Word from the Holy Spirit, July 31B, 2003

I would say unto thee I AM a jealous God, saith the Spirit of God. And I have a right for that right. I have a right to be jealous because I have a people that I love! I care for them. I long for them! I have prepared a Heaven for them. I have prepared an eternal home. I have prepared a lifestyle that is beyond any imagination, beyond anything anyone can imagine. I have given them MY glories.

And I say many do not accept that which I have given them. They are living their own life in this World, saith the Spirit of God. And many, many, many of MY ones that have churches that has MY Name inscribed on it, but yet in reality it is men’s churches. They have made themselves BIG businesses. They have made big establishments. And I say they are for ME, yes. And their work is all designed for ME. But yet they do not allow MY Spirit to be the one that is in charge.

And I say times have been good for this Country, saith the Spirit of God. These times have been VERY good for this Country. I have given them crops. I have given them harvests. I have given them multitudes, multitudes of blessings. I have provided for them. I have had factories for them. I have had GREAT farmings for them.

All these things that man looks for I have given to them. And they have had pleasures upon pleasures in this Land. They have had pleasures that no one else in this World had, like this Country has had. And they have went through these wonderful things, saith the Spirit of God, but they have forgotten to thank ME. They have forgotten that all this came because of the God that they serve. When they said, “In God we trust,” I was with them! And I was with them from the very beginning. And I have been with them through this part.

And I say times are going to change, saith the Spirit of God. There is going to be a time weakening very soon. I say things will weaken because of the things that shall come to pass. And I say money shall be a big issue. Money will not have any worth, saith the Spirit of God.

And I say many that have worked hard all their lives have had an income unto the time that they aspire through this World. Many of those will lose these great wells of wealth that they have to live on for the time of their elderly lives.

And I say with that there shall be heartaches. There shall be problems because I say there will not be money to buy. And I say property shall fall. Workers shall not have jobs. And I say emergency rooms will be full. Churches will be full. A lot of things will change at that time. But I say for many it will be too late. I say many will be too late, saith the Spirit of God.

For I wish right now to change things, but I say mankind has put a course upon this World, that I say it is a course that is doomed for many, many, many. I say it is predicted that I [the Lord God] shall have a great harvest in the last days. It has been spoken. It has also been predicted. And it shall come to pass. But I say many are called, but few there be that will be chosen! Many have accepted My Name. But I say not all that have called on Me will have that inheritance. Not all that saith unto ME “Lord, Lord” shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven!

But I AM calling forth a peculiar people, a holy people. And I say right now, saith the Spirit of God, those that will really live for ME in their own churches are looked upon as being very peculiar. They are looked on as very fanatical. They have been looked upon as not even right minded, they are a little weak in the mind.

But I say through it all these need to stand true. And I say when they stand true before that time there shall be a change and there shall be a reverse setting that shall take place. And I say these that have been put down shall be lifted up. But I say it will be too fast and too short of a time. And I say those others will not be able to escape the down draft that is drawing them down. And I say there shall be an up draft that will lift up MY saints. And I say they shall be here. And those shall see it, but I say it is not going to be a long-term situation, saith the Spirit of God.

And I say MY people need to realize that THAT Day is very soon. And that knowing the time that now it is high time to wake out of sleep, for now is your salvation nearer than when you believed. The night is far spent. The day is at hand. Let us, your people, put on the whole armor of God that you might be able to withstand the wiles of the devil.

MY people need to take forth the BLESSINGS from Heaven. And I say there is treacherous times. I say there is going to be a hard, hard harshness of weather. There is going to be an epidemic of wrong sicknesses that people do not know what the answer is. There is going to be problems that is facing this Land.

And I say the World is hating this Land that you live in. Much of the World hates America, saith the Spirit of God. And I say thou art in a BAD position, saith the Spirit of God. If I would withdraw MY shield upon thee, thou would be devoured overnight, saith the Spirit of God! But I have brought a shield for this Country. And I have spared this Country. I have given this Country MUCH! And I say with it THAT TIME is getting short. I AM coming soon, coming soon, saith the Spirit of God.

Call to ME! Look to ME! Repent, America! REPENT! REPENT! You churches REPENT! *REPENT!* Allow MY Spirit to be the ONE that is in leadership, and I shall bless thee. Thou can pray all you want to pray, says the Spirit of God, BUT UNTIL YOU LET MY SPIRIT BE THE LEADER YE WILL NOT FIND THE ANSWER!! YOU WILL NOT FIND THAT TOUCH THAT YOU WANT!

But I say MY people when they repent and allow MY Spirit to come in them and bless them, YES I shall retouch them. And I shall BLESS them. And I shall give them a new strength and a new STRUCTURE, saith the Spirit of God.

But I say, many, many, many will NOT take heed in the last days. For I say I *LOVE* thee MY ones. I love this Country. I love this Country! But I say there is too many wrong things that is taking place. I say, oh there is many young ones that are being born, whose life is being taken because the adulterers and the things of this World.

I say there is many problems facing the young mothers that are giving their children over and lost their lives. And I see all these tragedies. I see the movie industries, saith the Spirit of God. I see all this wrong doings. And I say I wish to make things right! And I WILL make things right.

Call to ME, for I will make things right. Seek MY face, for I will make things right, saith the Spirit of God. I AM a loving God. But I say, saith the Spirit of God, I AM a jealous God. I love MY people! But I say the enemy has toiled with MY people too long. And I will NOT allow it, saith the Spirit of God.

There is a problem over this Land! And MY people have went out in a treacherous way. And they have forgotten MY Name. They have forgotten MY love. They have forgotten the POWER of the Holy Spirit. They have forgotten the power of MY blessing their heart and life this day. Hallelujah!

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