Word From the Holy Spirit, February 23, 2004

[Today Brother Freedom stopped by to share a revelation that God had given to him about the churches. The Lord had placed the revelation in a parable about a large grocery store. But after Freedom shared the parable, the Spirit of God increased the anointing and powerful sermon began to pour through Freedom. The anointing was very heavy. Next the anointing ramped up even more and the Spirit of God set Freedom aside and began to speak in the first person. Freedom had no idea what was said from that point on. But I caught it on tape and it is awesome. God is so good! Below you can read the parable, sermon and prophecy transcribed from the tape recording. –brother clint]

A Parable, Sermon and Prophecy from Heaven

It is like a man. He is wanting to go into business. And there is this *GREAT* business man who has chains of stores. And we are going to say grocery stores, because that is a pretty good commodity that everybody needs groceries. They need food. So this man [who wants to enter business] is basically nothing. The owner [of the many stores] sees that the man needs a job, and he needs his welfare, and he needs his place.

And so the agreement is made that he [the hiree] is going to manage a store, even though he doesn’t know anything about it. But the owner will help him to just manage this store.

Well, as time goes on this manager/hiree gets bigger and bigger. He realizes that he is in a real lucrative business. And he sees that it is a very good business, and something he likes, and all these things. But he sort of starts removing the importance of the owner! And he puts himself as the proprietor.

And the Lord showed me, even some of the labels [on the store products] are no longer labeled “Libby” [or Heinz 57]. Now the labels say, “Mr. So and So.” And these things start changing.

The money also changes because of the things that are going on. But in reality this manager/hiree *LOVES* the attention of [people]. It [begins to appear like] **his** store. And pretty soon the people [the customers], basically they know it still has the real owners name on the front, but it is Mr. So and So’s store (the manager/hiree).

And this goes on and on and on, until finally there is a difference, because the store is no longer the man’s, the real owner’s.

God expects, according to the Word, a reasonable growth in most everything God wants. And in this story [parable] there is no growth! The manager/hiree actually steals from his Lord.

[Now an anointed sermon begins to roll out of Brother Freedom as God unctionizes Freedom. Heavenly momentum begins to build as this message is expounded.]

And the churches do that! They get people in the church. And then they direct them from God. And God, I feel, is very, very concerned about this. And I am *NOT* picking on churches! But I just say, *ALL* of us, and God showed me, we *ALL* have *THAT* in us!

This revelation hit me like a bolt of lightning. It is true! We have the old nature there, to the degree that if we are a pastor or whatever we are, if we don’t have the Holy Spirit within our lives, the Holy Ghost, with the controlling power FROM HEAVEN, we are *NOT* able to divide what is right and what is wrong!

And that is why we need God in our lives, that the Spirit of God would divide, as the Spirit of God would divide it with us! That we would be in the *CENTER* of God’s will *ALWAYS*. Not always on the “allowed” will of God, but in HIS “PERFECT” will, in that perfect desire that God wants to inspire those who will lift their hands up to praise HIM, and to call upon HIS Name.

And they don’t have to know *ANYTHING*!! God doesn’t expect us to know anything, save Jesus Christ and HIM crucified! And that comes as we know that. And we surrender that to HIM and we understand that HE is the King of Kings, that HE is the Lord of Glory.

When we understand that, and give our all to HIM, that is *ALL* God expects! God does not care if we know everything in the World! HE wants us to be pliable, and allow HIS Spirit to wash us, to move upon us. And the less we know, in ourselves, the more we know in Christ, and the more God **INCREASES** us.

HE strengthens those that will give up their limitations and let God’s possibilities, HIS blessings come upon HIS people, that they will be enlightened from on High. And they will be victorious, every step of their life. And they shall go in victory and they shall go by the still waters. And God shall *LEAD* HIS people.

And even through the times of troubles, through the times of opposition, through the times of discouragement God will *LEAD* them! Through the times of the visitation, when men’s hearts shall fail them, God will be with HIS ones. God will be with HIS ones when hardships are all around about them, and people are falling, people are even dying, God will *BLESS* HIS people! HE will *KEEP* HIS people through all those times of Job’s troubles, through the times of visitation of God’s mighty hand, until God comes back through the clouds of glory.

God wants to inspire HIS people in such a degree that they know that HE *IS* the *LIVING* God, that God wants to *BLESS* them, that God wants to caress them. God wants to love them. God wants to make them *OVER* after HIS image, that they would take on the Father’s nature, that they would have the visitation of God’s Spirit upon them, *CONTINUALLY*, day and night, night and day, by the move from Heaven.

And they would not have any of the desires, no longer, to walk in that chilly waters of the enemy. But they would *WALK* in the blessings of God. And they would *WALK* in the beauty of Jesus. They would walk in the light of God! **THEY WOULD WALK IN HIS GLORY*!! And they would be **FILLED** with the *THRILL* from Heaven. And they would see a mansion above. And they would have *THAT* vision, that *THAT* mansion is *THEIRS*, that they would want, while they are here, to inspire *OTHERS*, around about them, that they could have that mansion too!! That they could have visitation too. That they could have the *GLORY* of God.

[Right at this point the Holy Ghost sets Brother Freedom aside and takes over totally. From this point on Freedom has no notion of what was said. But he knows it is good. The Spirit takes over his speech and speaks FIRST person. It is at this point that Freedom becomes nothing but a radio tuned to the Throne Room of God.]

But I say, MY people, yea they are putting this off!! They do not want this [move of God] because this [resistance to God] comes from the adversary. And they do not really understand this. The adversary is working within their midst.

