It’s Lived Down Here For Up THERE! (Consider Your Ways!)

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Scripture Reading:  Haggai 1:4-7; Zechariah 4:6; 1st Timothy 4:1-2; 2nd Timothy 2:15-16; 2nd Timothy 3:15-17; 2nd Timothy 4:7-8

Brother Freedom expresses his great heaviness concerning a powerful dream given to him some years ago.  In that dream he saw the horrible sight of a million dead babies.  He thought he was seeing something from God concerning the horror of abortion.  But the Lord said, “No, it is not about abortion.”  What Brother Freedom was shown was something worse.  Babies that are aborted go directly to Heaven because they are innocent.  Abortion is a terrible sin of mankind.  But, a worse sin is how the churches introduce people to Jesus and fail to care properly for those baby believers.  They lead people into a relationship with Christ.  But then the churches fail to nourish those new babes in Christ.  Many millions of these converts fall back into sin and end up lost in a devil’s Hell.  God is very upset about this great failure of the churches.  The end of backslidden babies is far worse than the end of aborted babies.

To know the Lord Jesus and to never grow in Christ leads to two ends.  Either you are going to die or you are going to come to nothing!

Being saved from sin and to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior is so fantastic, so wonderful, so glorious.  But the churches have broken this experience down to where it is “very casual.”  Salvation has been lowered down to the rut of going to a worship service once a week.

Many new Christians, young converts, if they have a zeal for Christ they are often advised by elder believers to cool it and to be less enthusiastic.  They are warned not to become a religious fanatic:  “You can’t have that here in this church!!  If anyone has that it has to be some of the older saints not a new convert.”

Brother Freedom brings out the fact that many older believers are “bound up!”  They have lost their first love and these older believers become jealous of the zeal and excitement in the life of a new convert.  But that wrong belief has crept into so many churches.

Demos Shakarian (founder of Full Gospel Business Men International) said one time that if he needed to be prayed for he would get a brand new Christian to pray for him.  Brother Freedom agreed because a new believer saved minutes ago is on fire for God.  They have been saved, set free, washed of all sin and they have that powerful “first love” for God.

But, three weeks later that new believer is often down in the mulligrubs.  Worse than that, some new believers are down in a place of actually being tormented by the evil one, because they have fallen from where they were at the moment of salvation.

God gave Brother Freedom a dream about how a Christian can fall from the grace of God.  Freedom dreamed that he was on top of the world.  And yes that is how a new believer feels.  [Brother Clint remembers the day he was saved.  It was so spectacular.  The guilt of sin was lifted and Brother Clint literally had to look at his feet to make sure he wasn’t off the ground.  Brother Clint felt so light, so lifted in God.]  But in Brother Freedom’s dream Freedom was shown what backsliding was truly like.  When the fall from grace came in that dream, Brother Freedom fell, he thought, through eternity.  It was a terrible height that he fell from.  He fell and fell and fell, on and on and on.  It was horrible!!  New believers need to be nurtured and protected and fed and led to where they can experience the fullness of God in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

But in God’s eyes eternity is nothing because God is so huge and gigantic.  But to human beings eternity is beyond existence.  We cannot afford to be lost in eternity.  God is never lost!  God sees eternity as a single speck.  God speaks things like eternity into existence!  God is much greater than we can imagine.

God speaks things into existence and we, by HIS power speak and God brings it into existence if it is HIS will.  God makes things come to pass, not us!  But God gives HIS saints the power to speak for HIM to bring things within HIS will to pass. God loves to do things in this way.  But God does not care for the way HE has been put down in the churches and the way HIS new babes are treated.  This is a blow against God HIMSELF.  God takes this very personal because HE is the Father of these new babes in Christ.

The Bible talks about how believers need to “consider your ways.”  Some have said that this scripture means we need to consider where we came from in the past.  But this has to do with our spirit and our attitudes.  We need to examine our own spirit and our own attitude.  If our spirit is not right we are not right, no matter what good we might be doing.

God gave us a spirit that lives within the cavity of our body.  That spirit is a glorious gift from God.  That spirit within us needs to stay alive.  The world, because it is controlled by Satan, has been designed to drain our spirit and to ruin the vitality of the spirit God put within us.  But God says, “My child, I will be with you…from the time of birth to the time you leave here.”

