Asleep with Map & No Compass

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Scripture Reading:  Exodus 23:20-30; Deuteronomy 4:14-20; Hebrews 5:9-14; 6:1-6; 13:21

The message opens with some preliminary comments on the fact that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is asleep.  They have had a bad stroke.  This message will get them back on track if they will listen.  Brother Freedom feels how the powers of darkness are so strong upon the earth in these later times.  But when he is in the living room to minister the anointing of the Holy Ghost comes upon him and he is touched mightily  Nothing competes with the presence of the Spirit of God!  Every believer has a unique and individual calling of God.

This is a watershed message.  It is spectacular!

The church is asleep!  The church has lost its first love for the Lord God.  God wants to re-instate each believer, to bless them.

Brother Freedom explains how God can bring you back to where HE wants you to be in HIM.

The early church did well for a while.  But then they lost the anointing and slipped into the dark ages.  Tradition is what destroys believers.  Tradition is getting into the rut of doing everything the same, every day.  But with God each day, and every hour is a new time with a specific direction for that day from Heaven.

Brother Freedom explains how the world did not get into a rut in the area of invention and the increase of knowledge and technology.  But the church and believers fell into tradition, not growing, not expanding, not increasing.  They stayed in the same location spiritually and lost their first love.

If the church had not failed and gotten stagnated the world would not be in the terrible condition it is in.

Brother Freedom explains why prophecies don’t come to pass.  Just as in the Bible reading above God prophesied great things for Israel, but the great things did not all come to pass because God’s people failed to do their part.  We have a part in every prophetic word.  We have to be obedient and we have to seek the Lord with all of our heart, being thankful, obedient and not complaining.

Israel was commanded to follow the special angel that God sent to be with them.  But we have something better, the Holy Spirit (if we are open to the work of the Holy Spirit).

God wants us to come out from among the sinful ones, the sinful crowd, the sinful churches and go with the directives of the Spirit of God.  We need to have a right spirit renewed within us as David prayed in Psalm 51.  Even David knew that he needed the anointing of the Holy Spirit in order to make it for God.

Brother Freedom remembers how his boyhood church carried out the same program week after week and year after year.  It was all about tradition  It was all about rehearsing.  Rehearsing is not by the Spirit of God.  God has a fresh directive every day.  Even if we don’t hear from Heaven on a certain day, we then obey the last command God gave.  But we don’t run on a calendar.  We go by the directives of God’s Spirit.

Brother Freedom explains that we cannot understand the heart of another person, or where they are in God unless the Holy Spirit HIMSELF should tell us.  So we must be very, very careful about making pronouncements about the spiritual life of others.  We cannot tell a person they have received the fullness of the Spirit of God in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  God HIMSELF will tell them.  We don’t say, “Now you’ve got it!”  No, No No!!  The Spirit of God is able to take care of things HIMSELF.  HE is fully capable.

This is why many churches reject the move of the Holy Spirit.  It is because they don’t want to lose control.  They want to be like other churches that move in the flesh with certain persons holding the reins of power and control.  If the church does not straighten up it is going to face the same problems Israel faced in the Old Testament.  Israel got dispersed all over the world and lost it’s land for many centuries.  The church will  lose out too if it does not straighten up and go with the Spirit of God.

Many of these “super spiritual” power controllers in the churches today do not know a fraction of what they need to know about God Almighty!  They slander God and make fun of God, but then expect God to bless them.

The early church fell into the same pit.  They entered into years of dark ages, terrible sins, wicked deeds and wrong things.

The reason God moves by HIS Spirit is because the Spirit of God makes no mistakes.

Perilous times are coming and God wants HIS church to be ready.

Many people in the churches today want their own way.  And when we want our own way we miss the will of God!

The old song writers were so far ahead of many of us today.  The words in those old songs were so correct, so anointed, like “Have Thine Own Way, Lord, Have Thine Own Way.”  We sing these old songs, but we don’t believe them.

The church has been walking in tradition quite a while.

