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Ready to Get Out of HERE!

Brother Freedom has been praying for a dear sister in Africa who emailed him concerning her great need for a miracle in her family and in her body.  As he was praying the Lord gave Freedom a word.  But this word is not only for this lady, but is for all believers.

Get Ready To Get Out of HERE!!

Yes, the Spirit of God is sending warning to all believers that the escape of pure and holy believers is at the very door.  The “twinkling of an eye” is imminent.  This escape is more important than anything else.  It is more important than getting your healing.  It is more important than finances!  You must be ready!  The lamp of the Holy Spirit flame must be burning bright upon your heart.  Seek God and make sure all is on the altar and all is as God wants it to be in your life.  Seek for more of the Holy Spirit.  Don’t give in to temptation.  The twinkling of an eye will be a great deliverance for some who are in dire situations.

Perilous Times Are Here

Overview of this message:

Sound file: 20150719.mp3 Time: 4:17

Scripture: 2nd Timothy 3

Brother Freedom warns his listeners that perilous times are here and believers need to take heed, pay great attention to the things of God so as not to be tricked in these last days.  Satan is an extremely experienced and well practiced enemy.  Satan has been destroying and tricking people for 6,000 years.  We on the other hand have had very little experience compared to the enemy.  We must have the help of the Spirit of God.  We must pay great attention to the Word of God.  We must hide ourselves deep in the Lord Jesus to be protected.  We must pray much!