The Hand Of God

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Scripture Reading:  Psalms 139:1-24; Ezekiel 22:28-31; Jeremiah 29:11-13

In this message Brother Freedom shares much of his testimony.  He speaks about how his grandfather prophesied over him as a toddler.  How he came to know the Lord through a near drowning.  How folks thought he should be a minister in his denomination.  But when he went to Bible School it was discovered that he was not equipped for a formal Bible College education.  He had spent his young years on a bull dozer and not in the library studying.  But God called him to enlist and be a soldier in the Korean War.

On his way to Korea he stopped in Japan where a Warrant Officer reads a letter that Brother Freedom is carrying.  That letter changes Freedom from an infantryman to into a member of the engineers.  By God’s hand that letter puts Freedon on a Bull dozer.  He never has to pull a trigger or take a life.  Yet he serves with distinction and lives for God.

He tells the story of a churchman that God dunks in a vat of oil.  This churchman is way out of order, but Freedom ministers to the man.

Freedom recounts the story of when God told him to “Jump as high as you can jump!”  Freedom obeys and a speeding car that was sent to take his life hits him.  But his life is saved.  It was a hit and run…but God’s voice saved the day!

Also Brother Freedom tells the story of the DMV miracle where God cancels huge fines that were unfairly put upon Brother Freedom.

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