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Scripture reading:  Jeremiah 19  (Forsaking God brings evil upon those who forsake!)

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This chapter of Jeremiah not only is for Israel at that time past, but it is parallel for us today.   America has forsaken the Lord God.  We are headed for difficult times because we have forsaken the true and living God.

God is calling those who have backslidden as he called Israel when they backslid.

We are getting very, very near to the time when God switches HIS hands.  The time of the Gentiles that we are in today is going to close.  God is going to move HIS focus back to Israel and the clock of Israel that was stopped is going to start ticking again.

Brother Freedom warns those who are living together outside of the bond of marriage that before God they are in grave error, and error that if not corrected will bring eternal death.

Those who are living in “same sex” relationships and marriages are also in very, very great danger of eternal agony.  God desires to save them and set them free from the horror that will engulf them if they do not get HIS forgiveness and change their ways.

It makes absolutely no difference what public opinion might be about fornication, adultery and homosexuality and all sinful things.  Only God’s opinion counts.

God can deliver you and set you free from sin and make you a holy person.

There is a day coming when you can no longer change.  You will be frozen in whatever condition you find yourself.  If that condition is sinful you will be as Jeremiah 19, one who shall be mightily punished.  God does not desire this.  You have time now to make a change.

God desires to “process you” for glory and honor and purity and holiness.

The Coming or return of Jesus Christ is very, very soon.  Time is running out to make change, to seek God, to seek forgiveness and cleansing.

Brother Freedom turns to John 14.  “Don’t let your heart be troubled…”  If we don’t have God in the fullness our hearts are going to be troubled.  We are going to experience fear.

God’s people don’t want to take the scrutiny of the Holy Ghost.  They declare themselves to be just fine when in fact they might not be.

God wants to fix us so that we no longer walk in despair, but we walk in repair.

Brother Freedom’s wife, Betty, passed away seven days prior to this message.  He mentions that Betty is there with Jesus, and Jesus is preparing for HIS people a wonderful home in Heaven.

God will pardon those who are in bondage and set you free, if you will seek HIM.

You are not going to find the answer in a church that doesn’t preach much.  Jesus said that in the last days there would be great deception.

The Bible says that many are called, but few are chosen.  That means that many are going to be fooled into thinking they are saved when in fact that they are lost and separated from the Lord God.

Many churches have failed to preach the entire truth, the whole truth.

The Bible can bring knowledge, revelation, pardon, deliverance, healing, great help to you.

This year (2006) is going to be a year of heart aches.  [Note: In 2006 30,000 people lost their lives in disasters.  Economic loses in 2006, world-wide were 40 Billion do to disaster.]

The Church is not in very good condition.  God wants to fix that problem.

Brother Freedom shares the dream God gave him about a church function where a big blue snake appears and comes up to Brother Freedom and speaks accusingly to Brother Freedom.  Brother Freedom rebukes the snake and it explodes and disappears.  Then the church people come toward Freedom very upset.  They say, “You killed our pet!”  The modern church is so often deceived into entertaining fallen powers of darkness and loving those religious spirits that they think are an angel from Heaven.  But in reality they are caressing an angel from Hell!

If the church world doesn’t straighten up pretty soon the church world is going to be in big trouble.  And the enemy is going to hunt you down because you are lukewarm.

Many church people put down the Holy Ghost.  They do it by making sure and never using the term “Holy Ghost.”  They like the term “Holy Spirit” because that terminology fades into the background.  But the phrase “Holy Ghost” upsets folks.  They don’t like it because it sticks out and offends the politically correct crowd.

There is no forgiveness for those who come against the Holy Ghost.  Jesus made that clear.  We need to be very careful about what we say and do concerning the Spirit of God Almighty.

America needs to wake up.  God says to America that HE will laugh at you when your calamity comes.  We need to realize that we can get into a place and a situation where God stops listening to our prayers because we have trampled upon holy things too long.  America is nearing that spot.  America is in grave territory.

America is not prepared for the coming of Jesus.  A lot of “Christians” who think they are saved from their sins are not saved.   The Lord told Brother Freedom that fact and God makes no mistakes.  Many people are in grave danger and are deceived.  They just have a form of Godliness, but not the genuine item.

Brother Freedom explains how you can be set free from sin and bondage and spiritual poverty.

Many will be left here when Jesus comes.  It will be terrible for those who are left here on planet earth.  You want to be ready.

As long as you are climbing toward God you are an overcomer.  Seek the Lord.

Brother Freedom prays a prayer for the listener.

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