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A Message Even For Today!

God has used Brother Freedom for so many years, speaking directly from Heaven.   The true message God gives Freedom is shocking to say the least.  Imagine going to your doctor to hear your diagnosis, but the doctor is afraid to give you the truth because the truth is so shocking.  So instead the doctor tells you that you need a vacation because you have been working too hard.  But the modern church is worse than that.  They don’t even know your true condition, but they say they know and nothing is seriously wrong.  They say you are okay, just come and fill the offering plate.

In July of 2003 Brother Freedom was given a powerful message that is more true today than even then.  If you want to hear exactly what God thinks about what is going on, read the message poured through Brother Freedom at the link below.  Are you tough enough to hear the truth??  It’s a matter of life and death.

To The Whole Body of Christ


A Land You Won’t Recognize

Today Brother Freedom and Brother Clint were riding downtown, turning right to go east at the town’s main cross streets.  A drive through expresso was on that corner where the car turned.

Just as the car was turning to go east the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost came all over and upon Brother Freedom and he began to prophesy.  When Brother Clint got home he jotted down all he could remember.  Here is that information:

1.  Shortly this Land is going to be so changed some will not recognize it!


3.  Then the Lord said, “People need to get ready for MY return.”

4.  “I will take care of MY own.”

5.  “Do not fear!”

6.  “I love you MY ones!”

A Tribute To Jesus

Over view of this message:

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Scripture Reading:  Matthew 1:18-24; Isaiah 53:1-10; Luke 4:1-4

The Holy Spirit came upon Brother Freedom so uniquely, even selecting the title of the message.   In this message you will hear the heart of Jesus as he calls out to HIS church, “Oh Church, oh Church where are you??”  Also the heart of Mary the mother of Jesus is revealed.  Brother Freedom recounts the miracle of his wife (Betty) healed of a broken neck after a traffic accident.  She refused the hospital and leaned by faith on God alone. [Brother Freedom believes in doctors and hospitals, but in this case his wife chose to go totally with God’s healing hand.]  Freedom tells how a Caterpillar transmission fell on his head and God healed him.

Jesus loves you and wants to provide for you.  God wants to be your perfect Father.  But most people turn away from God’s wonderful blessings.  They would rather go their own way and be the god of their own destiny, believing that they can make it quite well on their own.

You will hear the sad truth that the visible, mechanical church is anemic, weak and powerless.  But it believes that it is a power house.  The visible church is a heart break and a disaster case.

Brother Freedom is one of the few real voices in a sea of false teaching and false prophets.  Please listen to this message.  It will touch your heart.