Miracle Korean War Story

Recorded September 19, 2004

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We are serving a wonderful God. It is the highest order that can be attained in this life, to be able to speak for God. It has to be the most cherished, the most fulfillment that can ever happen. It is beyond being the President of the United States, beyond doctor’s callings. It is beyond all callings! It is just wonderful when you feel that touch from Heaven, when God is allowed to speak to your heart, that souls will be touched.

And I believe in this so strongly that I invested much of my life, for this day to be fulfilled. And I knew, according to the Word, that it had to be as a journey. It will not be you that will speak, but it will be the Spirit of God.

[In the early years] I wasn’t satisfied with my life. And I sought God. And God is always faithful to answer your prayers.

Father God, in the wonderful name of Jesus, I just want to exalt YOU, give YOU praise, honor, admiration, for YOUR blessings, YOUR goodness, for YOUR faithfulness, Lord God, that YOU are for being REAL!

We see many things in this life that are NOT real. They are fakes! They are imitations. But Lord God, YOU are the master builder! YOU are the Master of ALL situations! YOU built the first engine! YOU showed me that! YOU built them before any man ever designed it! You built the first car, that we ride in today. You built all these things. You gave the influence, why those things came to pass. But YOU knew how they was to be built, before it ever existed, Lord God. And Lord God that YOU are REAL! YOU are faithful. Lord God, YOUR loving kindness is tenderer than anything. It is GREATER than anything upon this life.

Oh Lord we PRAISE YOU this day, wonderful Saviour, glorious, glorious, beautiful Jesus! Lord we thank YOU, oh Jesus, for that special life that YOU lived, that YOU gave YOURSELF upon a cruel cross. And those, with jealously and envy [came against YOU]. There was no guilt within YOU. But yet, they rose up against YOU, said slandering words, things that were lies. They spoke things that should not be spoken. But they did it, that the adversary, the Devil, would have revenge upon YOU.

Lord God, we know that if they would have known what was going to take place, YOUR Word declares, they would not have allowed it to happen. Because, Jesus, when you took that place, on Calvary’s cross, when you went upon that cross. And Father God, YOUR Son, Jesus, when YOU put those hands, when they put those nails in YOUR hands. And how the blood had to come out in order to get the saving grace, Lord Jesus. How they put that crown of thorns upon THY head. And how they did these terrible things, spit in YOUR face, all these terrible cursed things. Lord God, it was what the enemy would do to his worst enemy. And Father God, we know, truly, that is what they did.

And Father God, the Lord Jesus took the shame, my shame, my sin, YOU took upon YOU, with a love, a likeness for me, that YOU wanted to see me and these others to be transformed from “gory” into glory; their lives to be saved, from unrighteousness into being righteous.

Lord God, what a marvelous transformation took place. As the butterfly and the caterpillar; we was like those caterpillars, Lord God, that was just crawling around. And death was in our pathway, Lord God. We had no assurance, Lord God. But through that [the death of Jesus] YOU made a way! We become a butterfly, that had a beautiful wing, that had a beautiful creation. Lord God, that YOU have a special place, a glory for each one of us, Lord God! We became SPECIAL in YOUR eyes, that we become a creature of YOUR creation. Lord God, that we became more than just a child! We become an inheritor of God the Father, God the Son.

What a plentiful message, Lord God, that we become, in reality, life’s precious blood from Jesus. Our veins, no longer is the veins of normal. It becomes the lasting flow from Heaven! Lord God, that we are transformed in the “gory” into glory, by the likeness of Jesus Christ, that Saviour, that physician upon Calvary’s cross. Lord God, that our sins would be neutralized in the sea of terribleness, Father God, to be sent out to captivate, and not be of this world, Lord God. That YOU sent those things away, off of us, in our lives, Lord God. That we might have a new man.

YOUR Word declares, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature…” [2nd Corinthians 5:17a] And Father God, we thank YOU for making us new creatures. And Father, we know that when that ended, that was just the beginning! At that time YOU sent forth the Comforter. And Father God, we are thankful for the power of the Holy Ghost! We thank YOU that “…greater is HE that is in you, than he that is in the world.” [1 John 4:4b] We thank YOU, Lord, that HE became our refuge. HE became our way-maker! HE became The Example, within us, that “…greater is HE that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

And Father, many times many people do not understand, that when they do things that is wrong, they find themselves, even after they have known HIM [God, but especially the Holy Spirit] and received HIM, they find themselves EMPTY! Because, when HE leaves, HE doesn’t even tell you. HE is that much of a gentleman. HE won’t even complain, after you kick, and say terrible things. And many times when you call upon HIM, HE will come back. And HE will come back and re-assembly HIMSELF, if we will just seek HIM.

Father, we cannot understand YOUR great love, that while we trample YOU under foot, many times, and the example of Jesus how YOU respect that time on the cross. YOU paid in full, but yet, many times we still come and destroy the blood that you have given on Calvary’s cross. The Bible says, there is no more REMISSION for sin after we transgress so far. [See Hebrews 6:4-8]

And Father, this day, help us never to transgress that distance, Lord God! Help us to realize we LOVE YOU, and we PRAISE YOU, with that everlasting love. Lord God, that YOU have CHOSEN us to be inheritors of THY kinship, that we could be kinship, as YOUR children: God the Father, God the Son. That we could live with YOU, eternally, forever and ever and ever and ever.

