Word from the Holy Spirit, December 13, 2002

…[the World is] looking for wise men. And I say the time of the year: it is tradition about the wise men. But I say, I will tell you of a wise man. He is the one that hides his life on that Solid Rock. And he shall put his aim, his fortress, his whole being upon that solid ground.

For I say the foolish man built his house upon the sand. And I say the winds came, and the winds blew. And great was the fall of that house, that was built upon the sand. But I say the wise men of this Land this day, those that know their Lord, their Saviour, the Living God, and allow the presence of the Spirit of God to be upon them, they shall be a wise one! And they will not speak of themselves. But they will have: MY glory shall come upon them.

And I say they shall have a voice that *I* shall hear. They shall have a praise that *I* shall receive. And when they pray they know their prayers will be answered. And they shall have a love that I recognize. And MY love shall overshadow them with their love. And I shall build them. And I shall insulate them with the glorious of glory of glories of multitudes of MY angels, even, around them. And they [the angels] shall cover those ones. And they shall hide them in the secret place.

For I say, did not MY Word says, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty?” And I say in this last hours if MY people shall come and be as that wise man, I will not just stop there! I will not stop as the natural man. But I the Lord thy God shall go *beyond* that.

And I shall go thousands of times, millions of times beyond that. And I shall encompass them with MY blessing. And I shall put upon them MY territory. And they shall be *HID* from the powers of the enemy. And they shall receive a special inheritance. And they shall receive a special love. And I say, even the climate around them will be as a loving hand of MY presence. They shall even *FEEL* the closeness, as I say as Adam and the cool of the evening and Eve. I went and communed with them [Adam and Eve]. And I will commune with those that will make that dedication to ME in this last hours. And I shall visit them. And I shall comfort them. And I say, the weather will not even affect them. And problems will not affect them. Distances will not affect them. Powers will not affect them.

For I the Lord thy God shall strengthen those ones in this last hour. But I say, perilous times are before the World. I say, before the World, this day, there is things that shall come forth that no man will know how to deal with within himself. He needs that refuge. *ALL* need a place that they can come out of the weather, at times, so to speak, saith the Spirit of God.

And I say, when this time of troubles comes, MY people that know ME shall be able to come into MY secret place. And I shall hide them. And I shall keep them to the day that I call them home.

For there is safety in ME this day. And I say there is carelessness that is in the World, and those that are careless in this World, even though they have known ME, shall lose that closeness.

MY people, draw close to ME this day. Draw nigh unto ME, and I will draw nigh unto you. Resist the enemy. And I say, does not MY Word say, he will flee from you? Casting all your cares upon ME, for I careth for you.

This day the World needs a Saviour! And I have spoken many times to the World, but they have not taken heed to MY word. This day, come closely MY people. And if thou shalt come closely to ME thou shalt surely be fed. And I shall heal thee. And I shall strengthen thee. And I shall keep thee until I come back to receive you.

I say, problems are before this World. There is safety in ME, saith the Spirit of God. PROBLEMS are before this World. Remember, that there is safety in ME, saith the Spirit of God.

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