Wake UP!! HE is coming soon

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Scripture Brother Freedom Reads From:  2nd Peter 3:7 and following

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Brother Freedom begins with a prayer poured from his lips in the Heavenly Language.  Then he hears the Lord saying, “Wake up!  Wake up!  For HE is coming soon.”  

Brother Freedom senses that Christians are very motivated in what they are doing, but he is not sure he is in agreement with many of them.  He sees some good people.  He desires the best for them and prays for them.  Brother Freedom tells the Lord that if he, himself, is “out of kilter” that he desires for the Lord to chastise him and to correct him.  However, he feels very strongly that he is being obedient to the Spirit of God and the direction of the Lord God.

We are very close to the point in time that Second Peter 3 is speaking of.  Brother Freedom speaks of the thousand year period when the earth comes under the total control of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Those who are true to the Lord Jesus today, who live pure and holy lives, these will be kings and priests with Jesus during that thousand year time.  They will be HIS court and HIS appointed ministers of HIS government on earth.  These ones will be in charge under Jesus.  It isn’t going to be angels in charge because the Bible says the true believers will judge angels. [See 1st Corinthians 6:3]  Therefore these anointed saints of God will be under Jesus in positions of leadership.  Angels will be submissive to them.

The signs of the end-times are truly here.  We are seeing a great falling away of believers in the visible churches.  St. Paul tells us that just before the end of this time of grace there will be a terrible cooling and backsliding in the church. [See 2nd Thessalonians 2:3]  The churches are generally getting so far off track that in reality Satan himself has been able to influence and sway the churches.  The churches are modeling themselves after the popular things in this fallen and sinful world.  They are doing this in order to keep from losing their numbers and their influence.  “God doesn’t need Satan to help HIM get people saved,” Brother Freedom declares.

Brother Freedom quotes the Scripture, the very words of Jesus Christ, that tells us that very few people are going to find the entrance into eternal life and Heaven.  [See Matthew 7:14]

This earth is going to be sanctified or purified by fire.  God is going to send a terrible fire some day to clean out every evil, crooked, stinking, wicked, adulterous thing from the earth.

Please listen to this message in it’s entirety.  It is only about 20 minutes in length.  It speaks of matters that will mean eternal life or death for all people.  Brother Freedom is a simple man who has experienced going through a mine field, breaking trip wires, but never a mine exploded.  God told him to jump and a car hit him, but obeying God’s command meant he was not injured, though struck by the speeding vehicle.  God told him about Hurricane Katrina months prior.  God told him there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq months before that war began.  Freedom is a man who has prayed the price and knows God and hears God.   Brother Freedom is a modern day John the Baptist, calling people to get ready for the end of this era of grace.  Please listen to this message and you may want to listen to the more than 400 other messages on this web site.


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