And Father God we would transgress ourselves [violate the old man] from a natural person into the inheritor of the eternal being that lives throughout the ages. Lord God, we thank YOU, Lord, for this wonderful blessing that YOU give upon us. Lord we praise YOU.

And Father, let this be our prayer, that we LOVE YOU! We are thankful, Lord God, for all the many times that we have failed YOU, Lord, YOU still say:…

[The prayer melts into a prophecy from Heaven.]

Come unto ME, my child. I love you. I will change you. COME! For I loveth thee! Come to ME! And I will not cast thee out! I will lift thee up with MY mighty hand. And I shall encourage thee, that thou will walk a greater distance, a greater depth. And the next time that thou would walk even farther! And I the Lord shall BLESS thee! Come MY way and I shall give thee strength! And I shall incorporate MY blessings upon thee. And thou shall be MY child!

For I say the enemy has come to kill, destroy and to steal, and that he takes great vengeance on those who have been taken from him. And this day I say, MY people need to take vengeance on [the enemy concerning] those, their friends that need to be set free. They need to speak the Truth to your neighbor, to that one, that they need that SEED, the seed of Abraham, the SEED of God the Father, God the Son, that they can have a life re-make-over, by God the Father, God the Son. And be changed forever!

[The prophecy melts back into the prayer!]

And we thank YOU, Lord for this blessed strength, this blessed hope. And Father, we thank YOU for your soon coming. We pray that YOUR people will be ready! We pray that we will ALL be ready. And YOUR Word declares that YOU are coming for those that are looking for YOUR coming. Help us this day to continually be LOOKING for that wonderful Day.

Lord God, we know that it is going to be a wonderful Day. YOUR Word declares, “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.” [1 Corinthians 2:9-10]

And we know truly that it is positively a fact, Lord God! YOUR “…Spirit searcheth…yea, the deep things of God.” And Father, we thank you for that GREATER Spirit within us, that YOU give to us, as a BLESSING, as a keep sake through life, Lord God, that HE can guide us. But this is ALL true! We lift up the Name of Jesus, who walked a victorious life before YOU, that we would become an overcomer, through this life.

And we thank YOU, in the wonderful Name of Jesus!

[The prayer ends and the sermon begins.]

I have not an idea what God is going to speak today. But I DO believe that God loves us so much. HE has been so faithful. HE will never ask us to do something that we cannot do. HE sees that we have been made out of clay, and we have been living in conditions. Our forefathers didn’t know anything about this precious gift of the Spirit of God, that God has given in this last hour, TRULY, and said in the last days that HE would pour out HIS power [upon] all flesh. [See Joel 2:28]

And truly, we know that Father God is doing this. HE poured out HIS Spirit. And “…ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you…” And it says, “…ye shall be witnesses…” That means that ye shall have power, effective with the Holy Spirit, within you, that can give you a driving force within you to walk upright, before God, in a cursed, mean, old, wrong, world.

We find ourselves; everything that we FACE is ALL disgusting! It is all beyond, you can’t even pick out a name! But God has us to stand strong through all of that!

It says that we that live before [the eyes of] God, must come before HIM with a love, for HIM, that is beyond description. And basically that is what God is calling for, a people that love HIM.

And if I was going to say, God is showing it to me right now, *HAPPY* is the man, or woman that makes the Lord their God! “…happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.” [Psalm 144:15b] And what that means is that the god of this world has us all bound. “And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:” [Ephesians 2:1-2]

In times past, it says that, we have ALL been there! We have tasted of that. We have had that aroma of the old man. And the Bible says, “That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts. And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.” [Ephesians 4:22-24]

So there becomes an effort that comes on our part, that we start trying to be overcomers. As we start overcoming, God will help us! It is like a little child. You parents know. When my son was little, we would try to get him to walk. He was so big, he would just fall down. We didn’t scold him! We kept on working with him until he finally walked! He was a big little boy! But he couldn’t walk! He could crawl every place. And that is the way we are!

God looks on us. It says in Psalms 103 [See Psalm 103:13-16] that HE sees us as frail children.

[A stream of Heavenly language pours forth followed by a prophetic word from Heaven.]

But I say to thee, before this world there is perilous times, to those, especially to those who have known ME. And I say this day, many of those that have known ME do not look like MY daughters of Zion no longer. They look like the world. They act like the world. They take the things of the world. And I say, if thou shall look at them, as I see them, you would say, “There is no difference!” They have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof. And MY Word says, “…from such turn away.”

I say many of MY children have lived, and they came up at a time when they was struggling upon this Earth. And I have given them some prosperous years. And I say many have grown up in wealth. They have learned to enjoy what wealth can do for them. And I say, through that they have forgotten about their God, that I the Lord thy God have allowed them to keep going on. And I say, their hearts have gone stone cold, against ME, saith the Spirit of God. And they have forgotten that I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. And they have forgotten! They have forgotten their love. And their love is no longer lived in ME. And I say they are not even lukewarm! They are COLD, many of MY ones.

