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Anointed Teaching Poured Forth at Saturday Breakfast

God has really related engines to me, because I understand them, somewhat; not as much as the Lord understands them. I’ve found that HE understands engines a lot better than I do!

You can build an engine up real well and just put everything in it. I mean exactly where it is supposed to be. You can put a piece of paper in one spot of it. And it will *NOT* run! You can work it, or do whatever you want to do forever. It won’t run!

Basically what it is, you need all the components to come together to bring a total engine. You can have fuel. You can have oil. You can have the greatest technology there is. You can have the best lubricants, the best fuel, best knowledge. But if you leave air out, oxygen, *IT WILL NOT RUN!

And that is what the Lord has been speaking to my heart. So long the church has been doing everything, literally, but leaving out ONE ingredient. And it doesn’t really work! It needs that WHOLE package. Because that is the way God has put it together. The same way, when it comes together then it becomes explosive! It becomes powerful!

[The men at the table immediately received this teaching. They knew what the air in an engine parallels in the church. In fact the men mentioned to each other how the word “spirit” literally means air. And they recognized that the missing ingredient that the church is leaving out is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is the precious third person of the Trinity! HE is the ONE the churches are leaving out.]

[About 1990 Brother Freedom’s thyroid stopped working. And for a period of several months he was very near death. During that time he had several spiritual experiences. He begins to relate today one of those experiences where the evil one came to trouble him.]

It was real strong. And he [the evil one] said, “I’m going to show you! And I’ve never had this kind of an encounter before! I seen all these mighty men of God. They said, “We’ve got power to come against the enemy. We will caste him out! We don’t worry about that!”

And I saw this wind come upon them. And all these mighty men fell over, as dead! And then the evil one says, “Now I’m going to show you things that are going to take place. You might as well just give over to me!”

And I just said, “NO! I’m not going to do it!

And he said, “Everyone has his price!”

[Men] all of us have something that bothers us. And those are the areas that we need to work on!

And God spoke to me this week. We MUST work in those areas. If something really irritates it, it is there for a reason! That God wants us to be an overcomer to present us in that Day as righteous, spotless!

And HE [God] wants to do that for HIS joy! God gets great joy when HE takes an old knuckle head, like me, and can make that knuckle head turn out to be a smooth pebble! That is what God wants! This is in the heart of God! And God has told me that I can say this. But HE loves just to make us over!

See, our nature is not from the nature of the good things. Our nature is strictly a nature of wrath, all these things that disappoint us. And there is only one way that we are going to get over that nature, that bad [thing], because it creeps up at the oddest times.

You know we think that we have it all under control. And boy, about that time it [that old evil nature] comes out when we get that right [amount] of pressure on us. And that right pressure is there to let us know that something is not right. It is a covered up! So much of us in this Land that we live in, live covered up, like myself, covered up! Covered up! Covered up!

And *DEEP* within us there is still a problem. And that problem is there until we get down and take it and surgically remove it! And it takes the power of God. It takes the witness of the Son. It takes the blessings of Jesus, and the *POWER* of the Holy Ghost to get us *CLEAN* where we can go forth in a mighty power.

But many times revivals, all it does is bring a cover up! We go in and revivals come in, and pretty soon there is great things that is taking place. And people are laughing, shouting, all these good things. But there is *NO* depth to it! There is no depth to what they are taking. There is NO change!

And the Bible says take, “…heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip.” [Hebrews 2:1] And Jesus said, “He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. [Matthew 10:39]

So it means that we have to give *OVER* to the things that come to that crossroads of time, when we have to say, “Lord, I want YOU all the way!”

And the song books, the old songs were really written out that way.

“All the way my Saviour leads me. What Have I to ask beside? Can I doubt His tender mercy Who through life has been my Guide? Heavenly peace, divinest comfort, Here by faith in Him to dwell! For I know, what-e’er befall me, Jesus doeth all things well.”

–Fanny J. Crosby
They [the songs] were so blessed! But in reality we don’t really live what the song book writers even say!

“All to Jesus I surrender; All to Him I freely give. I will ever love and trust Him, In His presence daily live.”

–J.W. Van Deventer
“He is my everything. He is my all. He is my everything, both great and small. He gave His life for me, made everything new. He is my everything. Now how about you?”

— a chorus from the 1970s

You know, HE is NOT “our everything” when we go out here and do the [wrong] things that God sees. This sermon is to [Brother Freedom]!

