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Rescue Mission Sermon December 28, 2002

I’m the most likely NOT to succeed! And I guess I’m the kind of person that God speaks about that HE takes the nobodies and does something with them.   [See 1st Corinthians 1:27-29]   And I have really found a strength in the Lord Jesus Christ. I’ve served the Lord actually [sixty-one years]. I’m seventy years old. All my life I’ve served the Lord.

When I was nine years old I was drowning in Stonycreek. Another fellow named Leonard B_______ saved my life. I was going down. I knew I was gone! When I got up I made a dedication then that I was going to serve God. The next Sunday I gave my heart to Jesus Christ. And I’ve never been sorry. It has been a blessing.
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Word from the Holy Spirit, December 13, 2002

…[the World is] looking for wise men. And I say the time of the year: it is tradition about the wise men. But I say, I will tell you of a wise man. He is the one that hides his life on that Solid Rock. And he shall put his aim, his fortress, his whole being upon that solid ground.
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Special Word from the Holy Spirit to the Whole Church of Jesus Christ, December 10-B, 2002

Before thee MY men, and before all Christians, to all saints, to all those who have been able to come to the Son, the Saviour of this World, to all that have sought HIM, to all that have spoken that Name, the Name of Jesus. I say, they have all come forth from their old ways, the old pathway, the things of old. And I say, they have been on that first step. They have been on a pathway toward eternal life.
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Word from the Holy Spirit, December 10-A, 2002

For I the Lord thy God am able to do all things, saith the Spirit of God.
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