The Lord God says “I AM the Important ONE!”

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Scripture Reading:  Revelation 18

We realize the hour is getting close, the hour of the end times.  We know this because of the increase in confusion in the world.  Confusion is a tool of the enemy and is a result of evil things like strife and envy.  Babylon is going to be judged.  The evil spirit of Babylon has gone deep into this world.

“For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.”  [James 3:16]

A Christian who loves God has a cocoon of protection about them.  But when a believer sins and does not repent of sin then it punches a hole in the Lord God’s cocoon of protection.   This is a time for Christians to be squeaky clean, purified, sanctified, blameless before the all seeing eye of God Almighty.  Believers need to repent and seek the Lord like never before.

An important prophetic word comes out during minute six of this message.

In this message it is revealed that God’s people are too busy in their own ministries to listen to the Lord God.  God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are the all important ONE.  We need to focus on the Lord more than on a ministry.

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