“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.” [2 Chronicles 16:9a]

So there is a time that we have got to make change. If we don’t make a change, our life is getting close to that end where there won’t be a change! It will be one way or the other!


I was in Bible College and they were really telling me that basically I wasn’t good, suitable material to be a pastor. And I thought, “Well, you know…” So I started really to seek the Lord back then. And the Lord spoke to my heart. I will never forget it. HE gave me a couple of different scriptures.

Our study in beginning Bible [class] was in the book of Matthew. And when Jesus tells them, “He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.” [Matthew 10:39] And then the Lord took me over to Revelation where it says, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things…” [Revelations 21:7a] And then with that it talks about “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” [Revelation 3:16]

And so the Lord really spoke to my heart and says, “You are not real, suitable material to give the Word out.” But the Lord says, “I want you to go where you are going to have to apply yourself. You will have to rely on ME for three years.”

The Lord sent me into the Army. So here I go in there and I’m a dumb nobody. And I mean talk about being [harassed]. I wasn’t kidded. I was insulted by about everybody. “Here comes this…” I won’t even say what they said. And they said, “Nothing comes from California, only….” They said bad things and bad things! So I heard all these [bad] things for [several weeks]. And I didn’t smoke. I didn’t drink. I didn’t cuss. I didn’t do all these things everybody expects you to do.

But at the end of eight weeks we had to take a series of tests. And those tests was a 25 mile march, a 30 mile march, and then a four mile march, and all these endurance qualities. And the Lord started showing me, as dumb as I was, that what I was doing helped me, strengthened me a lot better than taking a cigarette, taken alcohol and swearing and cursing, and having hatred in my heart.

And I remember in bayonet practice everyone was supposed to say “Kill!” I could NOT say it! And I said [to myself], “I’m not going to say it! If I get [in trouble] I’ll take it!” But I never opened my mouth. And nobody ever said a word to me. And it was like God protected me. And I would NOT say those hellish things that they said.

And so we went through the infiltration course. And that machine gun is set at thirty some inches above the ground. And you have to crawl over logs. And [the bullets] are only missing you by inches. And some of the bullets were tracers. And they look like they are going to hit you. And guys do get scarred and just stand up and they are killed! This is in basic training.

And my back pack had it’s straps, it got it! Clipped it right off! And then they had these mines, they are just concussion mines, [no shrapnel] that would go off in front of you. But anyway through that I figured I would be in the infantry all the way through the Army, “oh ye of little faith.”

And in this eight week cycle they take these tests. And also you took three or four days of physical fitness testing, pushups, squat jumps, how fast you can run a certain distance. It took a long time to go through all these tests, rope climb, and all these things that you have to go through.

And my whole life I had never achieved anything. But when you go God’s way you don’t know much. And I didn’t know anything! But God just opened the windows of Heaven up! And to my astonishment, I guess that would be the word to say, I was the second in our company. And our company was the top of the battalion. So that made me second in the battalion in physical fitness!

And the people that could not stand me, basically, all these people that were giving me troubles were coming and saying, “Hey, you can really do something! You are really something!”

And from that time on it changed the whole complexion of my military walk! And it is like it is now. I don’t hear cursing! The shop that I’m in I don’t hear it because there is no cursing there! And the first day I was there, there was a lot of cursing! But I didn’t jump on to people!

And I think what it is speaking is that we need to live it as well as we speak it. Probably more so because our life becomes a witness that others round about us can see Jesus.

Anyway, so my military life was probably the best of my whole life. And I was just a baby Christian, basically. It was very easy to live in those kind of conditions because either you were, or you weren’t. There was no halfway. And that taught me about life, that you either are or you are not! You are either committed or you are not committed. You are not half way! You are not this lukewarm. And that is what really helped me.

The Bible says, “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.” [2 Chronicles 16:9a]

And when I was down at Fort Hood, Texas God really proved Himself to me. I thought I would put in to go to Germany, because I just couldn’t stand it down there in Fort Hood, Texas. I just wanted to get out of that place. All it was, is spit and polish, and all the things that come with it. I didn’t want that. Here I came out of Korea and I had such a responsibility over there. And I find myself with no responsibilities. But all these things I was moving against is like Joseph. God arranged certain circumstances for Joseph to be the one that would be the deliverer of his people, and deliverer of the World in that day, basically.

