Word From the Holy Spirit, April 8, 2004

For I the Lord thy God am *LIFE*. I AM *ALL* that men are looking for. I have everything that they need, everything they want, everything that they desire. I have all of their wants. And I say, why do they look the other way?? Why do they look to the counsel [of] the other way?? Even MY ones that are called by MY Name, I say that are called by MY Name, and claim to know ME, yea they look another way. They look to be educated by the powers of this World. They live in a way of below the standard, the calling that I have called for MY people to be in this last hour.

I have called for a wonderful *BLESSING* upon MY people. For those that will come close to ME and desire ME, I can take NOTHING and make much with it! And I say they take much and get nothing from it, I say very little from it. I AM the other way! I take little and I get much out of it! I have ones, that I wish to do this to MY people this day, to bridge them, to call upon them, to let them know that I AM *WITH* them, that I will move *WITH* them in a mighty way.

And I say MY people do not understand. When a word comes, like this, saith the Spirit of God, they cannot even understand, [even] imagine where it is coming from! And they think that it is from the one that is directing it. They think it is from his knowledge, [or] her knowledge. But I say this is *NOT* from their selves! I AM coming through a voice from the wilderness crying to a lost and dying World in this last days. And MY people cannot hear MY voice. They do *NOT* want to hear from Heaven! They do not receive from Heaven!

They have their own meditations, their own groups, their own counsels. All these groups, they have formed them in man’s knowledge and man’s wisdom. Yea, they have learned *MUCH* saith Spirit of God! And I have seen their endeavor. And I have *BLESSED* their endeavors.

But I say, it is just like a child. I say MY church is like a child! I say when a child is young, I say they look to their father. They *LOOK* to the Father. And I say MY church has it backwards! I say when they are in their infancy they look to ME. They desire ME, that I might give them strength, that I might touch their life. And when I save them I give them a portion from Heaven. And I say I fill them. I thrill them. And I excite them. And I say many may even go deeper, and come into that Heavenly language, being baptized with MY Spirit, saith the Spirit of God.

And I say, such a wonderful opportunity. It is such a wonderful time that they cannot even understand what I have given unto them. But I say, it is JUST THE VERY BEGINNING OF WHAT I HAVE FOR THOSE ONES. And I say it is not very long, to those that have received, they have been pulled down.

And I say MY church has *FORGOTTEN* that it’s calling is for the unsaved! MY church is for those that do not know ME! And that should be the desire of each of MY people, that they would go out and lead others to ME. And after they lead those to ME, and those ones receive Jesus, and after they grow awhile, come to the age of accountability. **THEN THEY SHOULD BE LET GO, THAT MY HANDS ARE NOT SLACK THAT I CANNOT *SAVE* THOSE ONES!

If you will give those ones to ME, I WILL RETAIN them. And I shall *BLESS* them! And I shall educate them. And I will move upon them. And I will give them an inheritance that fades not away. Even this life that they live within, I shall give them an everlasting power from Heaven. And I say this power will not be dissolved. This power will not be lean! This power will not *LEAVE* them. It will be there to ATTIRE them. While they are [going] through this life they will walk in MY glory, that they will walk in the *FULLNESS* of MY Spirit.

For I say, *MANY* of MY pastors, many of MY leaders have been like a battery; [that] is what I have them to be. And I say that battery is only as [a battery in] an engine. It only turns that engine over, saith the Spirit of God.

And I say if it [the engine] is running right, it doesn’t take long for that battery to get that engine started. And I say when MY people are getting started, and they get started with ME, THEY MUST NO LONGER HAVE TO BE LED *BY* *BABY* *THINGS*! They need to develop. MY church has not developed in these days. MY church does not *KNOW,* if they were hearing what they are hearing now, they would **FLEE**. And they would move out.

But I say I wish this! How can a man come to want to *LIVE* with ME in Heaven, and yet in his lifetime, while he is here, he despises hearing from ME???? Is that not reasonable, saith the Spirit of God? Am I calling for too much?? MY people **DESPISE** MY Word! They *DESPISE* prophecy! They *DESPISE* anything that comes from ME!

And I say the elements are here upon this Earth. They are here to put down MY people! They are here to put allergies, plagues and all these things that comes on mankind. And I AM the ONE that can relieve these! I AM the ONE that is able to strengthen MY people. I AM the ONE that can heal MY people. I AM the ONE that can keep MY people out of these sanitariums, these places, these homes for the weak minded.

And I say I AM the ONE that can create *BLESSINGS*!! I AM the ONE that increase knowledge. And I dispose of the things that are harmful to MY people!

I say pride brings MY people down. And I AM able to remove that from MY people, if they will come and seek MY face.

