Word From the Holy Spirit, September 30, 2003

I say before this World, those ones that do not include ME, and those that do include ME, ALL are faced with the element that is upon this Earth. And I say there is an element upon this Earth that is coming in. It is directed by the adversary.

I say MY people have been protected. I say this Country has been protected from, against the powers of the enemy. I have preserved this Country. And they have given all these sermons, and that, about the powers of darkness. But I say, TRULY, most everything that has taken place in this dear Country has been *MYSELF*.

I have come against powers. I have come against principalities. I have controlled many things, that would be over ridden without MY presence. But I say because I have graciously kept this Nation, this Nation has lived under FREEDOM! And I say through this they have dropped to a degree that they are doing wicked things that many, many of My worldly nations are doing.

They are gone down to a depth of despair that is very below the powers of darkness. And I say at this time the darkness is in those ones. But I say I have truly protected the hearts of MY people. I have granted them victories. I have granted them strength. I have granted them pardons to their families, to their friends. I have allowed them to see their families go out into eternity being saved. I have been GRACIOUS to MY people. I have preserved MY people. I have kept MY people. I have helped MY people. I have provided for MY people. I have given them WEALTH, for MY people. I say MY children, those that are MY people that love ME this day, I have given them good homes. I have given them gracious amounts of energy. I have given them doctors. I have protected them. I have guided them. I have directed them, as no other country has ever been in this World. I have kept them, as I kept MY chosen ones when they went into the Promised Land. I was there by day, by night. And I AM the same way with this Country saith the Spirit of God. I shall bring DELIVERANCE to those that will call upon MY Name.

But I say the problems are not been as great as many have talked about. I say many of MY people, when they get up and testify, they say how hard it is to live. But I say they have not even come against *ANYTHING* that is out there. Can the footman say, can he contest against the horse?? And I say MANY of MY people, when a strife problem comes their way, they are put down. When they get a headache they are in problems. The enemy has come and really did them in. But I say when the enemy comes in ye shall know it **IS** he! *When he comes in you will KNOW THAT IT *IS* HE, says the Spirit of God!!

I have kept a control upon MY people. MY people, there is many that have prayed for this Nation. And many have taken time to call upon MY Name. And I say through those ones that have prayed, and sought MY face, and touched, and prayed in their closets, prayed in secret. And those ones who have done that kind of praying, they are the ones who have kept the powers of darkness out of this Land. They have been the ones that have been the true solders of the Lord Jesus Christ. They have held a standard that has been HIGH. They have kept a high standard to the degree that I have come against the powers of darkness.

But I say this standard is dwindling, falling away. Many, many, many of those prayer warriors, I have taken them home. [Interesting to note that in the last two weeks Derek Prince and Kenneth Hagin Sr. both went to Glory.] Many of those who have prayed in secret, they are coming Home, saith the Spirit of God. Many of those who have lived in holiness, I have taken them home. And I say the tide is changing. I say the tide is changing in this Land.

I say there is no longer a green light. And I say the caution light has gone [on] very bright. And I say very soon it shall change to a red light. And that red light will be destruction upon this Land.

There is going to be a curve of the problems, very shortly, saith the Spirit of God. I say man has not even, he has not even KNOWN what it is to be in trouble! I say America does not know what trouble is, saith the Spirit of God! America is living in VAST luxuries. America is living in… they don’t lack for anything! And they want for NOTHING! And I have granted these things to MY people. MY people have ALL the conveyance, and they have ALL of the luxuries. Many of MY people have boats! They have planes! They have ALL these things, and they say that I have given them. And I have allowed that, saith the Spirit of God.

But I say when hard times come, many of those people shall still be here, because they have lost their first love. They have lived in a wealthy Land. And they have had the eat of king’s meats, of all the dainties, dainty things, that the king would have. I say MY people have had these things. They have had a television set. They have had even in the way of computing, and speaking to other people. They have these conveyances that I the Lord thy God have provided for them.

But MY strength will no longer, forever, go in this way! I AM not condemning these things, but I AM condemning those who have forgotten the Lord thy God! They have forgotten that holiness is above all these things! That MY Word declares Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but MY Word shall NOT pass away. They have FORGOTTEN: without holiness no man shall see or please God! They have FORGOTTEN: there is a way that seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof are the ways of death! They have forgotten that we must: seek ye first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto them. They have FORGOTTEN MY holy Word! They have forgotten that a man shall NOT live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of HIS [God’s] mouth! They have forgotten that I have called them to come out from among this World, that MY people would be separated, says the Spirit of God, from the things of this World. They have forgotten that MY Word declares: what agreement hath the temple of God with idols, for ye ARE the temple of the living God. As God has said, I will dwell with them. I will WALK with them. I will be their God and they shall be MY people. Therefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord. And touch not the unclean thing, and I shall receive you. And I shall be a Father unto you. And ye shall be MY sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

I say MY people have had the BEST. They have had the BEST clothing. I say MY churches are *FULL* of out dressing one another. And I say it is a stink to MY…it is NOT what I wish for! Although the clothing is all right, but it is the competition, wanting to out do your brother, your sister which is NOT, in MY eyes, as good, saith the Spirit of God!

