Like a Flood The Enemy Comes In

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Scripture Reading:  2 Thessalonians 2:2-12; 2 Timothy 3:1-7; 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

In this message Brother Freedom relates a very powerful truth revealed to him just in the last few days. He is very familiar with the Scripture passages read. However, only now did the Holy Spirit reveal a layer of truth that he had not seen here before.

In a nut shell this is an overview of what you will hear in detail.

  1. All people are born into the world set on a downward course, as if they were walking down a rather steep hill or incline. The downward way is easy. One can merely coast down the hill.
  2. When a person is born into the Kingdom of God a divine turnabout comes to pass. They are turned 180 degrees and begin to climb up the hill, toward Mount Zion, toward the face of Almighty God HIMSELF. They are looking to the hills from whence comes their strength.
  3. But as time goes on many believers find themselves bombarded by the vast flood of folks still coasting down hill. Not only is the Christian life an uphill battle, it is an obstacle course of many who are sliding down the hill.  The Christian comes against a satanic flood of those sliding down toward Hell itself.
  4. You can envision this better by imagining a salmon swimming upstream. What if the salmon were to encounter many other fish floating back toward the ocean?? It would be a problem.
  5. Of course a new believer would expect to encounter many sinners who are sliding down the hill. But what really perplexes new believers is that they meet other believers who have slowed down or even stopped swimming and are floating back toward the sea of death.
  6. These sliding-backward Christians are upset with these dedicated believers who are fighting their way up stream. They taunt these devout and dedicated upstream swimmers saying: “Come on, don’t be so fanatical! You made your decision for the Lord now settle down and enjoy the ride. You’re going to make Heaven just fine. Now just do as we are doing.”
  7. As a result many believers are poisoned by the backslidden and lukewarm ones who are not aggressively fighting to get to the top of Mount Zion.

Brother Freedom tells you more about this onslaught that is destroying Christians and sending some into eternal death.  As a result some true believers have trouble finding a church that does not pull them down.  It is getting so bad in these last days that some believers have to go to a house church or even to worship by themselves because the “mechanical churches” are so buried in tradition that they are literally going against the will of God HIMSELF!

Brother Freedom brings out the importance of Holy Scripture anointed by the Spirit of God to be a neon sign pointing us toward Heaven as we swim upstream for the Lord.  It is an uphill battle!

At the end of the message you will find a powerful prophetic word where the Lord God takes over and speaks to HIS church. Please click the play button and be blessed.

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