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The Lord God says “I AM the Important ONE!”

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Scripture Reading:  Revelation 18

We realize the hour is getting close, the hour of the end times.  We know this because of the increase in confusion in the world.  Confusion is a tool of the enemy and is a result of evil things like strife and envy.  Babylon is going to be judged.  The evil spirit of Babylon has gone deep into this world.

“For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.”  [James 3:16]
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Don’t Miss This Message

Dear Friends:

Brother Freedom has been ministering on the web since 1998.  At first we only taped prophetic words and then later typed them.  In about 2004 we began to record entire messages.  During our early recording years our equipment was not perfect and some recordings were made using a faulty set up.  Sadly certain recordings came out with noises that ruined them.  We now have technology to clean up the sound on those early digital files.  I have just uploaded a message from November of 2005.  It is a timeless and powerful message that can help you advance in the things of God.  In those days Brother Freedom was strong and could preach long messages.  This message is 42 minutes in length.  There is a powerful word from the Throne Room at minute 35.  But please listen to the entire message.  Here is a link that will take you to this wonderful message.  Click on the title of the message printed below.

Give God Your Desire!