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Formerly Unpublished Message 20050206

Dear Friends:

I just uploaded another unpublished audio message of Brother Freedom’s.  We will have many more of these because Brother Freedom was such a prolific preacher.  What an anointing is on that message!  I was fed just listening as I prepared it for uploading!  Please click the link below and be blessed!

God Is Here To RE-ESTABLISH us

The Holy Ghost Spoke True!

Dear Friends:

Way back in 2004 Brother Freedom spoke under the anointing of the Holy Spirit (The Holy Ghost) a true word.  Of course the Holy Spirit NEVER speaks anything but pure truth.  Those words have been coming true beginning in 2008 and now in 2016 it is coming even more true.  Please click the link below and read for yourself.  I know Brother Freedom often spoke back in the past of the things we are facing today.  But because Brother Freedom’s messages are so numerous I only recently ran across one of those messages.  If you find other messages of Freedom’s about the financial fall of the United States, let me know. Please click the link below to get to that important prophetic word that is being fulfilled right now.

Click here for A Currently Fulfilling Prophecy