And It wasn’t long and I was called into a formation. And it was raining. And I was told, “We will either wait until the next division parade for you to receive this achievement metal, or you can have it now in the office.” It was a meritorious award. And I didn’t even know this. But God knew these things. And a letter came with it. And I received it in the office of the battalion commander. And they had a ceremony right there, because I didn’t want people to get wet for me. So anyway, I will never forget that. But if I had wanted to I could have had that. But I said, “No. Your office is fine for me.”

But anyway, from that day on it was only 30 or 60 days and I became staff sergeant. They told me to put in for diesel school. And a few weeks after that I got diesel school. And then I became the equipment supervisor.

God has a way, even in the military to bring all these circumstances around that you don’t have to be a card player that the world is. You don’t have to be a liar. You don’t have to be a swearer, or a drinker, or a smoker, or all these things that relates to the way it was to those that do not have the Lord. I would say that 99 percent of the men in those days, that didn’t have the Lord, smoked. They caroused.

God blessed me as being one who was living for HIM! There is a scripture that builds this up. [The scripture quoted earlier, “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.” [2 Chronicles 16:9a]]

I was doing this all in myself. I really was. I didn’t have the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. But God blessed. And it brought in to a plan. And then I prayed. Like I said, “I wasn’t satisfied with my life.” And I prayed and God *CHANGED* me, that I am satisfied today! I’m satisfied! I know if something happens to me that I have truly done the best that I could do. I’m not perfect. And I understand that God is the only ONE that is perfect.

But HE [God] has a carrier to help us to walk this life with HIS blessings upon it. And it is the power of the Holy Ghost! “…greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” [1 John 4:4b]

I remember in Korea. There was a soldier named N__________. I can’t remember his first name. He was an air compressor operator. And about once a month, or more often N_________ would get on drunkenness. And he would go terrible. And this night he was going to kill this Herb H_____ from Michigan, or one of those States up there. And this Herb was Polish. And N________ was literally going to kill him.

And they said, “N________, don’t do this. We are going to shoot you.”

And he says, “I ain’t moving for nobody!

He says, “Yeah, there is one guy, if you will send him. I’ll talk to him! And I’ll probably just [surrender]. Go get _________.”

And that was me. And here I’m just this little, skinny nobody. And I went to N_______ and I said, “Give me your carbine.” He pointed it right at me!

And I said, “N_______ don’t do that. Give me your carbine.” And he gave it to me.

God wants to restore HIS people! And I really believe it!


[Now Brother Freedom shares about a dream that God gave him. In this dream he finds himself at a Christian fellowship event.]

And I will never forget it. It was a Christian fellowship. Everyone was having a good old time.

All of a sudden up between this one bench, they had benches and tables, like you find in a park, I seen this blue snake, blue of all things. This snake was beautiful. I have never seen anything like it.

It come up to me. And it spoke. It said, “Who do you think you are?!”

And I answered, “I’m nothing! But God is Everything!”

And the snake got bigger and bigger, until I said these words, “I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus, you foul spirit, get thee behind me, get out of my way!”

And it left!

But the people seen that. And what got to me is what they said. They came to me and said very angerly, and very violently, “Would leave our place!”

And I says, “Why?”

They said, “You killed our pet!”

And God spoke to my heart, “Son you are going to see this. Did not my word say, it isn’t the big fox, but the little foxes that come in and devour the vines.” [See Song of Solomon 2:15]

The little things, the little issues, that no one sees, the hidden things that fester in our heart, unforgiveness, not being the first, having the applause of men. Those things bother us to the degree that we don’t want to go back. We don’t want to take that lowly path. But God wants us to take them, the lowly path *ALWAYS*. And HE wants us to take that low state because that is when HE can bless us!

You read Peter. It talks about when someone comes to put you down, that is when you are going to receive a blessing. God rewards those. When you are going through trials, that is when God is going to bless you. It won’t be a monetary blessing, maybe. It may not be a blessing of great depth in a lot of people, but to your *spirit* there is going to be a blessing!

And that spirit-man is what we need to keep alive. We need to strive to keep the spirit-man always alive. We can’t do the things that are seen. And the only way we can, basically, open up that compartment [of the spirit-man] is praying in the Heavenly language. That is what it is for.

When we pray in that Heavenly language we open that side [that compartment of our being], and that side prepares an atmosphere. But that [spirit compartment] won’t come out as long as the atmosphere is not correct. In a lot of church settings [the spirit compartment] cannot come out, because the atmosphere is not conducive to what is in that compartment.

