What these Prophetic Words are For

When I first met Brother Freedom in 1994 I was so overwhelmed by how the Holy Ghost would suddenly come upon him and a river of words would flow out, thousands of words at times.  What was spoken was so deep, so amazing and I could not contain it.  When I asked Brother Freedom about what was spoken he told me that he had little recollection and could not help me.  It was then that I asked for permission from him to switch on a cassette recorder whenever these words poured forth.

Soon thereafter I found myself typing thousands and thousands of words from magnetic tape into my computer. As I did the tears would pour from my eyes as the message lived again.

I took these transcriptions and read them to Brother Freedom. He was totally awe struck. He, too, heard the message we had heard. For the first time he actually heard, what he could not contain, as we had heard it.

When the words were poured out upon us, the presence of God filled the room. Conviction came. The Spirit of God would teach us and God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost would feed us with fresh manna from Heaven.

The words always turned our attention to the Holy Scriptures, and later I would find myself searching for scriptures in my concordance or digging through the Bible for a promise that had come out in the prophetic messages.

These messages are God’s “special words.” They are in no way to compete with the Written Word of God, the Holy Bible. The Bible is the Lord’s Word. These prophetic words are “special words” which point us to “The Word” found in the Bible.

I’ve found these “special words” to be a Holy Spirit Commentary on the Word of God. These special Words have helped me to get a better perspective on what the Lord is saying when I read the Bible. If you are touched by the Holy Spirit as you read or listen to the messages, your Bible reading should increase and deepen.