the Holy Spirit flame must be burning bright upon your heart.  Seek God and make sure all is on the altar and all is as God wants it to be in your life.  Seek for more of the Holy Spirit.  Don’t give in to temptation.  The twinkling of an eye will be a great deliverance for some who are in dire situations.

A Hope That is GREATER

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Scripture Reading: Daniel 11:31-34; Daniel 12:1-4; Daniel 12:8-13; Romans 13:11-14; Romans 15:13-19; Romans 8:22-39

This message was recorded in a visitors room at Brother Freedom’s new assisted living seniors apartments complex. You can hear voices of staff folks out in the hall in the background.

Brother Freedom begins to share about how his fellow residents at the senior estates speak of trivial things. They seem not to realize that they are on the borders of eternity. They are just waiting in the senior home, but they have no idea or concern about what is ahead. They are like a bunch of cattle being prepared for slaughter. This weighs so heavily on Brother Freedom’s heart. When he tries to share with his fellow residents they become offended. To speak of eternal things is considered a negative topic. They would rather speak of playing cards, or bingo and also of the weather. Eternal matters bother most of these folk.

But believers and disciples of the Lord God have a hope that is greater than what men have.  
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A Land You Won’t Recognize

Today Brother Freedom and Brother Clint were riding downtown, turning right to go east at the town’s main cross streets.  A drive through expresso was on that corner where the car turned.

Just as the car was turning to go east the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost came all over and upon Brother Freedom and he began to prophesy.  When Brother Clint got home he jotted down all he could remember.  Here is that information:

1.  Shortly this Land is going to be so changed some will not recognize it!


3.  Then the Lord said, “People need to get ready for MY return.”

4.  “I will take care of MY own.”

5.  “Do not fear!”

6.  “I love you MY ones!”

Stalemate Prophecy and Message

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This powerful message has been taken from the Holy Ghost Calling Archives and brought to your attention today, June 12, 2012.  This message contains the powerful prophetic word that a time of STALEMATE was coming and truly it has now been fulfilled.  Way back in 2005 God spoke through Brother Freedom that this was going to happen.  Today countries around the world, in Europe, The United States and elsewhere find themselves in a place of STALEMATE.  Nations are going over the brink, but their leaders cannot get the steering wheel turned to abort catastrophe.  Nations are going over the cliff of debt and misery, but they cannot change course.  We are in a world of STALEMATE.  You must listen to this prophetic word and then the rest of the message.  Churches are in STALEMATE as well.  Brother Freedom reveals where the problem lies.

The Devil’s Horrible, Final, Deadly Plan

This morning the Lord reminded me of a very important prophetic word Brother Freedom shared with me a few years back.   This is such an important insight God gave Freedom.

In these final years before the culmination of all things Satan has moved into his final battle plan to destroy as many lives as he can.  God wants you to know Satan’s plan.  
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Recruited and NO MORE

Over the weekend Brother Freedom was sharing with me what he was hearing from the Throne Room in his apartment last week.  God speaks to Brother Freedom so often.  Freedom has spent years pressing in toward the Lord God and building an intimacy that is available to any Christian who is willing to pay the price.  You can be as close to God as you are willing to search and seek HIS blessed face.

But here is what Freedom heard the Spirit of God saying, but in my own (Bro. Clint’s) words and perception.

The visible church today, as God sees it, is like an army where the soldiers have been recruited.  They have even taken their oath of allegiance, but that is as far as they are ever brought, for the most part.
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Judgment Has Begun

The Holy Ghost spoke to Brother Freedom today, March 1, 2012 and said:

“Judgment has begun.”

Also the Lord said to Brother Freedom that:

“God is speaking, but no one is listening.”

Brother Freedom shared these words from Heaven with Brother Clint, March 1, 2012.

God speaks through the elements and the weather to all men, but no one is listening.  The big news for March 2nd and 3rd (a day after God spoke to Brother Freedom) was the terrible outbreak of tornadoes.  Also it was reported that China had cut back in buying securities from the United States.  This means that the United States is going to have more trouble living on borrowed money.

Brother Freedom told Brother Clint several years ago that the protective covering over the United States that God had provided was now gone.  The United States has no protection as it had in past decades.  The praying saints that were once here have gone on to glory.  The modern believers do not know how to “pray through,” and they do not generally live holy lives.  There is much prayer, but not anointed prayer as known in the past.


8 Words From Heaven!

Brother Freedom continues to hear so much from the Lord that he cannot contain it.  It just passes through him.  Often he will say to me, “Brother Clint, the Lord said something so marvelous today.”
I have discovered that I too cannot retain those words for very long that Freedom shares with me,
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It’s Over!

Today Brother Freedom reported that the Lord God had spoken just two words to him.  Those words were:

“It’s over!”

Brother Freedom and Brother Clint felt strongly that the Spirit of God was referring to the United States and that this Nation has passed the point of no return.  Individuals can still get right with God, but this Nation is now forfeit.  It will descend into more and more judgment, difficulty and things too terrible to think about.

Give God Your Desire!

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First you need to know that 35 minutes into this message is a word direct from the Throne Room which was poured through Brother Freedom’s lips.

This message concerns the working of the Holy Spirit as compared to the working of fleshly religious efforts.  Brother Freedom opens his heart to you and the Holy Spirit helps him to explain many deep truths.  Those who listen closely to this and who ask for the Spirit of God to help them will grow in their life in Christ.