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A Timeless Message

Recently I listened to a message that was poured through Brother Freedom back in 2005.  That message so touched me that I want to call it to your attention.  It is timeless, powerful and prophetic.  Please don’t fail to click the link below and listen for yourself.  Yes, it is 46 minutes in length, but it is pure gold.  Would you walk 46 minutes to find a huge ingot of pure gold??  Sure you would.  This message has greater value, eternal value.  Click the link.  I implore you to listen.

Relax In The Lord

A super 2006 Post You Haven’t Heard

Yes I just put up a recording that sat in the old OGG audio format for many years.  In the early years before MP3 was a free format we were forced to put up our recordings in the free OGG format.  But, most computers did not have a player for OGG, so we had to supply that too as a download.  But thank God MP3 format became not as restricted and we found we could use it under certain conditions.  This wonderful sermon is now converted to MP3 and it can touch your life.  Here is a link to that message.  Don’t miss it!

Become A Temple of God