Special Word from the Holy Spirit to the Whole Church of Jesus Christ, December 10-B, 2002

Before thee MY men, and before all Christians, to all saints, to all those who have been able to come to the Son, the Saviour of this World, to all that have sought HIM, to all that have spoken that Name, the Name of Jesus. I say, they have all come forth from their old ways, the old pathway, the things of old. And I say, they have been on that first step. They have been on a pathway toward eternal life.

And I say, on that pathway, as it goes forth, I say all men are equal in this. I give them a measure of faith. And I say, every man, and every woman, every boy, every girl, everyone, every eunuch, every individual that I call forth, I say, they come that same pathway.

And I say, all men have the same gifts, at the start. All have received MY love. All have received MY forgiveness. They have received MY blessings. They have MY inheritance, that I shall give them for eternal life, that they can live with ME for ever and ever. I have GRANTED that, as they take that first step.

I have granted them that I would abide with them, that they would take heed to MY Word, and I the Lord thy God shall bring them through the toils of life, the pathway that they shall go, that I will be with them. I will BLESS them. And I shall be by their side. And I shall INCREASE them, and increase their love. I shall increase their strength as they go forth. And I shall give them power to overcome the tempter. And I shall give them strength to go through the problems, through the pitfalls, through the things that they shall face. Through life’s toils I will be with them. I will be with them through the times of sickness. I shall be [with them] through the times of leanness. I shall be [with them] in the times of heartaches, through atrocities that they shall see. And I shall bless them!

But I say, as they go forth, I say it isn’t long until many have wanted and seen that the first road that goes off, as many things of allurement, lust, of all these things. And I say, very shortly MY people, some, will take off. And I say, as they take off for that pathway it is impossible for them to get back on MY road without making a detour. And [in] that detour, they go back, they have to go back and start out, basically, where they started.

And I say, they lose out. And I say, with that they, pretty soon, they go like the Children of Israel. They are in a circle. They go down. And they pray through. They seek MY face. They come to MY synagogues, to MY churches, to MY worship places and they get a close direction of ME. They get a vision of ME. And I say, but soon they are back on that pathway. And pretty soon they come to what they have faced. And it becomes a circular event.

I say, they call on and off. They are on and off. And I say, pretty soon they grow discouraged. And they grow with failures. And I said, then they come to the place that they want to understand what is going on, because they had ME and yet they lose ME. They want ME and then they don’t want ME. They have MY callings. And they have a vision. And they lose that vision, they lose that calling.

And I have seen this repetition. I [have] seen it through the kingdom of MY people long years ago, the Israelites, how they would grow and then they would go back in their own ways. And I gave MY Saviour, MY Son. And I say, through HIS life, HE paid a price that MY people, that they could,– all people could receive that adoption. They could receive that blessing from on high.

But I say, MY Son paid a price in full. He paid a debt that HE did not owe. HE paid a price that mankind could not pay. And through that HE brought redemption to this land. HE brought a value upon human beings, that they could be redeemed, that would no longer walk in their own corrupt ways, that they would receive forgiveness, that they might see a BLESSING, and receive strength to go on high.

But I say, I have seen a weakness within MY people. I [have] seen that they needed MY Son. But I say, they needed also the ONE. MY Son came to sit upon MY right hand, after HE set captivity free, HE paid a debt. HE paid and HE broke the powers of darkness. But I said, BEYOND THAT I gave you a NEW power. Yea, I gave the power of MY Spirit.

And MY Spirit would come. And MY Spirit would live WITHIN thee, MY ones. MY Spirit would bless thee, MY ones. MY Spirit would live beside thee, and HE would know thy pitfalls. HE would know thy ways. But HE would be here to strengthen thee, to give thee POWER, to give thee [the] ANOINTING of my church in this last hour, that MY church would not be deceived, no longer. But MY church would go forth VICTORIOUS over death, grave or hell. And I would bless those who would move by MY Spirit.

But I say, there become as it progressed on, I say MY people lost that first love. And they lost MY Spirit. And now they are coming on with a new thing, saith the Spirit of God, a new direction. They know and they are educated. They HIGHLY know and they understand all things. And they are very fruitful in their own eager endeavor.

