Brother Clint Shares

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Overview of this recording

For a long time I’ve been wanting to share with you who come by the web site the story of how Brother Freedom and I met, and some of the wonderful experiences that we have had together that I think would be a blessing for you to know about.

Brother Freedom and I first met in 1994.  I had been searching for the deeper life in the Lord for many years.  Through a series of events orchestrated by the Lord I tell how I was led to where Brother Freedom met with some men on a weekly basis in a restaurant.

After I began to work with Brother Freedom I discovered that he was a “prophetic person.”  Brother Freedom has NEVER called himself a prophet or an evangelist or even a pastor, although he has pastored several small fellowships.  But I’ve seen God use him in all the gifts at different times.

I tell the story of how a Christian men’s group somehow gets into an argument and it appears that the men will all leave in great anger.  Suddenly Brother Freedom, who has been very quiet, stands and out of his mouth comes a flood of the Heavenly prayer language.  In an instant the whole meeting changes and all the evilness is erased from the atmosphere.  The men immediately elect Brother Freedom as their new president.

Brother Freedom prophetically tells me that he and I will not finish our terms of office in the men’s group.  Sure enough in a few months the national organization makes a dreadful change in the operation of the men’s group and Brother Freedom and I feel we must resign because the Holy Spirit has been moved against and we must honor the Holy Spirit.

Brother Freedom tells Brother Clint about a terrible explosion that will come by the next Wednesday.  Many will die if we do not pray.  God does not tell Freedom where the explosion will be, but does say that it will happen by Wednesday.  Sure enough on the next Wednesday morning the whole country is riveted to their television sets seeing the devastation of that explosion.  Through that experience I realize that Brother Freedom is probably the most anointed man of God that I have ever known.  God told him of that explosion and called upon him to pray.  I thought the explosion was something to happen in our area.  But the explosion was thousands of miles away in a distant state.

My family has seen a lot of miracles poured out through Brother Freedom’s ministry.  Many of my family members have been healed.  I have been healed several times after Brother Freedom prayed for me.

I tell the story of how Brother Freedom prays a prayer over my Dad that sets him free from a terrible bondage.  Because of that deliverance prayer Dad’s life is set right and Dad takes the last offramp to Heaven.  The prayers of my mother and my aunt are answered through that deliverance ministry God pours through Brother Freedom.

People have emailed this ministry with needs and Brother Freedom will pray.  Then we hear back that a wonderful prayer answer has come to that person and that situation.

The Holy Ghost’s anointing on Brother Freedom is the secret to all of these wonderful things.  To God be all glory, honor and praise.  It isn’t Brother Freedom.  It is God and God alone who is to be praised.  But I do thank God for Brother Freedom and Freedom’s dedication to the Lord.

Brother Freedom’s life is dedicated to getting out the message that the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, is the ONE of the Trinity here on earth today who can bring any sold-out Christian to the fullness of Christ.  God expects us to grow.  The sky is the limit in God.  The fullness of the Holy Spirit is no myth.  It is NOT automatic.  It comes when we seek God with all our hearts.  Brother Freedom had to seek God for years, but it was worth every minute.  Brother Freedom believes that it may not take so long for you who will take in this ministry.  The many secrets that Brother Freedom has been given by the Spirit of God may indeed help you to seek God in a more efficient and faster way.  Brother Freedom did not have the advantage of the good teaching that is available on this web site.

I share the wonderful truth Freedom has been given concerning EATING THE WORD OF GOD.  You need to listen to the audio recording for more details on that.  Also you will find that truth highlighted in various ways in many messages and sermons contained on this site.