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My People Are In Trouble This Hour

Overview of this message: An Exhortation From the Throne Room of God

Sound file: 20050623.mp3 Time: 1:02:23

This message is a total gold mine of heavenly truth with two powerful prophetic words from the Throne Room of God.  The great question is this:  Will listeners to this message have patience to listen to all of the message???  We live in a time when many people have a very short attention span.  You will be enriched if you can listen for one hour and two minutes!  A printed transcript is below the audio player.

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We Really Need To Have The Comforter

Overview of this message:

Sound file: 20050616.mp3 Time: 54:09

Scripture:  Luke 15:11-32  Story of the Prodigal Son

Two Prophetic Words:  one at 32:41 and a second at 46:39

Brother Freedom preaches something new that God has shown him by revelation concerning the parable of the prodigal son who demands his inheritance and goes off to live a wild lifestyle.  Many sermons have been preached by many good preachers through the years on this parable.  This is not to in anyway diminish what has been said by others.  Nevertheless, Brother Freedom has been given a new revelation concerning this parable, another important aspect of what the parable means to us, especially in this modern day.
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Don’t Lose Your Joy!

Overview of this message:

Sound file: 20050609.mp3 Time: 48:09

Scripture:  Deuteronomy 28:47

At minute 41 and about 45 seconds a powerful word from Heaven is poured through Brother Freedom’s lips.  But, please listen to the entire message if you want to grow in your spiritual life.  Brother Clint was greatly helped by this whole sermon.

In this message, following the opening prayer, Brother Freedom asks if any present had heard anything about President Bush pressuring Israel to give up Gaza to the Palestinians.
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God is There to RE-ESTABLISH us

Overview of this message:

Sound file: 20050602.mp3 Time: 37:58

This wonderful message is actually being uploaded many years later, on February 19, 2016!  This is one of many formerly unpublished messages.  Brother Freedom preached three long sermons per week in the mid-2000s.  He was a prolific man of God, by the Spirit of God.  As a result we will have messages to edit and upload for perhaps years to come.  What a blessing.  This is Brother Clint (Bro. Freedom’s assistant) at the keyboard and I’m so blessed to listen to this message again.  This is an extremely anointed sermon!

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