The glory of God comes when you are first saved from your past sins.  This is simple salvation which all believers once had.  Hopefully you still have it.  But salvation is just the foundation or beginning basis of the growth that God expects to happen in you.  It is just a beginning as a tiny seed sprouts in the warm earth.

Zechariah says,….

“…Not by might, nor by power, but by MY Spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.” [Zechariah 4:6b]

God is spirit!!

Satanic forces are wrong spirits.  But those evil forces are still spirits, because we don’t see them.  These truths Brother Freedom is sharing has to do with our vision, our eyes being locked on the goal of Heaven, being with the Lord God forever.  When the Scripture says,  “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help,”  it means I’m looking for Jesus. [See Psalm 121:1]  It means I’m looking toward Heaven where all help and all supply comes from.  Our needs are not met from this earth down here.  Faith in God is what brings the things we need.

The things we see down here can be changed if we pray in faith believing, in the will of God.

After the beginning in salvation comes step two.  Step two is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is the ONE who baptizes you in the Spirit.  And that baptism in the Spirit of God is just another beginning.  It is not an end, but a new doorway and a new adventure in God.

The Spirit of God, under optimum conditions, starts to grow within you.  The Spirit of God edifies or builds you up into something God has in mind.  The Spirit of God lets you know that you need the gifts of the Spirit in your life.  Through the moving of the Holy Spirit you begin to desire the beautiful gifts of the Spirit of God.  The Bible plainly says it:

“But covet earnestly the best gifts…”  [1st Corinthians 12:31]

Every gift that God gives is without repentance. [See Romans 11:29]  In other words once God gives a gift HE never takes it back, even if you go back into evil or wrong ways.  That is what happens to many.  They obtain a gift of the Spirit of God, but then they sink back into sin or wrong doing.  God does not remove their gift.  The gift still functions.  But the gift becomes polluted.  To remain pure one must eat the Word of God, stay in communication with God and have that continued growing in God, by the Holy Ghost.

Those ones who fall backwards start to lose their discernment.  In other words they begin to  not be able to recognize God’s will and God’s ways.  They become confused and go into wrong paths, evil paths.  Discernment is one of the greatest gifts of God.  But when that gift gets polluted it doesn’t work correctly.  When you fall backwards your own personality comes into the gift and you begin to manipulate that gift in your own willful way instead of under the direction of God.  Then that fallen person begins to think how great they are.  They pray for a sick person and that person gets well.  Then that backslidden but gifted one thinks how wonderful they are.  But God’s gifts speak about how wonderful God is, not how wonderful we are!!  Those who are fallen but have a gift of prophecy get lifted up in themselves and before they know it they are speaking words not from Heaven, but from themselves.  The wonderful gift of God becomes polluted when our lives go backwards.  But God has not removed the gift because God is not a cheap gift giver.  God is good and glorious and generous and lavish in HIS gifts.

When a gifted person falls backwards Satan just laughs with great joy.  He laughs at those ones.  Satan says, “Crazy little kids!  You just do like I want you to do.  Thank you, kids.  I’m going to be your parent now!  You don’t know it, but I’m sitting back here just having a ball.”

Brother Freedom says, “This is exactly what goes on!”  Satan lies to you.  He cheats you.  He does all these things when you stop growing in God.  You need to live with God’s Spirit in total control.

Once you denounce God in any area it leaves you open…all your doors fall open for Satan to walk in.  You lose your privileges.  You are still God’s child at the beginning of this wrong pathway.  But it may end up that you lose even your salvation if you don’t get back on course with God.

God is very merciful, very caring, very understanding.

Many start well, but they don’t finish well!!  It is a very high percentage that this happens to.

We have to grow!  We grow continuously.  There is no stopping in the growth.  Once you stop the process of spiritual growth you wither away!  When you wither away it is just like Brother Freedom’s stroke that he had a few years ago.  Many Christians have had a spiritual stroke.  They have lost their “first love” for God.  They have lost the power of God, the unction of God.  They have lost the ability to see God!  They have lost the ability to have God place you in HIS life!  What a wonderful blessing it is to be placed in the life of God.  That life is forever real!!

All Brother Freedom lives for is to come to the living room and to allow God to take over his lips and to speak through him.  Literally Brother Freedom is healed and touched and made anew when he allows God to take over his being and to preach through him.  So Freedom lives and prepares for those three times a week when he comes to the living room and God moves upon him.

