My Bride, Where Are You???

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There is a fantastic Word from Heaven near the end of this short message.  Only those with true discernment will be able to receive this.

In this Message Brother Freedom will speak about World War II General Patton and about the 91st Brigade in World War I.   That Brigade quoted Psalm 91 and they all lived.  The following links will tell you much more about this.  And you will see how greatly our Nation has been corrupted in recent years.  Here are those important links:

True Story of The Patton Prayer

91st Psalm Saves Brigade

This message opens with an excerpt from a few minutes prior to our service.  Brother Freedom had heard by way of the Holy Spirit the voice of God.  He had been hearing a great deal earlier before he arrived for services.  The Lord had spoken much.  But Brother Freedom could only recall part, which was the cry of the Lord Jesus, “My Bride, Where Are You???

Indeed the Church of Jesus Christ is sadly not ready for the “exodus” that God Almighty will provide.  This earth is going to become too chaotic for the Lord to leave HIS purified church to face such madness and insanity that is ahead.  But on the other hand HE will not take carnal Christians, bodily, to Heaven.  “The twinkling of an eye” teleports the believer, body, soul, spirit and mind, into the glory of God and for an impure believer that would be fatal!  God is NOT a murderer.  HE does not want to kill HIS children with HIS mighty presence.  Without holiness no man can see God [Hebrews 12:14].  You can’t come bodily into HIS presence and live unless you are pure, baptized with the Holy Ghost and power.

Impurity cannot stand before the Almighty.  God is a consuming fire.  Paper airplanes cannot fly close to the Sun and in the same manner carnal Christians cannot come near the Almighty ONE!  And the modern church is so impure, so worldly, so politically correct that it is far, far, far from the level of purity required.  It is easier to enter Heaven by way of natural death, where only the born again spirit of a person goes to Heaven.  But to take the thoughts, and emotions and total being of a worldly Christian and translate that into Heaven would be lethal.

We are to get purified here.  God does not purify us in the process of rapturing us.  We must die out to the world while we are here.  Sanctification must happen here.  Sanctification is a second work of grace.  God does not ram sanctification down our throats when he forgives us any more than a parent forgives a child a wrong and then trusts that child to preform perfectly ever after!

This short message is very powerful.  Please listen to every word!


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