A Vision: Joy, Mechanical Churches & Salvation

 At the bottom of this page you will find a play button that you can click on to listen to the 58 minute revelatory message of a vision God gave Brother Freedom that is most important for you to understand. Please read the comments I’ve included below first, because Brother Freedom has shared some clarifying points with me that will help you better understand the graphic above as you listen to the audio message. The graphic above will greatly aid you as you listen to the message poured through Brother Freedom.

INTRO… Brother Freedom was overcome by a powerful vision as he was on the treadmill at rehab. He was so overtaken by the vision that for that day and the next two days thereafter he was under that anointing, which slowly lifted. The vision answers many questions that believers have wondered about concerning the secret of the Joy of the Lord; where various groups fit into the Lord’s work of salvation and the mystery of hope for even the carnal, the unsaved and some who are possessed of darkness.

It is important for you to know that Brother Freedom is not a highly imaginative person. He is not an artist or a designer or one who comes up with imaginative new thoughts. No, Brother Freedom is a very simple man. He invents nothing, but chooses to listen to the ONE who knows all and creates all good gifts, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. If you knew Brother Freedom as I know him you would realize that this vision had to come from Heaven because Brother Freedom has never been gifted as an artist or an inventor.

The graphic that you see above is a schematic diagram of what Brother Freedom saw. This graphic really falls short of the totality of what he saw, but it will at least give you an idea and help you, if the Holy Ghost anoints you, to grasp something of these truths.

This graphic is not about the Rapture or who will be Raptured. This graphic is about those who will be ultimately saved and it is about the secret of a life totally in God’s will and the difficulty faced by those who live at lower levels. It is possible to be saved or to be lost out of all six circles. Even those in Circle 1 can fall away. The whole graphic is a bit like a spiral in that those who move in each area move counter clockwise and hopefully they move toward the door at the left. The little door at the left is the doorway to eternal life, the glory of God. Jesus Christ is that door, but the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is the ONE who aids those who are moving closer to the door. Notice all the circles or spheres can reach the doorway. Notice that it is possible by God’s grace and mercy to funnel counter clockwise up and around to the doorway from circles 2 through 6.

CIRCLE 1… In the vision Brother Freedom found himself inside of Circle 1. You can think of each of these circles as a sphere or a spiritual bubble. The Holy Spirit showed him that this first area is the realm of those who live in the Joy of the Lord is their strength! This is the realm of those who are overcomers. This circle or sphere has a unique quality that none of the other circles have. Those inside Circle 1 can see super clearly outside, but Satan and his evil helpers cannot see inside that sphere. When Satan comes to peer in at those in Circle 1 he can only see Jesus Christ. The joyful overcomers are hidden in some wonderful way and they are a mystery that Satan cannot penetrate because they are in Christ in a glorious and perfect and special way! Those in Circle 1 have not arrived. They must daily have spiritual maintenance and move toward the door. They can be lost if they neglect their salvation. Praying in the Spirit, eating the Word of God and hiding the Word of God and listening to the Holy Ghost for leadership are absolute necessities to progress and remain in Circle 1. The following Scripture passages apply to those in Circle 1: Psalm 91, Psalm 23, Psalm 100.

CIRCLE 2… Circle 2 is a divided circle because it has two areas. This circle is the circle of the “Mechanical Church”. The Mechanical Church is what is left today of the Pentecostal movement and those closely associated with that movement. The white sub circle are those within the Pentecostal movement who are struggling to please the Lord as best they know, but still are chained by the Mechanical Church system. Way back in 1996 God gave Brother Freedom a prophetic word about Mechanical Christians and we do have a typed version of that important revelation. Here is a link to it.


The yellow part of Circle 2 represents Pentecostals who have completely come under the new traditions and winds of doctrine that permeate the modern Pentecostal/charismatic church.

Everyone in Circle 2 can be seen to some degree by Satan. Those in the white may have some shielding, but those in the yellow are clear as crystal to the powers of darkness. Satan sees them and can and does trouble them to some degree. These folks have great trouble keeping their joy. Some of them never experience the true joy of the Lord to any great degree. They are up and down and in and out. These folks are struggling with self. Self gets lifted up and they have great swelling words and lean heavily on their intellectual capacities, thinking and technology. The Scripture that goes with this group is Psalm 51.

Brother Freedom tells me that there are people who worship in churches that are in Circle 2, but these people have graduated on, themselves in the Lord’s eyes, to Circle 1. It is because the Joy of the Lord is truly their strength and they are walking in all they know. And that is all God expects when you have done all that you know in HIM.

Brother Freedom also adds that these circles tell us about the various groups, but each believer may also be in a different circle themselves than the group they worship with. God judges all these things.

CIRCLE 3… Circle 3 represents the remaining “Christian” groupings, organizations and denominations who believe in salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. They are however, confused, unaware, misinformed, or opposed to the full workings of the Holy Ghost. Many of them mistakenly believe that when a person is forgiven and converted that they receive the fullness of anything that the Holy Spirit may do automatically. These folks are extremely easy targets for the evil one. They are victimized and often suffer much from the powers of darkness. The Scripture for them is Proverbs 1:23-33.

CIRCLE 4…Circle 4 represents the “good citizens” of the Earth who do not know Jesus Christ. These folks are generally secular people, lovers of society and believers in the power of good government. They are generally law abiding, peaceful and they try to build a better world through good behavior, education, community service and positive human endeavor. Some of them are religious people, but they know not Christ. This circle also answers the question of whether or not it is possible for such a person to be saved who has never heard the Gospel, who lives in some distant place, cut off from Bibles, radio, TV, literature and such, but who might be open to God; or about a person who has been raised in a Christian nation, but still never heard, never understood, never was in a church. The Lord God has ways and means of getting to people like this. I’ve heard of people in darkness seeing Jesus in a dream or a vision telling them to seek a certain person. I heard the testimony of such a one who had no idea how to get right with God who was saved when in a near death experience he, by the working of God, called on the name of Jesus. The Lord is glorious and God doesn’t have any problems achieving HIS perfect, fair and proper will. God has it all figured out.

CIRCLE 5… Circle 5 represents the realm of those who make no bones about their love and appreciation of wrongful things. These folks have an affection for sinfulness. They may be involved in one or many evil things, gambling, crime, pornography, drunkenness, drugs, witchcraft, robbery, deceit, cheating, destruction, murder. They love their sins.

CIRCLE 6… Circle 6 represents those who have gone further and become totally taken over by darkness, having wrongful spirits entering into their innermost being. They are possessed by Satan. The interesting thing here is that the Lord revealed to Brother Freedom that even from this difficult group there will be a few miraculously saved coming into eternal life directly out of the awfulness of possession. The grace, mercy and power of God is beyond our understanding.

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