I the Lord thy GOD, want a peculiar people, a zealous people, a holy people, that will be called upon by MY Name, and I shall institute them a *BLESSING*! And they shall caste out devils! And they shall do *GREAT* works. And they shall HEAL many! MY love is upon these ones [that move in the Spirit]. And I shall *TOTALLY* move upon them and they, as they please ME. It pleases ME to bless them!

In return I can bless *GREATER* than they can bless, so aye [yes], it is MY choice and MY will to bless MY ones *ABUNDANTLY* above ALL measure. And I shall *KEEP* them. And I shall sustain them!

And I say before the World this day there is ***HARD*** times! There is **PERILOUS** times. And I say you do NOT want to be in this World from this hour on, unless you are walking in MY Spirit!

A say, many have started *WELL*. But I say in this last hour they have **VACATED** that FIRST walk! They have put it off! They have been educated to not follow ME to that degree. They have been educated to walk in the **LUSTS** of the flesh, that they might not be **ABLE** to walk in *VICTORY*!

And I say it is QUITE a turn-a-round. They are telling others, all the time, that they must walk in victory, they must walk in the blessings of God. But [in] reality, **THEMSELVES**, are found walking *SHORT* before ME, saith the Spirit of God.

MY people must realize they must put on the **WHOLE** armour of God, which is able to *WITHSTAND* the wiles of the devil! “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” [See Ephesians 6:10-12]

I say therefore put ye on “…the whole armour of God,…!!!!”

I say to thee this day, if ye shall put **ME**, I, the Lord thy God, shall use MY exercise of MY hands, that are able to do GREAT and MIGHTY works. I can do things with MY thoughts that the World cannot do!

But I shall go ***BEYOND*** many things that MY people [have] even **SEEN**, for those that will come courageously in this last hour. And I shall *BENEFIT* them. And I shall *BLESS* them. And I shall give them *HEALTH*! I shall give them *STRENGTH*! And I shall give them *VICTORY*! I shall give them *PARDON*! And I shall **BLESS** them! And I shall *INCREASE* the love upon them! And I shall move upon them as only **I**, the Lord thy God, can do!!

And I **CAN** move this way! Men *CANNOT* control ME! But I control those that will come to ME. Let NOT your hearts be troubled MY ones. Neither let it be afraid! For I say, for in MY Father’s house are many mansions. For I the Lord thy God, have given thee *MANY* things.

But I say there is a prize! There is a *BLESSING* to behold. There is a Day coming very *SHORTLY* when there shall be no more heartaches. There shall be no more sorrows. There shall be no more pain. There shall be no more torment. I say, there will be **REST**! There will be **LOVE**! There will be **PEACE**! There will be ****GLORY****!!! And thou shall be part of it, saith the Spirit of God!

Caste *ALL* they eyes, *ALL* the attention toward *ME*, and put thy alms to ME, that I the Lord thy God shall give thee a blessing that thou cannot contain. I shall **MULTIPLY** that one that will come to ME with that **ALM**, that **SMALL** feather! With that **SMALL** feather that they have, I the Lord thy God, if they shall come, desiring, I shall MULTIPLY that as a MIGHTY **TOWER**, a vessel of *PRAISE*. That I AM able to do those things with *NOTHING*! And it is MY delight to do these things that lightens these ones!

Those that will caste their cares upon ME, I the Lord thy God, shall *BLESS* them, ABUNDANTLY before this World! And I say this World shall ***SEE*** MY blessing! But I say it will be too late for many, for they will not understand what is going forth. And I say, that’s what’s happened THIS VERY MOMENT! Many do NOT understand!

And MY people need to realize that they need to **GRASP** what I AM giving before them! It is like a flashing sheet that is before them. They cannot reach out. They must reach out *****NOW*****, and hang on, because I say the currents, the conditions of life are to such a degree! The elements, the plagues of this World are changing!!

And I say it is NOT for the best, but it is for the worst upon those that do no know ME!

For those that know ME, they shall be **BLESSED**! And they shall be enriched. And they shall be fortified by MY angels! And I shall encourage them day by day. And I shall move upon them night by night! And I shall visit them day by day, night by night. And I **SHALL** ****BLESS**** them.

Do NOT think as unbelief! But think in faith, believing, that I AM **ABLE** to do these things. And I shall accomplish these things, saith the Spirit of God.

[A few minutes later another word was poured forth!]

If my people cannot speak in that heavenly language, and let them speak fluently to ME, they will miss out on *KNOWING* the things that is going to come forth!

Because I say as thou speaks in that heavenly language, thou, oh man, oh woman; thou decreases in thyself. But I say when thou art doing this I AM increasing within thee! And I say, very shortly, when thou practices this, thou shall get “**FULL**.

I the Lord thy God shall inspire those ones that will stand and allow MY glory. I say, that is the answer to the church in this last hour: MY people are ***ASHAMED*** to speak in that heavenly language. They think that they graduated to the depth that they *KNOW* all things. They have arrived. And through that, themselves are found ****WANTING**** in this last hour, saith the Spirit of God!

As I the Lord thy God *LIVETH* I shall keep MY Word, saith the Spirit of God. And MY Word is *TRUE*! And I say, MY people, in this last hour, I AM going to give those who will put time in *ME*, I AM going to put them on *TOP* of MY hands.

And in MY hands they are going to speak to this World. They will speak MY glory. And because they have lived for ME, yea for a short time I shall let those speak words, and they shall come to pass. And they shall do GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, GREATER things than thou has seen. If they shall stand *BRAVE* in this last hour, and love ME with all their heart, with all their soul, I the Lord thy God shall intrust them with MY *GLORY*, saith the Spirit of God!

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