Word from the Holy Spirit, October 4, 2003

(This was released in the Restaurant, suddenly and quietly)

They have not learned to please ME, saith the Spirit of God. They have learned to be very attentive to the Word they hear on Sundays, on the days that is set for them, on Wednesdays, those days and nights that is set before them, they become VERY faithful. But I say it does not touch MY heart like it does when those will seek MY face, when those will try and LEARN. I say TRY and LEARN to walk in MY Spirit, that they would no longer walk in the flesh! And I say, those things please ME. When I see a man that takes time to pray, to call upon MY Name, that pleases ME, saith the Spirit of God. When a man studies MY Word it pleases ME. But I say when those are doing it for show, when they are doing it for what they are going to gain from THAT which they are doing, I say I AM not very well pleased, saith the Spirit of God!

And I AM not very well pleased with those that will not allow MY Spirit to move FREELY through their selves, through their openings, all these places that I have opened to MY people. And they have forgotten ME! They came in a framework which is of their selves. They are in their own *SEEING* business! They see, they know, they know all things. They ask no questions because they are, they have ARRIVED. And they are very important. They have studied MY Word. They have learned the pathways that is before them. And they think that they know the time, the season, when I AM coming. They think they know all these things. But I say THEY DO NOT KNOW!! I say the Father, only, knows the day, the hour, when this appointment shall come to pass.

And I AM calling for those this day that will come with ME to please ME, to walk in unity, walk in MY love. Let brotherly love continue one to another. And for THOSE I will bless! I will keep them. For those that will be faithful, I shall promote them. And I shall give them and expand their blessing in this last hour. For those that will seek MY face in this last hour I shall strengthen them, saith the Spirit of God.

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