And I say, they go into MY places of worship, and raise their hands, and say many things, and they do not even know ME! I say, they have an understanding of ME, but they do NOT know ME! They do NOT KNOW the zeal of God. They do not understand the mysteries of God, that one must come and know ME as the Lord and Saviour. They must walk hand in hand [with God]. I DO NOT walk with people that do not know ME! But I say, many, many, many of MY people are made up of these kind of ideas within them.

And I say, they have THOUGHT that they have one fifteen minute sermon, one day a week, and that suffices them. And they don’t have to worry. They can go on life’s pathway, do the things that the world does, doing the same act, the same as the world, and they are okay!

But I say, when that Day arrives, when they stand before ME on that Day; they will be WANTING at that Day!

That time that they have living in the wonderful blessings, they will lose that! And they will lose out with ME. And I say, does not MY Word say, “what would it profit a man if he gain the whole World and lose his soul….what would a man give…for his soul.” [See Mark 8:36-37]

I say, thou, oh man, if thou shall come and live with ME for this life, it will be above anything that you can attain in this world! I say, if thou shall live like a beggar on this Earth, yea, I the Lord thy God shall have a mansion for thee. And thou shall live forever and ever and ever and ever in MY blessings! And I say, while you are here, you can feel MY blessings, even though you have nothing, even though you live in a shack on top, or down at the bottom of the places that is not being admired by the ones of this world.

But thou can have MY seal of approval upon thee. And thou shall see MY glory upon thee! And thou shall see the importance to love the Lord thy God with all your heart, with all your soul, that I would manifest MY glory upon thee. And, I would inspire thee, that thou would walk with MY power and MY anointing.

And I say, for no man can buy MY power!! It is achieved, for living for the Lord thy God. And no man can understand MY power, but coming in and searching for ME. And through that they shall find ME. They shall find forth a RESERVOIR of blessings that is beyond [that] attained by the wealth of this world!

And I say, what MY people have cannot be obtained through this world! And MY people need to obtain that blessing now, before the parting of the times! MY people need to know ME NOW, before they are in Heaven. Because, I say MY people must know ME now!

Come to ME all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I shall give you rest. Take MY yoke upon thee. Learn of ME, for I AM meek and lowly. And ye shall find rest in your souls.

For I AM NOT a hard task master, saith the Spirit of God! But I AM LOVING! I AM gentle! I have called thee with love! I have called thee with much affection! And I say, for those that will come MY way I shall provide for them! As a good father shall provide for his children, so much more shall I provide for those who will come unto ME. Aye (yes) for those that will seek MY face, come early, and live before ME in righteousness, yea, it will be MY responsibility to take care of thee!

I shall heal your eyes! I shall heal your body! And I shall give thee MY wealth that thou needest! But, many, many times thou does not need MY wealth! Thou has ME! But I shall supply your day by day, hour by hour. If MY people would remain committed to ME.

For I say, many of MY people would want ME to supply them with an over abundance of MY grace. Within two weeks they might be doing things that I would not want them to do. But I say, when they have to come to ME day by day, they remain in that place of obedience!

I say, many times conditions changes the hearts of MY people! MY people that live in a rigid zone, they can line up with MY Word a lot easier than someone who has easy living, who has felt the ease of this life, that has felt the problems of this life that they don’t have to worry one way or the other! To those people I cannot get to! It is hard to reach them, saith the Spirit of God!

But I say, I AM coming soon! All these conditions are facing upon this Earth. I AM looking for a people that will be READY, that will call upon ME, that will seek MY face, that I the Lord shall incorporate MY blessings upon them. And I shall give thee a love. And I shall give thee a happiness, that no one can know, saith the Spirit of God.

[This prophecy ends, and the sermon picks back up.]

Happy is the people whose God is the Lord. [See Psalm 144:15b]

You know, as we live in this life there is conditions. We come through hardships, many times. We come through sorrow. We come through hurts. Sometimes our bodies is hurting so bad, that we can’t even… It is hurting us!! It is like a toothache!

All these things that we have learned, that they are part of life. There is sometimes we have joy. And there is sometimes we have peace. But there is a happiness that comes when we just say, “Lord, fill my heart with YOUR love.”

And that happiness is received. We have HIS happiness, many times, so fluently. And then we start losing it. But many times we lose it because of pitfalls. The enemy comes against us. Like he brings LUST before our eyes. We are no longer happy. He brings hatred before our eyes. We are no longer happy.

It is one of those things that either God’s way, you get happy. But you can get out of happiness. That is when you really need to pray! We are not happy, we are sad! And when we are sad we are oppressed, to some degree. We are oppressed by the enemy to the degree that we are not really functioning where we should function. We are really at a place of disharmony with God, because of our frame. We are not doing it intentionally. But it happens to the best of us. That is why we need to call upon God, daily. We need to come to God daily, understanding that HE has a way of correcting us, to help us, not to grievously put us down. But, to have us come to the understanding that HE is WITHus!