God is coming back through the clouds of glory and HE is very lavish in HIS gifts.

Say you have the gift of healing.  Then if you are not careful you start letting that gift go to your head.  Or you let your denomination go to your head.  God still does the miracle, but it is not really fully by HIS divine power.  God wants us to put HIM first in all we do.  [Brother Clint sees that when we don’t put God first we get mixture and God hates mixtures.]

The gifts are without repentance, so you can get out here and cheat a little bit…God let Brother Freedom see this clearly. Even Brother Freedom must search himself daily because he too can fall into this awful trap.  That is why a pastor can have trouble with his wife, his family, whatever and still you will see the anointing on him.  It is not the pastor that is fantastic, it is God that is fantastic.  But the pastor has a position in God that God has granted and God says, “I’m not going to let that position fall, I promised it.”

But see, that fallen pastor is still being deeply hurt and wounded by his wrongful ways.  He is losing his first love even though the gift still functions upon him when he ministers.  And that pastor is going to start withering away and wither away.  And then that pastor tries to work the gift within his fallen flesh because it has become so polluted that the gift isn’t working quite right.  The pressures that are upon his life as a pastor demand that he must perform, but he is not able to flow in God.  So he tries to create a good front.  He has left his wife and done other things.

The Holy Ghost is speaking to Brother Freedom saying that we have got a responsibility to live HOLY!  We are to shun the very presence of evil!

Brother Freedom begins to think about marriage as the Holy Ghost leads him in this message.  Marriage is sanctified in God.  But the world has made marriage a very low, common thing.  But nothing that God has is common!!  All God’s gifts and things are beyond imagination!  All God’s properties are great!  God never fails!  But we as God’s children fail!

Look at Israel.  Israel failed, failed, failed, failed, failed.  God is seeking in this last hour for someone who will keep going saying, “Lord I love YOU!  I want YOU in my life!  If I don’t have anything else I want YOU!  I don’t care about my riches!  I don’t care about nothing else!  I don’t care what people think about me!  I don’t even desire a good reputation!  I want YOU to be my leader, because I love YOU!!!  I praise YOU Father!”

But this spirit spoken of above is very absent right now in the people of God.

Brother Freedom comments that he is talking to a vast audience.  They don’t know he is talking to them, that is why this word has to keep going out via the Internet.  He is talking to millions of people.  You may not be hearing Brother Freedom, but in that day when you stand before the Lord God, the Lord is going to say, “There was a message going out,  but you were so stiff-necked and didn’t listen.”

Brother Freedom wants you to know that he is nothing!!  Brother Freedom is nothing!  Brother Freedom wants nothing for himself.  But what he does want is God.  God is Brother Freedom’s everything!!

Brother Freedom says “I’m just a little nothing back in God’s back pocket.  But boy, that back pocket…I love it.”  God is Brother Freedom’s great help in all things.  Brother Freedom is still growing in spiritual things and won’t stop until the moment he goes to be with the Lord.

If Brother Freedom can make it on this path, you can make it too because Brother Freedom is handicapped in a manner of speaking.  But those who are listening to this message don’t have that handicap.

Brother Freedom speaks prophetically that if the visible churches do not straighten up they are going to be “washed out.”  God is ever forgiving and ever faithful.  God is looking for someone that says, “Father, I can’t do something, but you can help me!”  And God answers with great delight.  God loves to help us!  We can do nothing, but our Father can do all things!  We have nothing in ourselves, but everything in HIM, as God’s true followers.

The true way of the Christian life is growing in God!  God is able to help us to make us better.  But we are not able to do anything in ourselves.

The Holy Ghost is the secret to all of these possibilities in God.

But when we get so big and confident in ourselves that we say we don’t need the move of the Holy Ghost in our church, then God has to say Ichabod (the Spirit of God has departed).  Brother Freedom has visited churches and seen the hand writing of God upon the place warning him that the Spirit of God had departed from that fellowship.  They have a form of godliness, but they deny the power of God.  The Scripture says that we are to turn away from such churches and such believers. [See 2nd Timothy 3:5]  [Brother Freedom believes that this turning away is to be a quiet disappearance.  We are not to make waves and disrupt churches.  We simply fade away.]

Brother Freedom visited a church where he was invited to speak to young children between six and twelve years of age.  Those children were hungry for God and gathered around Brother Freedom.  They were not hardened like their parents. Brother Freedom weeps as he tells us that the future of those children may well be death because they are not being fed the real food of God, but are being given the dead things of a church with no move of the Holy Ghost.

