The Joy of the Lord is YOUR Strength!

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Scripture:  Nehemiah 8:10

The joy of the Lord is my strength Brother Freedom proclaims.

A mighty prayer for the deliverance of the listener comes forth.

Brother Freedom shares a testimony he heard of a Korean veteran, near death, who was healed suddenly while sitting in church, as the congregation was singing. The veteran ran around the sanctuary, even though he couldn’t even walk when he was brought in. It was a reconstructive miracle by the power of God Almighty!

The presence of God comes mightily upon Brother Freedom. Freedom urges listeners to give up all grudges. Forgive everyone of everything. Don’t be bound by unforgiveness!

Freedom prays for the sick. Brother Freedom has a gift of healing from the Lord. [Brother Clint reports that everyone in his family has been healed at one time or another when Freedom prayed.]

The joy of the Lord is your fuel for your life. You need to re-fuel every day! Brother Freedom prophecies that you can be delivered if you believe and trust the Lord.

He tells how for years he attended Pentecostal churches that were actually draining him of the anointing of God. Why was this? It was because those churches had vainly slipped into the area of wrong spirits. Instead of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit controlling those churches, bad spirits disguised as the Holy Spirit had taken over and fooled the people in those churches. People need to vacate and leave any church that doesn’t move by the power of the Holy Ghost. These are treacherous times.

The Holy Spirit becomes a filter for you to clean you, wash you in these dirty times. You need a daily cleansing from God’s fountain. The Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit does this. You need the infilling of the Holy Ghost in your life. Then you will walk in Heavenly Places! You can be delivered from the bondages of sin.

Many churches have lost their first love. Be careful what church you attend.

If you have the overflow of the Spirit of God you can command Satan to exit when he shows up to trouble you. “Get out of here and leave me alone…I’m God’s property in the Name of Jesus!”

The message ends with a mighty prayer for deliverance from addictions and for the healing of marriages, healing from cancer and for believers to be delivered.  Please listen and sense the anointing of God upon this message.

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