You know, God gives us some promises. And sometimes we think those promises are never going to come. You know, pretty soon we get weary in well doing. I want to tell you a little something that God told me. I had forgotten about it, but it is something that none of you have heard about.

When I went into the United States Army, the Lord spoke to me. HE said, “I want you to take a letter with you!” The Lord told me to do this! So I went to the owner of Redding Tractor, Arden Crab. I was riding down the hill up here. I had gotten the letter with my Dad. We had gone to pick up a caterpillar dozer. He had to do some work on it. So I wasn’t working those couple of days. So I went up with him [to Redding Tractor to see the owner]. I told him I was going into the military. And I asked him if he would write me a letter [of recommendation]. He said, “Yes, I will!”

[Even at this young age Brother Freedom was very familiar with the operation and maintenance of heavy equipment.]

So here I go into the military. It was one time in my life that I was really living for God. I really did! I didn’t have, then, what I have now, but I made sure that every day was for God!

Everybody laughed at me. I mean, “Look, here’s that Christian! We just as soon get him killed!” Those fellows were pretty direct. They didn’t beat around the bush! And the Lord says, “Your greater!” God started to show me, “Don’t worry about these little things! These are just little bitty things!”

I said, “Lord, it hurts!” The Lord said, “There’s no skin off your arms! If it comes that way, I’ll defend you!”

So this went on. And it got worse! The Lord spoke to me and says, “Listen, see how they drink, and how they curse, and how they smoke?”

I’m not saying this, but God was telling me these things. Here I’m a little bitty Christian. Now, it wouldn’t even have phased me. But then it sort of [got to me]. I couldn’t go to sleep at night, because of the smoke. The barracks was so full of smoke. It was just terrible, nauseating. I would get sick to my stomach. And they would just laugh at me. They just thought it was the cutest thing that ever happened. “Oh, we got him going now!”

And they even said terrible things about me. But you know, we have got to learn that whatever state we are in to be content with God! And here if I was going to have to make it I was going to have to go THREE years! And this wasn’t even getting through basic training!

[This golden thread from Brother Freedom’s Korean War days will pick up again as the Holy Ghost weaves it into the sermon.]

And I’m bringing this up for a great [truth]! God will always keep HIS word. God will always keep HIS word, but we have to wait upon God. The Bible says:

“Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? There is no searching of his understanding. HE giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might HE increaseth strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” [Isaiah 40:28-31]


“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength!” “They shall mount up with wings as eagles…and not faint!” That is a problem with many of us. We want to say, “God, [YOUR answers] are NOT fast enough!”

God says, “I AM just right! You just allow ME to catch up with you, and I shall BLESS thee!”

And many times, God is showing me, that we are like an ice breaker, or a mine sweeper [ship], that used to be in World War II. The mine sweeper went ahead, and they cleared all the mines for a certain distance. It was cleared of mines! And if anything got blown up, the mine sweepers were the ones that got blown up! They had a special detecting system, even back in the 1940s to do these things. But those waters were charted that the battleships, aircraft carriers, all that we had, especially in the Pacific could goTHROUGH!

That is what God does with us! But if we will seek HIM, HE wants to go BEFORE us; NOT HIM FOLLOWING US!

The other day HE told me, HE said, “MY people want ME to bless their work! But they have forgotten that they should be blessing MY work! And if they would bless MY work, they would be asking ME what I want them to do!”

We are to ask God what HE wants us to do! HE said, “Many of these people, this day, I haven’t even called them into the ministries that they are in, because I will not send novices into places until they are equipped!”

God wants to fill us, thrill us, anoint us by the Spirit from Heaven! HE will NOT put us out where we will fall! And you will fall, until you are equipped! We must LEARN! It is the same way working on equipment or anything!

You don’t work on a computer until you become capable of knowing [all about it], because otherwise you would tear what you are working on, where it couldn’t be repaired, blow something up!

It is the same thing that happens in life. But God wants to go before us. HE wanted to go before the children of Israel. And they murmured at God, so God could not lead them! They came against God. Anytime we do the same thing [that the children of Israel did] in whatever we are doing, we slander God. We are going to lose out that capability of HIM going before us! So we [need] to line up WITH God.

God loves you, but we need to line up with God! WE HAVE TO LINE UP WITH GOD! We have to line up with Jesus! We have to line up with the Holy Ghost who lives within us.

And God spoke to me this other day. The Holy Ghost is VERY gentle! HE will not hold up for HIMSELF. HE can; things can happen if the Holy Ghost moves! But HE is very gentle. HE is very pleasing. HE is very much a gentleman, above ALL others! The Holy Ghost was sent to be your guide, to live within you. But when we start getting evil in our hearts and our thoughts, the Holy Ghost leaves us. HE doesn’t even say, “Good bye.” HE doesn’t want to hurt our feelings.

And many times we don’t know what has happened, until a week later. And we find ourselves slipping.