I wish for a people who will surrender, love, humility one to another, considering thy brother lest thou should also fall. But this Country has forgotten these basic rules that I have put in MY Word, that MY people should live by. MY people have forgotten that I want to have a holy people. I want to have a people without blemish. That MY Word says, separate thy selves from ALL appearance of evil! Did not MY Word say that, saith the Spirit of God?? And MY people have forgotten it!

They have went out for THINGS of this World! They have cares of this World! They have structures of this World! They own VAST amounts of the wealth of this World! And I say lay not up for yourselves treasures upon Earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, where thieves break in and steal. But I say lay up for thyself TREASURES in Heaven, where moth does NOT corrupt and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there shall your heart be also.

[At this point the anointing jumped up several notches and Brother Freedom was increasingly taken over by the Spirit. The Holy Ghost began to get extremely emphatic as the Spirit increased the speed and emphasis and pitch of the message.]

I have called! MY people have read MY Word, but they do NOT take ALLEGIANCE to MY Word! MY pastors preach MY Word, but they do not LIVE MY Word either! I have told MY church, very basically, that they MUST be led by the Spirit of God, that they would not fulfill the lusts of the flesh! And I say, basically, many, many, many have LOST that first love, and they are living in the flesh, saith the Spirit of God!

AND THIS IS *TRUTH,* saith the Spirit of God!!

And I say, MY people would not stand to hear this message, saith the Spirit of God! But it IS true, saith the Spirit of God. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there IS liberty! And very soon, they will find that they have NO LIBERTY, saith the Spirit of God! They will lose out the many, many powers that I have granted to them. I have been very merciful to MY church! I have been very blessed to MY church. I have strengthened MY church! But they have forgotten that I AM the leader!! I AM the way maker!! I AM the ONE that *OWNS* ALL THINGS, *IS* ALL things, and having given them a MIND, saith the Spirit of God!!!!

They have forgotten that THAT mind cannot even WORK if I did not allow blood to go through that being! I AM the keeper of ALL! I AM the guidance! I keep the solar systems all in good condition, saith the Spirit of God! I provide all things WELL!

And I say MY people have FORGOTTEN! They have blamed the enemy for many things. It is only through their laziness. It is through their UN-wanting to live above reproach. MY people DO NOT WANT to live ABOVE reproach! They want to live in the “comfort zone.” AND THAT COMFORT ZONE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, saith the Spirit of God! *IT IS *NOT* GOOD ENOUGH, saith the Spirit of God!!

MY people must COME OUT from among this World. MY people must be above this World. The Bible says, LOVE NOT the World, neither the things that are in the World. If any man love the World, the love of the Father is NOT in HIM. [Is] that not what MY Word says, oh man, oh woman?? Cannot thou take heed, the things that thou has heard?? Do you think that I would let you go through this whole life, and read MY Word, and then not be responsible for what you have read, what you have heard, what you have heard through sermons??

And, oh pastor, thou has preached these sermons and yet thou practices it NOT, saith the Spirit of God! Would I NOT be God?? Would you make a sac-religion of ME, saith the Spirit? YOU are making ME a sac-religion, that you think that I AM not going to do what I said I would do. But I say, I SHALL KEEP MY WORD!! And I shall keep covenant. And I shall, to those that will come unto ME, I will NEVER cast them out!! And I shall lift them up!! And they shall be granted a gift from Heaven, that will NEVER be destroyed. They will never be detoured! And I shall lead them in the Promised Land! And I shall KEEP them, by MY mighty hand. And MY eye shall be upon them! And I shall SAVE them! And I shall be gracious to them. In this Land that they live in they may be looked upon as NOTHING!! But they are MY ones! They are MY jewels! They are MY “way make” that I will put MY *SEAL* upon them. [Note: God is the “way maker.” HIS jewels are HIS “way make.”] And I shall KEEP them, in the hallow of MY mighty hand. But for those that have claimed things that is not even true, they are going to be missing in that last days!

Seek MY face! CALL ME! And I the Lord shall insulate thee for what is before thee. And those that will come to ME, and cast all their cares upon ME, it is MY delight to KEEP thee MY ones. For I loveth thee. Remember I LOVE thee! I LOVE THEE! And I have loved this Land! I have blessed this Land!

But I say, when they remove MY NAME off the streets, when they remove MY NAME off the school grounds, when they remove MY NAME off the hospital beds, I THE LORD THY GOD IT IS TIME THAT I AM NOT HERE NO LONGER. It is time for MY Spirit to be vacated!

And I say there is going to be something that will come into this Land, that they will THINK what they have said for many years: it will come to pass! Because the enemy will be here at that time, in FIERCENESS, in POWER, with his strength. And it shall be a terrible time.

Look to ME this day and thou shall live. Look not to ME and thou shall die! Thou shall not make it! Thou must take HEED!! It is not a light thing living for the Lord thy God. You must take heed that every day that you live, and every breath that you take is HIS breath. HE is the ONE that made you, says the Spirit of God! It is the Almighty God’s gift from Heaven, this day. Treat this gift as such, that you LOVE HIM, that you might be responsible to HIS call, saith the Spirit of God.

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