Friday The 28th!

Several years ago Brother Freedom heard a word from the Lord and shared it with those of us who work with him.  I really don’t recall if this ever got into any of the recorded messages.  But it is important to mention this word now.

God the Holy Ghost spoke to Brother Freedom and told him that on Friday the 28th New York, Chicago and Dallas would have some kind of very big, negative event happen.  God did not tell him what year or what month, only that this event would be on a Friday, the 28th.

We are coming up on another Friday the 28th this June.  We have passed several of these special Fridays in the last few years.  Having a Friday on the 28th day of a month does not happen very often.  We only see one or two occurances of this per year.

I wanted to get this word onto the site in advance of the coming 28th so that when something major does happen on a Friday the 28th it will be recorded here that Brother Freedom heard this word some years ago.

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