Sampson, [was in the] same condition. God told Sampson, “Whatever you do, don’t cut your hair!” That is the Nazarite vow! You know Sampson was getting into terrible troubles the more he thought about cutting his hair. He was dilly dallying, and doing things that was shameful. He was not supposed to go out and mingle with the Philistines. In the early books of the Old Testament God told HIS people to get rid of the Hittites, the Jebusites, the Amorites, all these bad things. “Because if you don’t they are going to come in and destroy you!”

So, the same way with us. When we come to Christ there is a bunch of wrong doings. God spoke to me the other day. God [allows] unrighteousness that we might prove ourselves. God doesn’t like it that way, but because man has fallen God has made it that we must overcome.

No one likes that word “overcome.” But it is in [the Bible] for us. We don’t have to know the Greek and all these fancy things! But we do need to “overcome.” You can know the Greek and all the things and still not “overcome,” and you are in trouble! But you can know NOT these other things and “overcome,” and you are in safety!

It is a very simple life. You don’t have to be very smart! The Bible says, “… not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called.” “…God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.” Not many great will be leaders for God! [See 1st Corinthians 1:26-29] For the lowly, the ones that no one says….[Suddenly a burst of words in the Heavenly language pour forth, like an explosion! The Holy Ghost seems to be validating and underlining this truth that God likes to use the ones the world sees as valueless. Then Brother Freedom is back in himself and goes on with the message.]


God always keeps us in a balance. An engine works in a balance. The power stroke comes down. If it is a six cylinder on the opposing end it is six and one. It is drawing fuel or air. In a diesel engine it is drawing air. When it comes up, after the combustion, this other piston is coming down. And a couple more cylinders are firing in-between. While this is taking place the other one is coming down. It is in balance! And when it comes up the cycle keeps going. And the cycle: overcomes, overcomes, overcomes, overcomes, overcomes, overcomes, OVERCOMES! That’s what an engine does: OVERCOMES! It overcomes, one stroke after another!

[Editors note: Though it didn’t come out in the sermon, the week prior to this message Brother Freedom called me and said, “God asked me a question.” HE said, “What would an engine say if it spoke as it was running?” Brother Freedom said, “I don’t know.” God answered, “Overcomes, overcomes, overcomes, overcomes OVERCOMES!”]

And that is what we need to learn to do: OVERCOME, overcome, overcome. If [a certain something] is not right, flee from it! Good! Good! Good! Don’t consider the depth of it, but figure what God wants you to do! We don’t have to figure some of these things out! Just say, “I’ll do [what God wants]!

We don’t have to go into deep study of the feast days, and all these things. Don’t even worry about those things! They are not your salvation! It’s nice to know, but IT IS NOT YOUR SALVATION! –>*YOUR* *SALVATION* *IS* *LIVING* *GODLY*!! YOUR SALVATION IS LIVING PROPERLY, THAT YOU WOULD BE ABOVE REPROACH, THAT YOUR LIFE WOULD BE A LIGHTHOUSE! And when people see you, they can KNOW: that is a man, a woman of God.

They know, the world knows they can depend on you. The world knows that they can do whatever they want, but they are not going to see any guile coming out of your mouth! They will not see any profanity. They will not see any UN-professionalism, as some people are very unprofessional with God! They will see the glory of God! “…they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength…” [Isaiah 40:31a] They will see that type of person! They will see that person that “waits” upon God! That person doesn’t have to be the “big shot.” That person is the one that is willing to live in a little place with God, that God will exalt them in due time.

“Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.” [1st Peter 5:6-9]

But when you humble yourself, God is going to exalt you in HIS time! Humble yourself: that is the FIRST step. I wouldn’t want these positions without God!!!! I could not get up here today without God!!!! Church leaders told me, “You will never do nothing, those old rough terrible hands!” [Mechanic’s hands don’t win beauty contests. And Brother Freedom is a heavy equipment mechanic. Brother Freedom has not been very well accepted because his only gifting is in the supernatural. He wouldn’t make a very good politician!]

I had one pastor right in church say, “I don’t see how God even let him come to this church?!” And then the Lord said, “And now I want you to come back a couple more Sundays!” We cannot hold grudges! That is one of the first things! And if someone doesn’t like you, the best thing is that you should let them do all the talking. That’s right! Don’t do anything that will interfere. Let them have their own way! And after you do this a while, God says HE will settle it and fight it HIS own way. As long as you keep quiet no one can do anything to you! God loves us to be quick to hear and slow to speak. [See James 1:19] We need to shut up, and wait for the Spirit [of God]! That is what *IT* is all about! We need to wait upon God!

“Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.” [Psalms 119:165]

Many times, what has happened in our Christian world is that we become offended, because someone didn’t speak to me. And that person may not have spoken to you because they didn’t hear you. You know, folks get blamed sometimes for things they didn’t even do intentionally! So we shouldn’t judge! The Bible says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” [Matthew 7:1-2] We need to walk as one with many privileges. In the military service you get many privileges when you walk uprightly: You get a three day pass! You get time off!