I say *HATRED* destroys MY people. And yet I AM able to take away that hatred. And I AM able to fill them with MY love. And I say, when envy and strife and all these things that come to MY people, I AM able to *DELIVER* them!

I AM able to make a man to love his wife, and NOT walk as the World walks in fornication, and the desires of the heart that are so devilish, that bring MY people down. And I AM able to **SATISFY**! I AM able to SATISFY the longings of MY people!

But I say MY people, if they cannot know ME *NOW*, **HOW** do they expect to want to live with ME eternally???? For they do not understand that *NOW* is when they get acquainted to ME. And they *KNOW* ME. They don’t see ME! But they *KNOW* ME, because I AM *IN* them. And I AM *ABOUT* them! And when they translate, when they go upon in that Heavenly Home, yea, I the Lord thy God shall move upon them in a mighty way, because I have **LIVED** within them. And they shall have MY *GLORY*. And they will *NOT* have to **WONDER** what is going to take place for their lives.

[Brother Freedom was having great difficulty with an allergy related cough. Only as he began to allow God to move upon him did the cough arise to shut off the message. But God gave him help.]

For I AM here, even as the enemy is coming in right now to remove this message. I AM here to **BLESS** thee, to strengthen thee this day! And I AM able to fortify thee, MY ones. I AM able to create within thee a *NEW* life, a more abundant life. And I AM able to fill thee with MY joy! And I AM able to insulate thee from the *PROBLEMS* and the tragedies that are around MY ones, for the hurts, the pains that MY people are in.

It hurts MY heart, saith the Spirit of God to see MY people *HURTING*, in confusion as they are. And yet in this MY leaders cannot *SEE*, that I the Lord their God from Heaven is the ONE that can change this.

They have silly programs, and many things that are literally silly in MY eyes, saith the Spirit of God! And I have even *BLESSED* them in some of these endeavors! I’ve used them. And I have moved upon them.

But I say the enemy is coming in with a harshness. And this hour, yea, there is going to be a **DIFFERENCE** between My beloved. And I say MY ones who have loved ME have been insulted. They have been put down. But I the Lord thy God am going to turn the covers very shortly.

And I say those that have paid the price in full, I the Lord thy God shall lift them up, and be a **BLESSING** in these last hours, for that short time. And MY **GLORY** shall rest upon those, in this last hour, that will come **BOLDLY** to ME, and **EXCITE** themselves in MY presence.

Because I say there is **JOY** serving the Lord your God! I say there is **PEACE** serving the Lord your God! I say there is **GLORY** in serving your God! And I say there is **HEALING** in serving your God! There is **WORSHIP** in serving your God!

And I say I AM here to **STRENGTHEN** MY ones. For I say MY church is very, very weak this hour. They have many programs. And they come up with great, GREAT things, even in healing, and all these things.

They have seen so much healing, that they are trying to do it themselves! And they *ARE* doing it to many things. Because I say, when the mind gets right, this body automatically heals itself!

Many, many, many of MY people do NOT understand that! But I say, yes there is a healing to anything that is even NAMED under ME!! I bring healing, even of MY Words! I say it may not be coming *BY* ME, but I say it is *FOR* ME! And it will bring forth a result, at the end! Do you not understand *THAT*, oh man, oh woman?? Cannot you *SEE* that?? That if MY signature is on *ANYTHING*, saith the Spirit of God, there is going to be a *GREAT* recompense for MY Name being upon it, even though it is NOT according to MY will.

I the Lord thy God shall move **MIGHTILY** in this last days! And I AM calling forth a peculiar people, a zealous people, that will be interested in their lives not counting for themselves. But it would count for ME, the Lord thy God, the ONE that they love and serve. And through *THOSE* I will **BLESS** them! And I shall strengthen them! And I will have *MERCY* upon them. And I shall *USE* them. And MY glory will not be put down! But MY glory will arise! And [with] MY glory, there shall be peace. And there shall be revival in the Name of the Father, in the Name of the Son, in the Name of the Holy Ghost.

For I say, many, many, many, are seeking the old time revivals. And those old time revivals was just to get them to ***ME***! They have NOT understood this!! If they would get that church, the men going, it would bring them to ***ME***!! But after they get to ME, then they are to **LET GO** [of those people]!

They would NOT need the big facilities they have. I say, a lot of that money, saith the Spirit of God, could go for problems that they are faced with!

But I say many of these things, they are looking to have monuments. But I say the monument that they need is having a Heavenly home! Because everything in this World is going to dissolve! Every problem, every force, every enemy, all the foes that is not connected to the Lord your God are all going to fall! And I say, even this Land that they stand upon: It will FALL!