And I say through that [knowing/knowledge] they have said they do not NEED MY Spirit no longer. They do not need the love of MY Spirit. They need MY Son, but they have forgotten [that] MY Son said, “the same Spirit that lifted ME up, that same Spirit shall lift up MY church, in the last hour.” And it shall be MY church, in the last hour, with the power of MY Spirit that shall do GREAT and MIGHTY WORKS, saith the Spirit of God!

But I am calling forth MY people to understand that I have granted them MY love. I have granted them safety. I have granted them peace. I have granted them MY eternal salvation. And I have given them POWER for this last hour.

For I say, MY people must realize, that MY saints must realize that they are very absent within their own works. And their flesh is very weak. Their bodies are weak. It is only ME that brings forth strength to MY ones.

I say, even thy breathing, even all that is within thee comes from ME, saith the Spirit of God. All thy yearnings, all thy thinkings must have ME within it.

For I say in this last hours that MY people must walk in perfect peace. Perfect love casteth [broadcasts] all peace. MY people must realize that they need a peace within them that the World cannot give them. They need strength that the World cannot give them. And I say, no man can give this love. Thou shall “…keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” [Isaiah 26:3]

And I say, in this last hour, that MY church that I shall give them perfect peace. I shall give MY blessings, perfect peace, to MY ones that call upon MY Name. For those that will seek ME I shall give them perfect peace. To those that will look for ME I shall give them perfect peace. And I shall give them a perfect countenance. And MY blessings shall be upon MY people, in this last hour.

And yea, I say that every instance of their life, it shall come like a scroll from Heaven, that every second thou is able to keep your minds set on the Lord thy God, that I shall keep thee in perfect peace.

I say, that every moment of thy life, that thou shall keep it upon ME, I shall keep thee in perfect peace. I say, for every hour that thou shall keep thy mind upon ME, I shall keep thee in perfect peace. For I say that every day that thou shall keep thy mind upon ME, I shall keep thee in perfect peace. I say, as every week progresses, if thou shall keep thy mind stayed upon ME, I shall keep thee in perfect peace.

I say, the World is looking for revival. I say the church is looking for revival. But *THAT* *IS* revival: that [if] they shall keep their mind stayed on ME, I shall BRING FORTH REVIVAL. I shall BRING FORTH healing. I shall bless them!

I say, MY people are calling for something that I have already granted to them. I granted them MY peace. And where MY peace is there is joy. And where MY joy is, there is strength! And perfect love casteth out ALL fear!

And I the Lord thy God shall insulate MY people, MY beloved, with a great insulation of LOVE. And I shall strengthen those who shall follow MY peace. And I shall bless them with a GREAT and MIGHTY strength. And I shall allow MY people, in this last hour, to walk in victory, to allow them to walk with the blessings of God. And, I say, I shall allow them to have that comfort, that they shall know that they are MINE, and I in them. And I shall keep them, and I shall grant them the assurance that they don’t have to worry, that I AM by their side.

And I shall grant thee MY ring. And I shall grant thee MY crown, even this last hour that it shall be upon them. And I say, the World shall not see this. But I the Lord thy God shall see this. And I shall bless those with a vision of MY presence upon them, a brightness of MY glory. And I say, NO ONE, NOBODY, NO POWERS of DARKNESS shall be able to go against those ones, that shall be clothed with MY presence.

Did not MY Word say, “Be ye strong in the Lord and the power of HIS might. Put ye on the whole armour of God.” [Ephesians 6:10-11] I say, saith the Spirit of God, this has not come forth in MY people, all these years. I say, very few have had the WHOLE ARMOUR! But I said in this last hour it SHALL *BE* TO MY GLORY, to MY people, that they will have MY *GLORY* upon them! And MY glory shall protect them!

And I say, at that last hour, they shall assemble themselves together. And I say MY people will even KNOW, very closely, when I AM coming.

Look up! For I loveth thee, saith the Spirit of God.

[March 6, 2004 update. As I was re-reading this word to Brother Freedom the Holy Spirit spoke to him and told him that we needed to add the following finale to this word. It is from the Word of God, Jude 1:24 to 25.]

“Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.” [Jude 1:24-25]

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