The Lord was speaking to my heart before basic training. I was just a little Christian. I didn’t know anything. But God was teaching me. I had this little New Testament. And I wore that New Testament out. Every time everyone started harassing me I’d go over, sit down by myself and start reading that wonderful Word! Oh, that wonderful Word became Manna! It became a BLESSING! Whatever they said [to me] I said, “Praise God it feels good!” God let me feel good!

It wasn’t long and these guys were sort of liking me.

Now this was God. Eight weeks we had to take physical fitness tests. And sad to say, they had sent me in as a “paid killer.” That’s what you become in the Army. And I don’t like it, but that is what it is. You are taught, told how, to take another life. And I didn’t like it. I said, “Lord, I don’t like this!” The Lord said, “Don’t worry. You just keep going!” I said, “I don’t like it!” The Lord said, “I know it! You just keep going! Keep on going!”

So at that time I went through all the physical fitness. And they said, “Hey, guess what?” I said, “I don’t know. Am I going to get out of here or something??” “No,” they said, “You are second in the battalion in physical fitness!” And I said, “That has to be the Lord!” And they said, “It’s because you don’t smoke!” And I said, “That’s right. It’s more than that! It’s God!”

God gives you strength. But I had that piece of paper [from the owner of Redding Tractor]. I went through six more weeks of basic training as an infantryman. At that time I could shoot. And I had never shot anything before, until I went in.

[Editors Note: Brother Freedom had to quit Bible College because they told him that he wasn’t suitable material for the ministry. And it was then that God commanded him to enlist in the Army. God commanded it! And so he obeyed. The Korean War was going on.]

What I’m saying is that conditions can change our life, if we are not careful. Conditions alter people when you go into certain places. There is a person that went into a saw mill. And he was a Christian. He was a devout Christian. He went there and stayed all Summer long. He came back and they said, “Well, how did you do in the saw mill?” He said, “Well, I never did tell anybody that I was a Christian. And they didn’t know it either.” So apparently he was doing just like the other saw mill workers were doing, the same thing.

But God wants us to “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” [Matthew 5:16] You don’t listen to those old dirty jokes! You don’t listen at those old bad movies they put out. They are not for you to see! They are disgusting to our lives! So we have to array ourselves as God would move upon us, as Joseph was moved upon by God.

We know that Joseph got in trouble. But we have to do the same thing that Joseph did. In those kind of conditions we have to move away. We have to be ABOVEREPROACH in our lives, in our driving.

God spoke to me just the other day. HE says, “You know, if the United States did not have driving rules that there would be car wrecks every place, because people are NOT courteous within themselves! They have to have stop signs or they won’t stop!”

I’m saying, this is what is in our lives! And God wants you to hear this today to bring it to reality, that if HE didn’t have a speed sign that said 60 miles per hour, you would do 80, others would do 100 miles an hour. You would be out of control! And God doesn’t want us children to be out of control! *HE DOESN’T WANT US TO BE OUT OF CONTROL!* We have been out of control too long. We need the controllership of God the Father. We need the unction of God to function in our life that we would be profitable unto God, that your prayers would be answered!

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” [1st Peter 5:7] HE wants us to wake up, shape up, be holy unto God, a sacrifice unto God.

I love all you out there. But this is not to you. But someone out in this Country needs this! Someone needs this word! “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a LIVING sacrifice,…” [Romans 12:1a] I’m not preaching to you here! I’m preaching to this Nation! I’m preaching to America! But I don’t see any word like this going out to America!

[Lord,] I thank YOU! I thank YOU! I thank YOU!

There are some circles that are good! But there is nothing that gets down and touches this old heart like the Holy Ghost from Heaven! God knows how to talk! HE knows how to walk! HE [the Holy Ghost] knows how to do the will of God! HE needs someone, as myself, that will speak with the unction from God and not even care whether the people judge you wrong. Whatever you say, you say it from the unction from Heaven.

I don’t have any understanding what I’m going to say. I come here. The anointing is upon me right now! And soon as I leave it will all go away. I won’t have any recollection. But it is good right now! It is like ointment from Heaven! It is like the *GLORY*! But I will not HAVE it [continually]. I would love to. But I would fall apart! I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night! I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I wouldn’t be able to eat! This fantastic feeling: But I don’t feel like anything but the GLORY, the presence of God.

But if we didn’t have speed signs on our highways we would have, probably, ambulances and accidents every place you look! We are a people that has to have restraint put upon us, because we are living in sin. Living in sin: THAT’S THE PROBLEM! Living in sin makes no response. It brings UN-responsibility! God wants us to beRESPONSIBLE! Do you understand what God is saying?? It isn’t being UN-responsible [that counts], but being responsible. Without responsibility we become an out of control people! And God is not very happy with us.

HE says, “…happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.” [Psalm 144:15b] But God is not very happy with those that resist HIM! God wants us to obey the law, to keep the law, to walk upright, that we would be without reproach!