So, it lays there. And at that appointed time, when you pray in that Heavenly language, you want to get an answer, or you want to get knowledge to what is going to take place, you pray in that language. And as you pray into something you don’t even know, you receive from Heaven HIS visitation, HIS direction, HIS guidance for people’s healing, whatever it takes place. The prayer language is the entrance to getting into the [spirit man] compartment. And without the prayer language we lock that compartment.

We don’t encourage people to pray in that heavenly language. We lock that out. And I’ll tell you, as one who knows, when we stop praying in the Spirit, it is hard for us to pray in the spirit. Because if you start doing it in the flesh…sometimes you have to start in the flesh, but it should be in the Spirit. Because is isn’t going to help you if it is just the flesh; it is just beating words!

Surely, truly, with just the stammering it is not worth nothing! But when you come and say to God, “I want to get established in my own prayer language. Establish me in that place that I might be worth something, not to man’s glory, but to *YOUR* glory.”

Then we start seeing a turn-a-round. And we start seeing the basis that God was building upon: joy, peace, goodness, meekness, temperance, patience, godliness…all these things being supported unto us, that we don’t receive the gifts that all of us “holier than thou” want. But we see God’s fruit, the fruit of the Spirit!

I was reading it the other day. It is the fruit of righteousness. That is what we should desire: [See Ephesians 5:9] love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, meekness, temperance. And with that it dispels all the hatred. It dispels all the ill feelings. It dispels all of those bad things that you can’t control without this flooding of God’s presence within you.

And you have to fight for this! It is a daily battle. You have to fight to feed yourself. You must call upon God!

Last night I called upon God I don’t know how many times through the night. And I didn’t even know how to pray for it! But I says, “Lord, I love YOU! I praise YOU! [And then tongues began to pour out of Brother Freedom.]

As we do that it displaces the bad things that come your way. And we here today have to, men we have to *FIGHT* to keep this alive with us, that we might be productive for God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost! That you might be a man of God!

I’m no prophet! We have a pastor here, but there is few of us that are pastors. But God wants us to prove to this world that HE can take an old nobody. And in the Day that he comes before the Lord, God says, “I took a nobody out here.”

In Corinthians it says, HE will speak to that nobody. That is what God wants to do, that HE can show us off. [See 1st Corinthians 1:26-28] It delights the heart of God for HIM to array [HIS ones]. In that last days there is going to be a parade. It is going to be those nobodies, that was sought out, that was kicked and all these things. But they still said, “Lord, I don’t care what the church says. I love the church. I love it because that is where I come to meet YOU. And I respect that. But I’m thankful that you brought me *BEYOND* that! And my peers, those should come beyond that too! And I love YOU Lord!!!! I praise YOU Lord! Keep me until that day that you take me home. Retain in me a right spirit. Touch my heart this day. Totally immerse and merge me with thy presence. Create in me a *HUNGER* for YOU this day!”

And as we confess those prayers over and over and over…”…the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.” [Psalms 19:14]

But God uses the words! There is “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” [Proverbs 18:21] So we as God’s people, if you want to keep the Holy Ghost, you have got to confess the Word. You’ve got to keep seeking God! It is *NOT* going to be easy. Every day you are going to have to seek God! And you can’t be prideful, or self important. No, you take the lowly way. It says “…and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:” [1 Peter 5:5b-6]

“…that HE may exalt you in due time!”

Casting all your cares upon the World… NO! “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” [1 Peter 5:7]

Casting all your cares upon your church….NO! Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” [1 Peter 5:7]

“Be sober…” There are a lot of words that say “be sober” in the Bible.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.” [1 Peter 5:8-9]

Everybody has got problems! But you have got some one’s shoulder that can take that. You might find yourself alone, like I have. So there is interference that we can not always dictate who we would like to have, that friend to support us. But there becomes a confidence that God uses for HIS glory, that our confidence is *NOT* in someone. IT IS IN *HIM*!!

Words From The Holy Spirit, March 20, 2004

[We had a very unusual time at the Saturday morning breakfast on March 20th. Usually five or six men gather and join Brother Freedom for breakfast. And the men gathered. But the Holy Spirit came down in a magnitude never seen before at the restaurant. We have been meeting for almost ten years at this restaurant. From time to time we might have a supernatural move for a few moments. But this went on for over 20 minutes!! The Holy Spirit poured teachings, prophecy and exhortation through Brother Freedom like a flash flood. Fortunately I had a small recorder in hand to get these wonderful revelations. — clint]
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