But the world progressed with Ford using the assembly line and the advent of radio and TV and refrigeration.  Hollywood developed it’s technology, but more for evil than for good.

With the mention of Hollywood Brother Freedom reminds us that the eye gate is the gate into the soul and media hits us in our inner man.  When we start seeing images that are full of negative things it touches our inner man.  Men especially are destroyed by alluring pictures.  Even women are harmed by these things.  We need to be very, very careful what we look at!

Lust neutralizes whatever glory you have from Heaven.  Lust makes you sterile in the things of God!  You become sterile, unable to reproduce spiritually.  Lust makes a Christian unfruitful!  Why is this?  It is because the human spirit polluted with lust will not mix with the things that God has for you!!  We as God’s people need to straighten up.

We as God’s people need to bend toward God’s ways, not HIM bend to our ways!  The church is teaching Christians to tell God what to do and it is to be the opposite.  God, through HIS Spirit, tells us what to do!

God is looking for “nobodies.”  HE is not looking for “somebodies!”  God is looking for nobodies who believe in HIM and who are willing to put total trust in HIM!  God looks for those who trust, HE looks for those who are humble.

God wants us to become perfect before HIM, not perfect before your pastor.  The job of the pastor is to get souls saved.  But after that the convert is to be weaned to the Holy Ghost that the new believer can be taught by God.  The pastor and the teacher do a small work that is to lift the new convert toward the deep things of God, that they might be caught up in the fullness of the Holy Ghost, that they might become a student in the school of the Holy Ghost.

But pastors and churches like to bind believers and that keeps them from growing.  It is like what Asian women used to do when they would bind the feet of little girls so that those feet could not grow.  The church does like the Bonsai gardener who dwarfs trees into cute little bushes.

Tiny feet have trouble walking and we should be able to walk on water if God desires it!  We should be able to be translated or teleported as Philip the Evangelist was teleported or translated from the desert where he ministered to the Ethiopian.

Where is the church??  It is asleep!

As a good soldier our allegiance has to be toward the Nation we are fighting with and for.  How can we fight evil if we have evil taking over in the church??

God looks at evilness different than we do.  We think that various acts of evil are the heart of evil.  But God sees the worst evil as going against HIS Spirit!

The disciples needed healing.  That is why Peter couldn’t keep walking on the water!  Peter was lacking.  Peter was not where he should have been with God.  There had to be some growing in Peter.  Peter talks about this growth in the books of Peter, where he speaks of putting on the Father’s Nature.

Our blood line is God the Father!  God is beyond our earthly fathers.

Some people just don’t desire to do what God asks, or they feel they cannot do what God asks, like the Rich Young Ruler.  He simply could not part with his wealth.  That man went away sorrowful and Jesus was sorry for that young man.

God says that we are to seek HIS Kingdom first and then all the other things will be added.

Brother Freedom has been called to prepare the way of the Holy Ghost.  This is the time of the Holy Ghost, the third Person of the Trinity.  Those who have the touch of the Spirit of God will be taken from this Land soon.  But those who have not come into perfection will be left here to be purified in terrible tribulation.  This is not God’s best will.  God doesn’t want anyone to be left.  But an impure believer cannot be teleported into Heaven because the glory of God would consume them.  God is a consuming fire.

Jesus is coming very soon.  Brother Freedom told a man this recently and it scared this Christian man so much that the man stayed away from Brother Freedom.  The subject of the return of Christ was a fearful subject for that man.  This should not be.

The pastors have lied.  They have told you to sign a book, make your decision for Christ, send them some money, all for a promotional.  But a promotion is just for a season, to get you into a new cable hookup or satellite hook up.  But then later you find out the price is higher.  It’s kind of a “bait and switch” deal.  But people need to count the cost of being a Christian.  There is a cost, dying out to this world and making God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost the total center of your life.

God’s promotional is different.  It is called “all the way!”  There is no other way than “all the way.”

