Cause God Is God, HE’s a Caring Father

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Scripture Reading 2nd Corinthians 1:3-4; 2nd Corinthians 6:16-18

This message brings out the amazing love and care of the Heavenly Father.  You will learn of some of the tricks of the evil one.  Most believers do not understand how fantastically brilliant the evil one is, how he can so easily take a human being out.  Satan’s IQ is so far beyond that of a human being that we are so unwise to try and take him on in our own ability.

But also in this message it comes out that “God is God.”  What does Brother Freedom mean by this??  This phrase reminds us that God is infinitely beyond our thinking and our grasp.  If God told us in detail how he does things we probably wouldn’t begin to comprehend even a rough idea of what God was even explaining.

God is God and we must respect HIM with every fiber of our being. The difference between an insect and a human being cannot even begin to compare to the vastness of the difference between God and man.  We are incapable of checking God’s arithmetic!!  We cannot second guess the Lord God.  All we can know is that HE makes no mistakes, that HE is perfectly just, full of love, but also HE is a God who will not tolerate evil forever.

We cannot vote God’s opinions and laws out.  We cannot force HIM to change HIS morality by declaring HIM wrong.  What HE declares is sin will always be sin, even if every human being who ever lived voted against HIM!  God defines all things, not us.

The visible churches have for the most part totally missed what God designed for them to be doing.  They are way off course and out of HIS will.  They are following each other instead of the directives of God’s Spirit.

This sermon is an eye opener!

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