Judgement Is Coming!

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Scripture Reading:  Luke 21; Hebrews 9:27

Brother Freedom was moved upon on Sunday September 15, 2013 by the Holy Ghost.  This message is more than 80% prophetic in content.  Judgement is now falling on the United States and this judgement is going to escalate.  This nation has arrogantly turned its back on God’s will, God’s plan and God’s Person.  The Lord God is pulling back from this Nation.  When God fades back, evil, darkness and misery slip in.  You don’t want to miss a single word of this warning.  It tells you the answers you need to know.  Listen to the whole message. This message is less than 18 minutes in length.God has been dealing with Brother Freedom all week.  In fact as Freedom was passing through the front porch of the apartments where he lives a strange cool breeze descended upon the porch such that residents remarked about it.  It has been quite warm.  But, only a few minutes later all the residents left the porch because of the heat returning.  But while Brother Freedom was on the porch a cool breeze blew.  Freedom makes no claim to being special.  But God was showing the power of the anointing that comes where Brother Freedom is.   That anointing is NOT Brother Freedom!  It is the working of God the Holy Ghost.

Brother Clint remembers two times when the anointing was felt near Brother Freedom.  Once in a service Brother Clint sat too near where Brother Freedom was standing and preaching.  The anointing touched Brother Clint and Clint became like jelly.  It took all of Brother Clint’s power to keep from rolling out of the chair and down onto the floor.  Brother Freedom then asked Brother Clint to close the service in prayer.  Brother Clint nearly fell over when he stood and had to hold tightly to the pulpit.

Another time Brother Clint went out to where Brother Freedom was running a big bull dozer on a job site.  Freedom was in a prayer time as he worked.  As Brother Clint approached the big machine the anointing could be felt near that machine.  The Holy Spirit was there in a special way.

You must needs listen to this recording.  Brother Freedom is just a simple man.  He is like John the Baptist.  Brother Freedom is not a silver tongued orator.  He doesn’t wear the latest fashions, but dresses very simply.  Brother Freedom isn’t some tall giant of  a man, but is a short fellow.  But he is tall in the things of God.  This message is NOT from Brother Freedom.  It is from the Throne Room of God.  God likes to use unlikely people and unlikely places.


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