God wants, by the Spirit of God, in HIS sovereignty, to bring forth a touch in this church that men have never seen, they have never felt. But God is going to bring this to pass, so help me God, in the Name of Jesus, all of you, *IT* *IS* *GOING* *TO* *COME* *TO* *PASS*!!!! I may not see it, but it is going to come to pass!!!! ***IT*** ***WILL*** ***COME*** ***TO*** ***PASS***!!

It will shake the harlots! It will shake the ones that have never been shaken before! It will bring *DELIVERANCE*! And God is just starting a work that HE is going to finish! He called me some 20 years ago. If HE doesn’t give me longer there will be some one else, I don’t know who it will be. But God wants it to come to fruition, by the Spirit of God. HE wants to bring a blessing on this Land. For a moment HE can say, “I have a people that will not address themselves to this world, no longer!”

They say, “Well you have to address yourself to this world!” God’s says, “No you don’t! I have a people that will follow ME.” They say, “No you don’t!” God says, “Yes, I do!” God is saying, “Yes I do!” The enemy is saying, “No you don’t!” God is saying, “Yes I do!” The enemy says, “No you don’t!” God says, “Yes I do! I win out!”

God wins out! HE has seniority over the enemy! HE has the power! HE has bigger guns! HE has glory! HE has bigger swords! HE has greater power! HE has greater obligation! HE can even speak!

And God has spoken to me that even through the pointing of your finger God is going to start moving! I believe this! It won’t be done for no ill report, nothing like that, no man-gaining situation. But God is just going to show HIS power! It will only last a little while! But it IS going to come to pass! It is going to come to pass!

I was going down this long canal that goes to Yokohama, Japan. It must be, I don’t know how many miles long. In World War II it was where our submarines got in there and followed some of the big Japanese ships, down this long canal. [When the big Japanese ships went through the security locks the submarines were right under them.] It is big! Aircraft carriers could go down this water way. And as we got into Yokohama I was praying. And something happened. A fight broke out on deck. And God says, “You know, that’s the way people are.”

And this fight broke out. There was a big man there that wanted to take on everybody. And he was very mean, VERY MEAN, like a Goliath. He was just like a Goliath. His arms were huge. And finally there was a little bitty Navy swabby, weighed about 190 pounds. He said, “I challenge you!” The big man said, “I’ll just tear you apart!” God spoke to my heart and says, “He’ll not do it!” And that swabby tore that big man apart! And God said, “That’s what I AM! Don’t look to size! But look to ME!”

And God showed me something right there that is real in life. Don’t make what you see [important], but it is who HE [God] is! And as I went off that ship I felt lightened! I was heavy until I got there! But I was lightened! And I went into Camp Drake. It was a Japanese camp. I went in there and I went to where they did the paper work to fill out a work order or what ever they call it.

There was a warrant officer or a lieutenant there who said, “Do you have anything on you, to show me, that you want to change. You are an infantryman. Is there anything that you can give me that I can change your M.O.S. before you hit Korea. I just feel strong about it,” [the man said]!

I said, “Yeah, I got a piece of paper here.” He read that piece of paper [which was that letter from the owner of Redding Tractor]. God didn’t forget! GOD DIDN’T FORGET!God didn’t forget that little piece of paper. God [had] said [to me], “Whatever you do keep that paper with your shot record. Keep it all together. Be very careful of it, everyday. Make sure you don’t lose it, because it is going to be life or death! You probably won’t make it back, unless you go that way [that the paper shall open].”

And I’ll tell you, that at that time I wanted to get back! I said, “Sir, I got this.” He said, “You can run a caterpillar dozer?” I said, “I can!” He said, “Have you worked on them?” I said, “Yes I have.” He says, “Uh, well I think they might be able to use you.” That’s all he said.

And so we went and I got on a train. We traveled three days journey on that train. It was a little, old slow train. And I just said, “Lord, you know this is a long trip, but it may be the last trip.”

If any of you have ever been in combat, it is NOT a good feeling!

We got to the next place and they put us on a Japanese luxury liner for the overnight voyage over to Pusan, Korea. And I got to Pusan and got off the ship and we boarded a train. The train that we got on, the car had big shell shots, some eight, some six foot holes in the car! I even wrote a poem back to my mother. It was about the Lord, and how good God was. God was on my mind! I have to say, God was on my mind, because I didn’t know whether I would make it back! When you are in that kind of conditions, you have to think about what is going to take place.

And I got up to Wanju. They put us on a truck. They didn’t say where we was going. They just put me in a certain truck. There was about 3,000 men! And I found myself going to the 185th Engineers.

[Editor’s note: The 185th Engineers was a combat engineers battalion. Brother Freedom was placed in the heavy equipment section. Through a letter God had saved Brother Freedom from death, and God had saved Brother Freedom from having to take the lives of people. Brother Freedom set aside his rifle for a bull dozer and a wrench. He had to see some awful things. But he didn’t have to take a life!]

And with that I seen some bad stuff. What hurt me most was that I might have to take a life! How it would have hurt. You don’t know. Life is special! Life is precious! All these souls going out into eternity are *SPECIAL*!! It doesn’t make any difference what color the skin is, what size they are, what color the eyes, they are special! God does not want any of these to go into eternity without HIM! We need to pray, pray, pray just for the lost! Pray, believe for them that their lives can be changed, that they might not have to face that eternity [not knowing God]. What a terrible place, it is going to be, without God! What a wonderful place, it is going to be, WITH God!

