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This web site is maintained by Clint Stetson, Brother Freedom’s assistant. I have found these sermons and prophetic words from the Throne Room to be of great personal help and revelation. I first met Bro. Freedom in the Fall of 1994. It was a meeting ordained by God. I was making a presentation to a local men’s Christian group at a Saturday breakfast. Afterwards Brother Freedom stepped up to me and told me that he wanted to assist me in whatever I was doing, that he would be a part of the event that I was coordinating. As it turned out he wasn’t sent to be my assistant, but God was calling me to be his assistant, and what a joy it has been working with a truly anointed man of God.

Below you will find our email address to which you may send encouraging messages or needs to Brother Freedom. Also you may use this address to communicate with Clint, Brother Freedom’s assistant. Feel free to email us at:

If you desire to reach us by postal mail you can write to:

Clint Stetson
225 Sparrow Ct
Red Bluff, CA 96080-2173

When you write an encouraging email or you share a need in your life I read your email to Brother Freedom over the phone or personally. God has done miracles for a number of folks who have written asking for Brother Freedom’s prayers. When Freedom prays things happen. Freedom has prayed the price. His own healing from a severe auto neck injury came after almost eight years of excruciating pain as he prayed and believed God. But, those prayers broke through and God did a mighty work for Brother Freedom.