Let God Rearrange Your Life!

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Scripture Reading:  Psalm 139

The visible churches are, for the most part, not hearing the true voice of Jesus our shepherd.  The churches are speaking words of air and error very often because they are not hearing from the true Spirit of God.  The anointing of the Holy Spirit of God is what is needed to fix this problem.  There are many sins and wrong things attached to those who call themselves Christians.  Believers must renounce and turn away from all that displeases the Lord Almighty.  We need to renounce “the old man” of the sinful nature and take on “the new man” of the Spirit of God.  Christians have not learned to wait upon God.  We are not supposed to do anything until directed by the Holy Spirit.  If we don’t hear anything from Heaven then we keep on doing whatever God commanded last.  But we don’t change until God gives the command.  God is the “thinker-upper” of ministries and works, not us!

God is the answer, but we must go HIS way.  If we fail to follow HIM we will miss the departure of the true believers.  We will be left here to go through something that is not God’s best will for us, something that is beyond horrible!

God is the answer even for disease, for all problems and difficulties.  We have so many people who really  don’t know God intimately.  That is why we have so many problems in the churches.

We all need rearranging all the time.  We need God to constantly keep us in the center of HIS will.  Otherwise we easily drift off and out of God’s perfect will.  The Lord God is the ONLY ONE who can successfully rearrange us, if we submit to HIM and obey HIM.

This message is filled with many more gold nuggets than listed here.  Please listen and receive the truths poured through Brother Freedom.  Brother Freedom is nothing…but God is EVERYTHING!!

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