There is a place that is not fit for us! It is fit for the Beast! It is fit for those, the truce breakers, the liars, the cheaters, the whore-mongers, the sorcerers, all adulterers, all the gain-sayers and all those wicked people. It is not made for God’s people. And my heart goes out for God’s people. We need to seek God! We need to call upon HIS Name, for God loves you, loves me very much. And HE wants to spare us!

I remember in a church in Texas, there was a girl. Her name was B__J___. B___J____ says, “You know if I could just make it in [to Heaven] it would be wonderful!”

I’m the same way. I don’t have to be a “big-shot!” If I can just get in to Jesus. Oh, hallelujah, they can *ALL* be ahead of me. But if I can just get in! **GLORY!!** That is what I want today, just being able to be God’s kid! What a WONDERFUL BLESSING!

“I’m going to Heaven! I’m going there by and by. I’m going to Heaven, to see Jesus in the sky. I’m going to Heaven.” [Freedom is quoting Words from an old hymn.]

HE is MY strength! HE is my power! HE is the anointing [speaking of God and also of the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost]. HE wants to walk with us. HE wants to part those waters, ahead of us, that we might see MORE clearly, to be moved upon by the Spirit from Heaven.

I feel that there is a little bit of a heaviness here today. And I want God to touch each one of you, right now, from the crown of your head [to the sole of your feet]. The power of God is here right now to **TOUCH** you, NOT TO HURT YOU! And [you are] not to be envious of what is coming out, up here. If you are envious, I pray for you that it not be true, because God wants to move upon your life in a very wonderful way! HE wants to touch you, mend you, do over-you what nothing else can do. God loves you!

Father God, I pray for a mighty blessing upon this people. I pray that YOU will BLESS them, indoctrinate them, by the power of God. I pray that YOU will bring them into the Holy of Holies, that Lord I pray that YOU will favor them, BLESS them in all their endeavors, in this life.

Father we pray that we will not hold any ill feelings, one to another. But we will walk in love, walk upright before one another, preferring our brother, our sister above ourselves, walking in the Spirit from Heaven. Lord God, guard our hearts! Guard our soul, and guard our spirit, that our spirit would be like Caleb and Joshua. We would have a more excellent spirit, as Daniel had a greater spirit [See Daniel 6:3], a more excellent spirit. And Father God, we desire that excellent spirit, by the power of the Holy Ghost!

Lord God, if the Holy Ghost has left, in any degree, we pray right now that YOU will forgive us, Lord God. Open up our hearts this day. Lord God, make room this day. And Father we pray [for] that revival, to help us. We pray the liberty of God the Father, God the Son in the liberty to set us free this day. And we thank YOU, in the wonderful Name of Jesus.

[A prophecy begins.]

For I the Lord thy God am here this day, MY people. I say, MY people CAST all your cares upon ME! For I the Lord thy God careth for thee! Be NOT AFRAID of tomorrow. Be not AFRAID of the things that are coming thy way! But I say, REMEMBER, I AM with thee! Come to ME!! Cast thy cares upon ME! Bring thy heavy obligations, the things that have brought thee down. CAST them at MY feet, and I shall heal thee, and I shall give thee strength, that thou might be a survivor of righteousness. That thou will survive the horrible things that are before this World.

For I say, for the World has ahead of them as *PITFALLS*! There are *GREAT* disasters coming through MY people. And those that once lived for ME, I say, very shortly are going to go through situations, trials that they will no longer understand how it is going to come out! And I say, within themselves, they will NOT come out good, unless they have ME! For I AM here to help MY ones.

I say, there is going to be more storms. There is going to be more problems. There is going to be MORE disappointments. There is going to be MORE heartaches. BUT I AM THE ANSWER! For I say, this time is coming! A day with MY coming is soon. And I AM calling forth the redeemed to be a holy people, a righteous people, that will beREADY, casting their cares upon ME because I care for them! *COME* *TO* *ME*, MY people! *COME*!! For I will in no wise cast thee out!

I say, as these services go there is less and less people come, because I say on this they do not want to hear “what saith the Lord.”

Come to ME, and I shall repay those ones, very well, who come MY way.

For those that do not come MY way, they shall reap a harvest. And I say, when that time comes, they will not be able to change! They will not be able to change direction. I say that Day comes too swift. The current of evil will come against them. And they will not be able to come against the evilness. And they shall be swept down stream!

And, MY people, be READY, saith the Spirit of God.

[End of prophecy]

Hallelujah. Glory to God!

God is here. I love you! I love you! I love you!

This is a heavy message.

But God spoke to me this week. HE said, “You know, no one is moving.”

People come, [and] they laugh at it. [They say,] “That’s just a funny guy there!” But God doesn’t do this for funniness! There is a real Day coming!

I love you people, I really do. I pray for you. And I pray that God will totally bless you.