Word From the Lord, February 24, 2005

For I the Lord thy God am here this night to bless thee MY ones. For I say many, many, many of MY people are very discouraged this night. Many have lost their way. Many have gone to a different heart, a new way of their selves that is not of ME. And I say many have forgotten that I the Lord thy God will keep them. And I say many, many, many this night are not where they should be. For I AM looking for a peculiar people, a zealous people that will allow MY Spirit to dwell within them, that MY love would be in them. And I would fill them to overflowing, where there cups will run over. And surely goodness and mercy shall follow them all the days of their lives. And they shall dwell in the house, of the Lord forever, saith the Spirit of God.

For I will keep those ones if they will seek ME. To those that will ask ME, I shall bless them. Those that need ME, I shall give them a blessing that they cannot contain. For it is MY delight to bless MY beloved. But I say MY beloved are out looking for another, this night. MY beloved are looking for their own pathway. MY beloved are looking. They have once known ME, and this day they are looking. They are searching. But they haven’t found ME.

But I say, I AM near. If MY people just seek ME they shall find ME. If MY people shall wait upon ME, I will be among them, and I shall speak to their hearts. MY people must come to ME, the Lord thy God. And [if] they would choose ME tonight, I would keep them in the hallow of MY mighty hands.

For I say, very shortly perilous times shall come. And those that are walking loosely this day are going to find great troubles in that day. They are going to find great heartaches of pain. They are going to be discouraged. They are going to have long, great troubles, eventually, that they have never seen before. But, if those will come and seek ME, I the Lord thy God shall cover them, and put them in the center of MY pavilion. And I shall keep them. And no evil shall befall them, nor plague shall come nigh unto their dwelling. And I shall move upon them. I shall keep them through the hour of discouragement. And I shall keep them to that time that I shall take them Home. And that day they will leave this World. And I shall present them to the Father, to the Son. In that Day they shall be the Bride, and there shall be a marriage. It is going to be a wonderful time for those who will stay close to ME, saith the Spirit of God. For it will be **WORTH** **IT** **ALL** to stay in MY presence.

For I AM looking for this in these last days, for those that will not cut and look for things that are not righteous. For they look for things that are unrighteous! But I AM looking for a people that will look only for things that are righteous. That they will not hunt and look for achieving things the enemy would put before them, that is not from ME.

And I say MY people must learn to be above reproach. MY people must be learned to walk in victory, walk in perfect harmony. And I the Lord thy God shall love thee. And I shall show thee, day by day, MY love, the affection I have for thee. And that will not be a question in thy heart no more, because thou will *KNOW* the Lord thy God liveth within thee.

Be not afraid. Come with ME and I shall keep thee forevermore, saith the Spirit of God.

[Later in the service the following word was poured through Brother Freedom]

For MY people, be not afraid, though perilous times come. And I say, don’t even let it bother you. Do not let it trouble you this night, for I AM able to sustain thee, to help thee. And through the time, even though others are finding much difficulty, thou can find great peace. Thou can find great love, because I the Lord thy God shall be with thee, and I shall help thee, and I shall use thee for MY glory.

But I say, everything that thou doest, do it under MY control. Seek ME! Seek for MY advice daily. Seek ME and ye shall find ME. Call upon ME and I shall bless thee. But I say this day, MY people need to encourage themselves in the Lord thy God. They need to encourage themselves in doing the will of the Father, that they may be ready to go on in the things that I have called them to go into.

I AM here this day to complete that which I have started. And I will bless thee. Be not afraid, for I loveth thee. But I say, through this Land there is going to be harshness that is going to come forth very rapidly. There is going to be great problems. The enemy is coming in like a flood. And I say there is going to be many things that are going to be out of control.

And I say, if time does not stop many of the prisons will be overcrowded. And people cannot get the people, under those conditions, to hold them. And I say hospitals are not going to be big enough to hold the onslaught of many things.

And I say before thee, I do not wish to scare thee this night, but to inform thee: thou need the Lord thy God! But I say thou needs the Lord thy God and HIM only, saith the Spirit of God.

Desire NOT the love of this World, no longer, because does not MY Word say, the love of the World will take you away from ME. Love not the World, neither the things in the World, for if any man loveth the World, the love of the Father is not in him.

And I say, when thou lovest the World, the love of the Father is not with thee, MY ones. And I AM here this night to strengthen thee this night, to help thee, that thou might be a blessing. Because I say perilous times are coming.

I say the Dollar is going to get harder and harder to hold on to. And I say perilous times are coming. But I say, be not afraid, because I say the end is coming soon. Be ready MY people. For I loveth thee! Remember, I the Lord thy God LOVETH thee. I *LOVE* thee this night! I *LOVE* thee this night!! And I AM here to help thee. I AM not here to scold thee this night. But remember that thou art a child, that thou needest a help. And I AM here to help thee this night, that thou might surrender thy will, thy being to the Lord thy God. If thou shall do that, I shall incorporate MY blessings upon thee. And I shall make thee a new man, a new woman. And thou shall walk great before the Lord thy God, for I will create within thee a right spirit. And I shall bless thee forevermore, saith the Spirit of God.

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