And I say, there shall be a great fire. There shall be great whoredoms of things that will be **MELTED**, because of My glory. And I shall refine this Land! And I shall bring GLORY to this Land. And I shall bring forth a new Heaven, and new Earth, where dwelleth righteousness. And I shall bring **PURITY** back into MY Kingdom! And they shall no longer slander the Name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost! And I shall *BLESS* those ones. And I shall create in them a *RIGHT* mind, and a *RIGHT* spirit. And they shall walk in *VICTORY*. And they shall walk in MY knowledge. And they shall walk with MY blessings. And they shall walk in the peace ****FROM**** Heaven!


MY presence does *NOT* separate those that are MINE! But I say the church has it *VERY* wrong! They are separating themselves from the Lord, their God! They only allow their people to come to a certain distance. And from that time on they *TEACH* MY people to draw ***BACK*** from ME, that I cannot do anything with them.

If a man wants to go forth, they put him *OUT* of their midst! And they **SHUN** him! And they say shameful things about him! But **I** keep the books! And I shall bring forth and restore a *BLESSING* in this last hour. And I shall *RESTORE* those ones, in a mighty way. And I shall bring **GLORY**!! And I shall bring *RESTITUTION*! And I say, when they pray, their prayers *SHALL* *BE* *HEARD*! And they shall see *GREAT* and *MIGHTY* things, *SAITH* *THE* *SPIRIT* *OF* *GOD*!!

[Some minutes later another word poured out.]

…and I say MY people do not realize that I AM *coming*. And I AM bringing forth the rewards. I AM bringing the collections of those that have put their trust in the living God, who have put all they have in the Bank of Heaven.

And I say, at that Day, all these things will be mentioned, at that hour! And I say, what a glorious, beautiful, wonderful Day, saith the Spirit of God!

And I say it is going to be a happy time, a *GLORIOUS* time, a *WONDERFUL* time, a BEYOND-DESCRIPTION time to MY people. Because I say, MY children cannot understand what has taken place in Heaven. They have no imagination. They have heard a few things. But I say, they do not know! They do not know! NO one knows what I have for MY ones!

But I have a SPECIAL crown. I have a SPECIAL place for MY ones who have served ME. For those who have *CARED* for the Name of their Saviour, that have loved HIM, I have a SPECIAL, WONDERFUL inheritance, for all these ones.

And I say, it is going to be a Day beyond days! It is going to be JOY unspeakable, full of glory. And I AM going to be at that Day, to **KNOW** MY ones, to touch MY ones. And MY ones will know ME! And I shall *HAVE*, oh hallelujah, a special Day, special PROMISES.

But I say to this World, many, many, many that think that they are on their way to see ME are afraid of ME! And I say, unless MY heart changes toward these ones, they are liable, and able to miss what they are looking to achieve!

For I AM looking for a people that ***KNOW*** ME, that I AM their Father, that they are MY children. Would it not be to MY ones, that if they had a family, but yet there was an outsider that would come. Could he get into your family??? NO! NO! NO!

I say, that is for the family members *ONLY*!

And MY people must realize to live with ME they need to be family. And I say, when they are family it covers a multitude of sins in this Name alone! I say, when they are *FAMILY*, I say many, many, many get by with things when they are in the family.

I say, when thou knowest the Name of MY Son, Jesus, yea, it is MY delight to give an inheritance that fades NOT away. And I say, when they look for ME, I realize that they are dust. And what they are doing is very *HARD* for them at that time.

And I say that many of the things that I have seen MY people endure, it has been very difficult. It has been very trying, for those ones! They have lived through pain, through all the cares of this World. And they are still coming forth, joyful. And they are happy in ME, saith the Spirit of God. To *THOSE* I have promised and have predicted for them a *BLESSED* time, a glorious time. And I have reservations. And I say, NO one can take thy crown. Only thee ONLY, can remove thy crown.

Oh man, oh woman *REMEMBER*, NO ONE CAN TAKE THY CROWN, if thou shalt come to ME, and desire ME, and to be MY child, they shall *LIVE* on ETERNALLY, with MY glory upon them.

But I say, while they are here they will feel MY glory *ALSO*! IT IS PART OF ME! IT IS PART OF THE CONTRACT, that my children I will NEVER disappoint them. And I shall do GREAT and MIGHTY things for them, *BLESSINGS* upon *BLESSINGS*.

And I say when the enemy comes in like a flood, yea I the Lord thy God shall raise up a *STANDARD* against those that will come against MY children.

And I shall keep them in the harshness of battle! And I shall perfect them, a blessing within their lives, that they shall know ME. And the TRUTH shall set them free. And they shall be delivered from the powers of this World, saith the Spirit of God.

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