MY Church Needs Deliverance

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This message opens with a snippet of a fantastic prophetic word that is deep in the body of the message. That snippet is the basis for the title of this message: MY Church Needs Deliverance. This title is Jesus speaking about HIS church.  Brother Freedom shares some important nuggets of truth and then prays a powerful prayer.

The message begins as Freedom shares about a church service he attended where a video of a Christian comedian was presented to the congregation. The comedian was brilliant, smart, a great speaker who had the audience laughing and totally in his control. It was a spectacular message, but totally without the anointing of the Spirit of God! Many would have said it was anointed, but Brother Freedom knew from the witness of the Holy Spirit, within his spirit, that the message was totally from man and not from God. This is one of the signs of the “Great Falling Away” that is going on within the Christian world. The church is slipping into another kind of “dark ages.”

The backsliding in the churches is a sign of the return of Jesus Christ to planet earth. Brother Freedom reminds us that Jesus foretold that at HIS return it would be as in the times of Noah, few believers.

There are many believers who are right where Satan wants them to be.

Brother Freedom shares about a woman who had no rest in God. Her prayers are so much for herself that she was missing the mark. Yes, we do need to pray for ourselves at times, but our focus must not be selfish. We need to have faith in the Lord God our Father who is looking out for us. That faith is important. Doubt will destroy us. Faith is positive and up-building. God wants us to learn to be content in what HE has supplied. A lack of resting and trusting in God will ruin us, such that we cannot enter into glory.

The lack of rest in God and faith in God can cause us to take into our spiritual life a counterfeit. It can cause us to get into the flesh and out of the direction of the Spirit of God.

We need to realize and remember that we are strangers to earth. We are just passing through this staging area on our way to the City of God, to be with our Lord and King forever. We need the glory of God upon us now. We can ONLY triumph in Christ. Our only success is in HIM!

Brother Freedom quotes some fantastic Scriptures that have become a part of his life. These Scriptures just pour out of him.

God’s Word and the Spirit of God are what keep us intact, all together in proper order. We need the Word of God and the Spirit of God. A great secret is to pray in the Spirit of God. Those Baptized with the Spirit can do this. We all need to have the fullness of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost.

Brother Freedom shares a great mystery: We don’t need to know so much! Knowledge is not what God is seeking for us to have, that is the knowledge of facts and details. No, the knowledge that God wants us to have is the “knowing of intimacy.” We need to know God better and more intimately. We need to have a closer relationship with the Lord and this comes to those who pray in the Spirit, who have the fullness of the Holy Ghost through the Baptism in the Holy Ghost.

The modern church has great swelling words and fantastic ability to put together programs that move people. But there is no life in it. It is dead, human works.

God wants us to be “God possessed.”

There are so many gold nuggets of inspired truth from Heaven in this message.

Brother Freedom tells how the Spirit of God would go with him into jails and mighty things would take place by the Spirit of God. Men would be saved if they heard Freedom preach four times.

Brother Freedom tells about how his wife, Betty, went down into death six times, but as Brother Freedom would pray and trust, then she would be brought back out of the clutches of death. Betty did pass away some months later when Brother Freedom was asleep. The Lord later told him that God had to take her when Freedom was asleep.

Brother Freedom shares about how God directed him to cut down some trees in a roaring wind storm. The power company had ordered him to remove the trees because they were entangled in telephone, power and cable TV lines. But he had no money to pay for a tree surgeon. God said that God would tell him what to do and when. So he trusted God. The Lord told him to take his electric chain saw out on a windy day and cut when God said, “Cut!” The wind lifted the trees up and spun them up and out of the power lines and laid them neatly in a pile on the ground. Brother Clint saw the trees laid out and was amazed.

The secret is getting in perfect sync with God and the Holy Spirit of God is the ONE who can make this happen.

This is where the churches are missing it. They want to make their time HIS time when it should be HIS time is their time. We must conform to the Lord, not HIM conform to us.

Your growth doesn’t come sitting in a pew, but sitting at the feet of Jesus!!

We are sheep and sheep don’t have great intellects. They are creatures that need constant guidance from the shepherd. God hasn’t called us to be geniuses, but to be sheep, HIS sheep. This is a mystery that many cannot accept or understand, but it is still totally the truth!

A prophetic word from Heaven begins to pour through Brother Freedom near minute 26 in the message. The prophecy fades out and then fades back in again at about minute 28. The Holy Spirit continues speaking directly until about minute 33.

Then Brother Freedom begins to prophecy things the Spirit tells him. Remember this is August of 2005 that this message was preached. He speaks about a terrible money crisis that is coming. He states that this crisis of money will be much worse that the crash in 1929. The United States really has no money he tells us. It is living on borrowed reserves. He prophecies about the tons and tons of fuel underground carried in pipelines. Something terrible is ahead concerning these lines. These lines will be involved in some kind of explosion, like a powder keg. These pipe lines will add fuel to the problem that is going to hit this land of America.

There is so much more in this message than can be printed here.  Please listen to the entire message.  It is a watershed message of great importance!


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