Word From the Holy Spirit, September 19b, 2003

…My family would not be naked. I say many of My people, because of the sin that is upon their lives, because of what they are doing: they are sewing discord in their own selves. And through that I cannot look upon them. They are such as naked.

My people need to be clothed with MY humility. MY people must take on the humility that they might be a prosperous people in this last hour. That MY people would refrain from ALL evil. That MY people would walk in victory. That MY people would allow MY joy to be their strength. That MY people would walk in a common blessing, that would be upon them as day to day, as they would have a fruitful blessing upon their shoulders. And they would share ME as they go.

As they go through the pathway towards Heaven, through the life that they live. And they would SHOW and GLOW with MY flowing upon them. And they would feel the brilliancy of MY glory upon them. And this is what I AM wishing for, MY people. That they would soon walk in victory, not disturbed by the things that they see. But they would look beyond the horizon of what they see.

And this is what faith is, that thou cannot look upon the things that are seen, but thou must look upon the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporal. [See 2nd Corinthians 4:18] MY people, the things that they are looking at are temporal, and they are EARTHLY, and they are essentially EVIL, says the Spirit of God, because they will bring you down to a realm beyond your privilege.

For MY people, MY church is living BELOW their privileges! I have called MY people to live in a supernatural realm in this last hour. And where this message is spoken, to anybody, they say, “That cannot be done!” And that is where they are all living in negativeness. And they will NOT *PROSPER*!

MY church is not going to prosper in the negativeness! MY people must realize that MY glory wants to be restored upon MY people because I say a short work is going to be done, saith the Spirit of God. For I say MY coming is very soon. And MY power is upon MY ones. And what a privilege, MY ones, if thou shall accept this, that thou can live with the glories of glory upon thee.

And thou will not worry about tomorrow. And I the Lord thy God shall take care of thee. And I shall protect thee. And I shall guide thee. And I shall direct thee.

But for those that will NOT, they are going to see PROBLEMS. They are going to be continually faced with problems. They will pray to ME. And they will call upon ME. But I AM calling them to take a shortcut to that, that they will not even go through these activities if they will seek MY face.

For I the Lord thy God, for those that will seek MY face and come into that narrow walk, that I have called them to walk in, to talk in, to be instructed by MY Spirit, that they will live a supernatural, victorious life that shall detain anything [of] evilness that comes their way. And it shall keep them. And they shall be kept from all harm. And MY love shall be upon them to the degree that the enemy can’t even come CLOSE to them in this last hour. For I the Lord thy God have given a GLORY upon MY people. And MY people will not live no longer in the filth of this World.

For I wish for MY people to come UP out of the filth of this World, that they have been entangled with. No longer be entangled with a yoke of bondage, that is on many of MY ones. But thou, MY church, needs to rise, saith the Spirit, to the higher plateau, to a higher calling, that they would be suited up by the power of God, that they would have the visitation of Jesus Christ, the righteous, who is the propitiation for our sins, not for our sins only, but for the sins of the whole World. They would have HIS *GLORY* upon the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, as the Spirit of God would be alive and real and well upon those people. And they would walk above the crisises that they see. And when you see these things come to pass, you look back and say, “You know, if they would know Jesus this wouldn’t even take place.”

But I say for many in these last hours, if they will come MY way, now, they will escape from a lot of the places, the hardships that is coming to this Earth.

This Earth, very shortly, is going to see HARDSHIPS! This Earth without ME is going to see problems. This Earth without ME, even MY people who are called by MY Name, unless they come close to ME, they are going to be in desperate situations. They are going to be in places. And I say you cannot go out and live among the World, NO LONGER! MY church needs to come close under ME, abide under MY shadow. And aye [yes] if those will come close and abide under MY shadow, I the Lord thy God shall put upon thee a covering. And I say I shall come with thee. And I shall commune with thee. And I shall converse with thee. And I shall talk with thee. And I shall be your God. And ye shall be MY people. Therefore if thou shall come out from among them, and if thou shall be separate, saith the Lord thy God, that I the Lord thy God shall move upon thee in abundance. And I shall give thee MY Word. For I say, study to show thyself… And I say this does not mean to quit studying MY Word. But thou must READ MY Word. Thou must PRAY MY Word. Thou must SEEK MY face. And I must call thee up. I say MY Word is always up-to-date! If thou does not know what to do, READ MY WORD, saith the Spirit of God!!! And it shall bring thee to a place of higher calling.

But I say I wish MY people to walk in victory, that they would be led by the Spirit, living in the Word, and talking the Word, and praying in the Word, and moving in the Word, that they may be victorious for the problems that they are going to face. And I will give them, that ye shall be more than conquerors through ME, which loves you!

I say there is going to be a skirmish, very shortly. And MY people need to be ready. They must take on the WHOLE Armor of God, which is able to come against the defiling of the enemy. He has defiled! MY church has been defiled. But I AM wishing for those, this last days, that will be MY true soldiers. And they will not be defiled. They will not be tainted by the cares of this World, no longer! They will have a supernatural power from on HIGH, that I the Lord thy God shall lead them. And they shall be marching to a different drummer, saith the Spirit of God. For I have **CALLED** MY ones to come a MIGHTY way. And I the Lord thy God shall BLESS thee this day! Come unto ME all ye that are weary, and heavy laden, and I shall give you rest! Take MY yoke upon you. Learn of ME. For I AM meek and lowly, and ye shall find *REST* in your soul! Great peace have they that love MY law, and they shall not be offended in ME.

MY Word will always be in season, saith the Spirit of God! MY Word will always be TRUTH, saith the Spirit of God. MY Word is *ALWAYS* absolutely in truth, saith the Spirit of God. So don’t question MY Word, saith the Spirit of God! But I AM coming that, MY people, this is what has been taken forth is IN MY WORD, saith the Spirit of God. I’ve told MY people to study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.

MY people have gone asleep. And they have went after teachers, with itching ears. They want to hear what they want to hear! And they want to be great instructors of other people, when they need to walk in MY Spirit! They need to talk in MY Spirit! And through that I will have a mighty people, that will be ready for ME and MY coming very soon, saith the Spirit of God.

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