A key verse in this is:

Make you perfect in every good work to do HIS will, working in you that which is wellpleasing in HIS sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”  [Hebrews 13:21]

This verse is the climax of the meeting Brother Freedom had that day!  If you can’t see what this verse is saying then there is not much that Brother Freedom can do for you.  But God is in the rehabilitation program.  God is not here to hurt you.  HE is here to bless you!  But HE wants to use you.

Brother Freedom says that if he had known all this years ago he would not have had to pray for eight years to get the direction he needed.

Brother Freedom was in and out and up and down in his early years with the Lord because the church had even then been losing the full message God had for us.

The churches had little in depth for the people.  Church was just a rehearsing of Bible history.  The Bible is not a story book.  It is the text book of eternal life!!

Now the Lord reminds Brother Freedom of a revelation that God spoke to Brother Freedom only a few days earlier:

The Bible is your Map.  But the Holy Ghost is your compass!

The churches are asleep, like sleep walking.  They are reading the Bible in their sleep.  But, for the most part they do not have the fullness of the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost is the compass.  If a person has a map and no compass, and they are sleep walking, it is a mess of terrible proportions!!

The Holy Spirit immediately underlines this truth to Brother Freedom.  Brother Clint also hears the Holy Ghost underlining this truth as absolutely correct!  What a revelation!

Brother Freedom recalls how the Holy Ghost told him to pray for a girl who was scheduled to die in a car wreck unless Brother Freedom prayed for her on a certain morning.  Brother Freedom witnessed the accident.  He had been praying in the Spirit for three hours following what the Holy Spirit directed.  The girl was miraculously saved.  Her car was totally destroyed.  The whole top of the cab was ripped off and she was left sitting on the seat with the steering wheel.

Brother Freedom speaks to a certain person who wrote in a prayer request.  He tells them that if there church does not believe in the working of the Holy Spirit that coming under the covering of such a church would nullify her healing.  We need to stay away from churches that are asleep and that do not acknowledge the moving of the Holy Ghost.

If Brother Freedom gets anything into your spirit it is that God is an all the way God.  There can be no half way stuff with God.  Once you understand THAT, then God can bring you into a place of understanding with HIM.

But believers have been so confused in these areas.  Thank God for the revelation of the Holy Spirit on these things!

God deals with people individually.  A person cannot be saved unless the Spirit of God draws that person.  We’ve told people “Come to the alter and you’ve got it.”  But sometimes God is not even in that kind of a salvation.  That kind of evangelism brings in numbers.  We think we are making God happy with numbers.  But God sees us as very stupid when we work in that manner.  It is only by the Spirit of God and not by the will of men.  That kind of evangelism comes against God.

The message ends as Brother Freedom shares some of his life story as a small boy put on a Caterpillar during World War II.  Brother Freedom learned the value in trusting God.  He tells about how he tried to grasp for a limb on the bank of the creek where he was drowning.  He looked to God in that instant.  God sent a bigger boy to pull him out.

He tells the story of God telling him to jump and when he jumped a car came speeding out of the dark night with its lights off and hit Brother Freedom in mid-air.  But because he obeyed the voice of the Spirit of God and jumped into the air, that car was not able to crush him.  He was only bruised.  The car sped off into the darkness.

In Korea Brother Freedom was ordered to drive his Caterpillar bull dozer through a mine field to make a way for the troops.  They said he might not make it.  Trip wires broke, but not one mine exploded!  God was in charge through the power of the Spirit of God.

Another time in Korea he was sent out to work on a D7 bull dozer.  An enemy machine gun opened up on him and other man.  But they were able to work anyway.  Bullets were all around them.  But not one bullet struck them!  God, through the Spirit was moving again.

Another time incoming mortar shells were falling where Brother Freedom was, but not one exploded.  There are not that many duds in mortars!  God kept those mortars from taking his life!

Our bodies are not made to live in sin!  Our minds are not made to be away from the Holy Ghost!  In God’s presence is fullness of joy.

“God bless you,” Brother Freedom declares and ends the message.


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