When a person dies spiritually they become hardened.  Their spiritual muscles atrophy or shrink as they just go through the motions of religion.  Pretty soon their faith becomes all an emotion and not the work of God.  There is no spiritual power within them.

Brother Freedom now speaks prophetically.  He says, “Unless you keep the Holy Ghost in you and growing, you are going to have that [death].”

What God has for us is not something small!  What God has for us is bigger than the world, bigger than life itself!  What God has for us is HIMSELF!

Brother Freedom has known for a long time that if you don’t have God here you are not going to make it up there.  And, what you have here you are going to have up there.  Oh, it is going to be a lot better up there, but it is born and lived down here for up there.  It is lived down here for up there!  If you don’t live it down here you can’t be an over comer.  Without God you can do nothing.  If you don’t have God you are going to do nothing!  With HIM you can do all things.  It is just that simple.  It says that right in the Word of God.  You can do all things through Jesus Christ who paid in full that this day might be full and real!  You can have the fullness of the Holy Ghost.  But there is a process in growing to wherever you want to be.

God is looking throughout the whole world showing HIMSELF strong on the behalf of somebody who will seek HIM

“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew HIMSELF strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward HIM….”  [2nd Chronicles 16:9a]

God’s work with man is individual!  God does not compare and we don’t compare.  God’s work is individual with each person uniquely.  God wants to touch HIS children so much this day!  God says that:

“For whom the LORD loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.”  [Proverbs 3:12]  “For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.”  [Hebrews 12:6]

But Brother Freedom has seen something in his spirit.  America and the world is removing God from everything.  Satan is behind this turn away from God.  The only thing that you can carry with you through time and eternity is God.  You can’t carry the world, it’s efforts, it’s cares.  You are in the world, but if you are a Christian you are not of the world.  You don’t make a spectacle of yourself as a Christian.  We humble ourselves.  We are lowly, a low profile, not to be seen, not to be heard, but God hears us and sees us.  Our eyes are on God and we have a channel to Heaven that we view God constantly.  And HE views us all the time.

[Brother Freedom believes and teaches that we don’t do anything unless God commands it.  We don’t go out and make a spectacle of ourselves unless God directs it.  Too many Christians are dreaming up the ministry.  God is the inventor, director and commander of all ministry.  God has not called us to be the commander and chief of ministry.  We just do HIS will.  Until God commands us to do something we stay quiet looking to the Lord and ministering to God.]

We are to abstain from all appearance of evil!  [See 1st Thessalonians 5:22]  Christians are not to go out deliberately into Satan’s camp unless God commands it.  We are to stay away from places and areas where the devil is in control.  If you trespass on Satan’s turf, not commanded by God to go there, then Satan has a right to take you and mess with you!

You have to go God’s way and under God’s direction.  And you go step by step, by God’s commands.  God is present to maneuver all bad things out of your way if you want God to.  The 91st Psalm comes into view if you follow God under the direction of the Holy Ghost.  Then you have the secret place and you are under God’s umbrella and no evil can befall you unless God allows otherwise.  But if you are squeamish about the moving of the Holy Ghost God is going to be squeamish with you too!  We get what we put into the Christian life.  There should be growth in every believer!  Growth is part of God.  We need to grow by eating the Word of God.

Brother Freedom testifies about how God directed him to eat the Word of God in massive quantities and not to try and figure the Word of God out.  God’s Word is food for the inner man.  When we try to “know” everything we get into a problem.  God is the only ONE who can fully “know” things.  We only “know” in part because we are very limited in ourselves.  But God has leveled the playing field by giving us HIS Word as food more than knowledge.

“For I determined not to KNOW any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and HIM crucified.”  [1st Corinthians 2:2]

“But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.”  [Proverbs 4:18]

“While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.”  [2nd Corinthians 4:18]

Temporal things here on earth are going to pass away very shortly.  All temporal blessing comes to an end.  The things you get from Heaven have no end!   If you seek the things that are going to die, then you are going to die with them!

It is sad to say, but many, many good people are not going to make it to Heaven.  Only those who have accepted Jesus Christ, by that special blood.

The road of holiness and purity is the way God has paved by Jesus for us.  God wants us to grow in holiness and purity.


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