End Time Warning and Encouragement

The Holy Spirit came upon Brother Freedom on Sunday morning June 14, 2015 with an important word of encouragement, direction and warning.  The world is quickly approaching terrible times ahead due to the many sins and mistakes of mankind.  True, holy and dedicated followers of Jesus Christ will make it through this time only by trusting fully in the Lord God.  There is much hope.  God loses nothing.  We must not fear, but only believe, no matter what seems to appear ahead.  But if we doubt and fear we cancel God’s mighty hands from intervening on our behalf.  This is a time to be pure, to seek the Lord God, to look away from the terrible works of the evil one.  This is a time not to deeply investigate the sordid details of evil reported in the media!  Please read the words that poured from Brother Freedom’s lips below:

“For I the Lord thy God have chosen thee this day.  Be not afraid of this hour for I say thou shall be comforted by MY Spirit.  Trust in ME and be fed.  Trust the world and go to Hell. I say that is what it is.  And I say ninety-nine, way up in the high percentage, MY people, are trusting the world system.  They are trusting the world system on everything they do, just because someone did it.  Churches follow another church.  There is no seeking God!  There is no seeking ME, saith the Spirit of God.  They seek the way of man.  And that way of man will take them down, but I the Lord shall go before thee, MY people.  Be not afraid.  Be not scared where you are at, because I will deliver thee.  But, thy trust must be in ME, and none other!  I AM the way, the Truth and the Life.  I say no one comes unto the Father but by ME, saith Jesus!  I AM that ONE that bear that cross, that thou would be saved, that thou should be forgiven, that your sins would be put in the sea of forgetfulness.  And when you come as MY bride, saith the Spirit of God, I will help thee.  You become MY child and I AM your deliverer.  I AM your healer.  I AM also your husband.  I will take care of thee this last hour.  For I have chosen thee in a time when it is much difficulty, when you see much decay, much wickedness.  But I say, HE don’t look at it, MY people.  Stay away from those things.  Don’t even be curious!  I say, stay away from all things that lead that other direction!!  And if you do that I will keep thee.  Be not afraid of this day for I will give thee power.  Didn’t my Word say in that day I shall put power in MY people??  Well, that is for those that love ME, those that watch for ME.  I AM going to give them a supernatural power.  But those that imitate ME will lose out.  And many are imitating ME in their own selfish ways.  For I AM calling for a peculiar people, a holy people, a dedicated people toward ME.  And with those I will, coming back saith the Spirit of God.”

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